iOS devices dominate online Christmas shopping stats


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"And what do your online Christmas shopping stats say, young man?" Photo: Wikipedia CC

It was a great Christmas for iOS, according to new figures released by IBM, which monitored mobile traffic for online shopping over the holidays.

What it discovered was that a massive 57.1 percent of online shopping via a mobile device was carried out using an iPhone or iPad: up 8.3 percent compared to the previous year.

While no direct explanations were drawn, this has to be due to the enormous success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which some analysts have predicted was set to sell a massive 71.5 million units over the festive season.

Not only did Apple trounce its Android rivals in the quantity of online shopping carried out, but also in the size of individual orders. In the United States, iOS accounted for an average of $97.28 per order on Christmas Day, compared to just $67.40 on Android. Similar trends were seen at Thanksgiving 2014, with average iOS orders worth $118.57 compared to $95.57 for Android.

One other interesting factoid coming out of IBM’s latest piece of research is that smartphones accounted for more than 40 percent of online traffic over Christmas, while tablets made up 16 percent: indicating just how crucial mobile devices are when it comes to making people spend money online.

With the continued rise of Apple Pay, which makes online payments easier than ever, look for that number to increase throughout 2015.

Source: VentureBeat

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