Crazy rumor claims iPhone 6s is coming spring 2015


Apple is hoping for big things from its next-gen iPhone.
Could we see the iPhone 6s by spring 2015? Not likely in our opinion. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Photo: Cult of Mac

An incredibly sketchy report, citing supply chain sources, claims the iPhone 6s could arrive as early as spring next year, to coincide with the eagerly-anticipated launch of Apple Watch.

“[O]ur source says that Apple is hesitant about launching the iWatch in the spring of 2015 without a new iPhone to go along with it, as it could give hesitant consumers an excuse to wait on buying both until the fall,” notes Jerry Miller of Stabley Times.

The report goes on to suggest that Apple is looking to narrow the time between iPhone releases down to six-monthly intervals to match the more rapid release cycle of other companies, such as Samsung and Sony — the latter of which upgrades its Xperia Z handsets every six months.

Although the report has been picked up by at least one major news outlet, the rumor is almost certainly completely untrue. For one thing, no other smartphone handset maker is making close to the money Apple is from the iPhone, with its annual update policy. According to a recent (more believable) report, Sony is even considering dropping its twice-yearly refreshes in favor of Apple-style annual updates of its Xperia Z phones. With the iPhone 6 still making money hand over fist, there’s no compelling reason whatsoever to introduce a new iPhone so early in the product cycle.

Secondly, Apple is in the rare and luxurious position of setting its own timescale for new product launches. If the company was that worried about introducing Apple Watch at the same time as a new iPhone, it would have waited until September 2015 — when the next iPhone really is likely to arrive — to introduce its wearables debut.

For what it’s worth, Apple Watch is likely to arrive early 2015, costing between $349 and $5,000 depending on the model. We’d be very surprised if there’s a new iPhone to accompany it.

  • josephz2va

    More than likely not Spring, but their usual schedule. October 2015.

    • Yea I hope they don’t change their refresh cycle for the iPhone.

  • itpromike

    Not sure about spring but I could see them bringing the launch back to June timeframe like the did with the first few iPhone releases.

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    And what would an iPhone 6S be exactly? A 4inch model? I personally think that Apple would do well if they came out with a iPhone 6/6+C model where the case was polycarb with reinforcement like the 5C, the battery was a little bigger and even a little thicker. I actually liked how they did the 5C in terms of the case, it felt really solid for a poly carb unit and it was still pretty easy to hold. I just didn’t like the actual colors they used or the screen size and the internal guts still being older iPhone 5 technology.

    ultimately, what I would like is something where they won’t have the bendgate nonsense since that was a little embarrassing that people could even have that problem in the first place. Mine hasn’t bent, but it still should be pretty indestructible. I would like a little more RAM, and I don’t see why Apple can’t put 4GB in these things. It would certain shut the Android crowd up.

    They do need to change the placement for the on/off button, I accidentally press it all of the time.

    I’m just wondering what a “S” model would actually be.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Crazy rumor claims iPhone 6s is coming spring 2015”

    Yep, about as crazy as a rumor can get. The words “incredibly sketch report” pretty much says it all.

    Still, it’s right-on for a Cult of of Mac post. I’m surprised this “story” didn’t show up on the site while Tim Cook was still on stage showing off the iPhone 6.

  • john

    I hope s means small. I’m still on my 5s, boycotting the new giant phones.

    • Secure

      Yeah I wonder if Apple will continue making 3 different-sized phones in the future. It seems logical. Stay with the 3 models and upgrade them yearly.

    • I understand what you’re saying but the regular 6 is a great size. You get a little more real estate and still very easy to hold. It’s a beautiful phone.

      Personally I think a 5″ iPhone would be the perfect size. Because I run a UI design studio, I was the one who bought the 6 Plus so one of us could use it for testing our work.

      Check out the 6, if you haven’t all ready, you might be surprised.

  • Still waiting for my iPhone 6 Plus ordered 9/23/14…. maybe I’ll get automagically upgraded.

  • Abigsoxfan

    For crying out loud, I just got my iPhone 6+. Slow it down man.

    • I’m with Ya Soxfan;)
      I waited six weeks for my 6+! Not sure I’ve owned it a month! …that said, it’s easily the best iPhone and iPad to date (’14 releases). Two sizes, one offers a LOT more surface area than the five series without giving up ‘the size’ factor.
      You can still fit ’em in yiur jeans. The ‘6’ as Soxfan points out is truly the ‘near perfect’ form factor for most
      I, too, went with the 6+ & couldn’t be happier. The last couple years as smartphones have completely change form factor, they’ve become powerful enoug to take care of most folks’ everyday computing needs. Whether the iPad or iPhone, hell, the last gen and genesis of the Air 1 used the same A7 clocked 1/10 of a MHz quicker
      When the ubiquity was created and high speed wireless options became affordable, the iPhone, Galaxy or Nexus, Nokia/Windows or Sony Experia; they’ve all got a common denominator — they’re ALL faster, look better and are more efficient and portable WITH the power we had to bundle up in a ten or fifteen pound laptop bag a couple years ago.
      With the NAND storage speeds, LTE wireless and broadband ISP providers finally turning the faucets up, most folks have their email, Facebook, Twitter and pictures, camera and documents, games and utilities —> and in so many cases ‘better’ than their desk and laptop variants (software and its usability and portability)… I don’t think most people need ‘more’ right now. Sure, we’ll all have the use for an iMac at home and many of us haul our rMBPs to and from work each day …but that number has shrunk considerably and BYOD is a ‘thing’ now IT has to ‘deal with’ :)

      WTH said 4GB of RAM? For WHAT? I’ve got three in my Note 3 & 4 ( wife’s 3 )
      At ANY given time it’s slurping 2.1-2.3GB ‘just because’. Not to take anything away from it. It’s fast as hell, but neither has been ‘faster’ or noticeably ‘better’ than the other. iOS and Android are both incrediby fluent platforms we’ll hardly recognize a decade from now.

      And the developers….what they come up with will be interesting for sure.