Want a job? Quanta needs 30K people to build new 12-inch MacBook Airs

Want a job? Quanta needs 30K people to build new 12-inch MacBook Airs


Photo: Apple
The 12-inch Retina MacBook Air is coming in early 2015. Photo: Apple

Are you ready for the thinner, radically-redesigned, 12-inch MacBook Air?

Apple certainly hopes so, because it’s reportedly piling on the pressure on to get Quanta Computer, its Taiwan-based manufacturer, to ramp up volume production of the notebook. The MacBook Air is set to be unveiled by Apple in the first quarter of this year, and to meet that kind of schedule Quanta is recruiting more workers for its production line.

And it’s not just a few workers it’s looking for, either!

Between the MacBook Air and its orders for the eagerly-anticipated Apple Watch, Quanta apparently plans to add another 30,000 workers to its books in the first part of 2015. To put this into context, that’s three times the total number of people Apple is going to be able to squeeze into its forthcoming “spaceship” campus.

This is said to be even more difficult than usual because of the approach of the traditional Lunar New Year holidays.

Today’s report also suggests that the new MacBook Air — which is expected to sport a 12-inch Retina screen — is set to replace the existing 11-inch MacBook Air, although the 13-inch MacBook Air model will continue to be manufactured.

Via: Digitimes