Steve Jobs gave the iPhone its grand unveiling 8 years ago today


Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone 8 years ago today.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone has become such a major part of our existence, a piece of technology that we almost take for granted, that it’s difficult to remember a time when we were instead tapping away at our Moto Q, Palm Treo and Nokia E62 handsets.

But while the iPhone has gone on to revolutionize our lives (and Apple’s business) it’s not that long ago — eight years today — that Steve Jobs stood on stage at MacWorld 2007, and told the world that Apple had created a touchscreen iPod, a cell phone, and a breakthrough Internet device all-in-one.

Coming off its most profitable holiday season ever, and a record-breaking week for the App Store, it’s worth taking a moment to rewatch Jobs’ first iPhone presentation: both to see an iconic moment in tech history, and to be reminded of how far we’ve come since then!

Check it out after the jump:

Happy birthday, iPhone!

  • Jack

    I count 7 years

    • Dawg

      It’s 2015… 2015-2007 = 8 years

      • DCometa

        07-08 = 1 year
        08-09 = 1 year
        09-10 = 1 year
        11-12 = 1 year
        12-13 = 1 year
        13-14 = 1 year
        14-15 = 1 year
        Total = 7 years

        When you are first born, you are not automatically a year old.

      • Chris Priddy

        You missed 10-11… so 8 years.

      • DCometa

        Good catch. 8 years is correct.

  • Mark Langston

    I regularly re-watch this presentation throughout the year every year. I love seeing and hearing the reaction from the crowd and remembering a time when everything Jobs was presenting was like magic (a word he used frequently and was well deserved).

    I also remember when Eric Schmidt joked that Apple and Google should merge. Thankfully cooler and smarter heads prevailed. It could’ve been easy to ride the euphoria of the iPhone announcement and make the deal happen.

  • JM

    SJ was a master at tech presentations. Don’t know if we’ll ever see the likes of him again. :(

    Particularly noticeable and yet subtle in 2007 is the scarcity of computer lit screens in the audience. Just 8 years later and the audience is filled with phone, tablet and computer screens at these types of events.

  • Divine_Is_Expecting

    The screen is HUGE, and 160? ppi is amazing.