BendGate: iPhone 6 ‘malleability’ problem is the Internet’s joke du jour



“Will it bend?” has become the hottest question in tech this week as some iPhone 6 owners have discovered that the laws of physics still apply to the aluminum frame of the new Apple phones … even when neglected in a back pocket.

We pointed out yesterday that any smartphone made of metal will bend when subjected to pressure, but the Internet has jumped on the BendGate controversy like a joyful Steve Wozniak pounding through the polo fields on his mighty Segway.

#BendGate, #BentGate and #BendGhazi started trending on Twitter within the last 24 hours, and while Apple’s PR machine remains silent, the Internet has given its hilarious opinion on the controversy.

Here are some of the funniest BendGate reactions:

iBend 6 – Bendier than bendy

iPhone 6+ One Week

GadgetLove riffed on the bendiness of the iPhone 6 by suggesting Apple just create an all new product line: The iPhone 6 Plus One Week

iPhone 6 Repair Kit


If you were one of the dummies who sat on their iPhone 6 and started this whole ridiculous controversy, B the Moll has already created an iPhone 6 repair kit that will get your bigger-than-big display back in action. (Bonus points for the “U2 Limited Edition” kit.)

Marketing reversal


Some have suggested that the iPhone 6 BendGate issue is really just a marketing issue: “Are iPhones ‘bending’, or are they ‘ergonomically morphing to optimise pocket portability?'”

Banana + iPhone 6 = match made in heaven


Brands are getting in on the BendGate action on Twitter too. Dating network app Lovoo posted that bananas are going nuts for their new match partner, the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Dali Edition


The gold iPhone 5s was all the rage last fall, but 2014 is going to be all about the Dali Edition iPhone 6. Flick up your whiskers fellas, cause liquidy, bendy surfaces and fine mustaches are back in.

iPhone 6 Flex


Samsung and other Android makers have debuted flexible screen concepts and smartphones with curved screens, so it’s really just a matter of time before your next iPhone includes Apple’s patented “Flex” aluminum alloy technology.

iPhone 6 Raxr


I’ve always wanted an Apple flip-phone, and the flexibility of the iPhone 6 finally makes it possible to smash it up into a more pocketable size if your 6 Plus is bursting out your pockets.

  • Wait so Apple beat the LG G Flex by accident?

    • voxofreason

      the iPOS does iBend and iCracks if you try to bend it back to normal

      • Only if you bend it back the stupid way. Take off the screen first.. Who attempts to bend glass expecting it not to crack?

      • discutter

        It didn’t crack when it was bent originally. I don’t think your conclusion is valid

      • Think about it a little more. The pressure was on the other side first, applying the pressure directly to the glass will cause it to crack. Removing the glass first would be the smarter thing to do.

      • Jambo86

        So, that is the Apple solution? Take the glass off? How easy is it to take the glass off? Won’t that nullify the warranty? I mean Apple won’t allow even changing a battery or adding memory. Taking the glass off does not sound like a great idea.

      • Apples solution is to switch it out with another device, do your research they will replace it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but a technician to do it because it is extremely thin and fragile but there are only two screws. Go to you will see its not that hard to do.

      • discutter

        I just re-watched the video where the guy said he tried to bend it back. He does not mention anything about doing that by applying pressure directly to the glass. You are making stuff up. It’s possible to attempt to bend it back but not applying pressure directly to the glass, which makes sense

        Moreover, he mentions the aluminium portion where it bent also cracked. How would you justify that?

        Sorry, but your apologizing is now getting out of control. Step out from the RDF

      • Making stuff up? I repair phones, all types of them all the time.. He doesn’t have to mention applying pressure to the glass it only makes sense if he tried to bend it back in the opposite direction…

  • Sean

    I keep reading false information that looks intended to lighten the situation. The phone was is the FRONT pocket of suit pants. Not the back.

    I for one and holding off on any purchasing plans until further information and comment from apple.

    • coffeetime

      I heard it was only the 6 Plus, not the 6. Question: will the 6 Plus even fit into one’s front pocket?

      • Republican Jesus™

        the 6 is bending too, a guy I chatted with on twitter earlier said he checked his regular sized 6 out of curiosity and it was already bent after just a week of regular use. No skinny jeans, no back pockets, no abuse, just regular old usage. The aluminum they used for the frame is apparently crap.

      • ShitIconSays

        A week of regular use? How did he get it before the release date???

      • Republican Jesus™

        How should I know I didn’t interrogate the guy, some folks in the tech business have already had them for 2+ weeks from what I understand

      • Really? A guy you chatted with? Well then. Everyone stop making phone calls!

      • Republican Jesus™

        Don’t worry the IOS 8.01 update prevents you from making phone calls, problem solved :)

      • RBR

        Yeah, good ol’ Haystack Calhoun bends everything he sits on.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        Now I know I can chat on Twitter.

      • Republican Jesus™

        You’re welcome I guess? I know you Apple guys believe in social inbreeding but there is a big world out there! Explore it!

      • Sean

        Surprisingly, yes. ;)

      • stickyicky97

        I have had my iPhone 6 since last Friday and have only carried it in the front pocket of my slacks and shorts while walking, and I just took it out of it’s case to see if it was bent at all, and it surely is. It’s very slight, but if i sit it on a flat surface, you can see that it’s not flush all around. I set my iPhone 5s on the same surface and it was completely flush. I assume the slight bend has come from me taking it in/out of the leather case to show it to friends. It really does seem that Apple has used an inferior aluminum and has a big problem on their hands. I have had every iPhone and love the look, feel, and UI of the iPhone 6, but I be damn if I keep a phone that’s going to bend if I carry it in my pocket and do normal tasks. I understand that trying to forcefully bend it is stupid, but people are bending down and squatting daily while they have their phone in their pockets, so this is a big deal. We’ll see what Apple says. They’ll probably give out free hard-shell cases, which will be bullshit!

      • Kenton

        Are you sure it is not just the protruding camera lens?

      • Republican Jesus™

        This right here folks, this is the real problem. Sticking your head in the sand won’t make it go away… hoping Apple deals with this in a meaningful way

      • have a way to carry that phone… and not just a case, a way to functionally WEAR it. almost anywhere on your body. not a clip. And you’ll never sit on, bend on, and/or sweat on it, either. Minimize risk of theft, loss, or droppage (and can be used for a lot of other things, too.) Problem solved. :)

      • Republican Jesus™

        Yes that’s the ticket, you’re just carrying it wrong. Nevermind the fact every consumer in America will carry a cell phone in their pocket at some point. THAT’S JUST NOT THE WAY ITS DONE THESE DAYS. STRAP THAT THING TO YOUR FOREHEAD, JUST IN CASE. You guys crack me up, is it so wrong to want something better?

      • lol! hey, it’s all good. and that strap-to-forehead thing was actually done by a PortaPocket reviewer in OZ on “talk like a pirate day.” I’m all for whatever people want to do. But then just stop complaining when it doesn’t work. ;) I just find it a little ironic when some scoff at my art and say they’d never need it. And then… they do. if you have a better solution that works in as many ways, feel free to offer it up. I’m all ears.

      • Marthinus Swart

        Reading your comments, it seems you are really upset with your iPhone 6 purchase. Life is too short, just take it back and hit Apple where it matters, with your wallet, buy something else instead.

      • Guest

        Actually I’m an android fanboy. That being said, helping to blow the recent problems out of proportion helped me get a great discount on $aapl just now. #winning

      • crunchy2k

        The bending is a feature so its fits your lifestyle over time. I bet Apple backs me up on this. /s

      • Khalbrae

        They need to use space age materials if they start getting this thin. Titanium Alloy, Tungsten and Graphene! Aluminum has a storied history of being the material we make cans out of… no more can phones!

      • My 6Pus fits in my jeans front pocket just fine.

    • God dammit, right when I decided it was time to change my old 4s, this.

    • Jambo86

      Why would anyone buy an iPhone 6 now? There are better phones that do not bend. Apple is just marketing hype. I get embarrassed for the people who jump for joy because they got an iPhone. Seriously? It is just a phone.

  • EnderW

    Well if the iPhone was 8mm thick and 10g heavier, it could have a durable unbendable frame and battery to last several days. But JONY KNOWS BETTER !!!

    • Lynn

      Exactly right. His obsession for aesthetics over functionality strikes again.

  • Hereje

    Maybe the guys that bend it in their pants should lose some weight… Just sayin.

    • Republican Jesus™

      Yea lets blame a poorly engineered design on fat people. Hoorah!

  • Those people are so funny :D
    Nope. Just kill them.
    1 – dont put a big size phone in your pocket
    2 – dont destroy it for fun
    3 – dont forget a protection. If you know its gonna bend, why not put it in a special protection case ?
    i guess they are just rich attention whores.

    • puralien12

      I can agree with 2 and 3. But 1? Where do you expect the phone to go…?

      • its so big, i will not put it on my pocket. i can answer to your question but its going to be my personnal life. Not anyone will do the same
        ( i wear hunter’s pant, i have a lot of pockets, and i always have my bag full of lenses and camera, im a photographer. So i have a lot of pockets ^^ )

    • Antonio Altamirano

      uh, so you’re saying buying a 700 dollar phone isn’t enough? I like my phones without cases. They should be strong enough to not bend so easily if it costs 700 dollars.

      • i agree. it should not bend. But using a little iPad as a phone seems crazy. i was sure it was going to bend. Too slim + too big.

      • ( and now i love my iPhone 3GS and my old Nokia N-Gage )

      • Khalbrae

        Yeah, my 3GS doesn’t bend. Plastic still looks pristine.

      • Same. Almost 5 years i got the iPhone 3GS and it still look new ! Just a plastic film on the screen , and a silicon case as a protection.

    • voxofreason

      Nah, the iPhone 6+ is poorly engineered. That’s the truth

      As the same dude (who is clearly an Apple fan) at Unbox Therapy has shown, the Note 3 does not have the same problem.

      Note that the issue is not if the phone bends or not. The problem is that it stays bent. Worse, if you try to bend it back to normal you could crack the screen

      Others have shown the Galaxy S4, Motorola X, etc. don’t stay bent either

      Poor crApple apologists. They are desperate now that the truth about their POS phone is out

      Wait, you are putting it in the wrong pocket!!!

      • kavok

        And exactly where did you get YOUR engineering degree from? That’s what I thought.

      • discutter

        Where I got my engineering degree is totally irrelevant. I didn’t design the iTvrd 6+.
        Only an 1idiot wouldn’t realize that POS phone is poorly engineered and doesn’t withstand normal usage without bending
        Oh wait, normal usage is not carrying a phone in your pocket like millions do even with iTvrds 5, 4, etc. Normal usage is whatever usage won’t bend the iTvrd

  • Zeteboy

    I think I will keep my 4S a bit longer.

  • Dario Sycco

    Let’s make the iPhone 6 Plus S thinner Apple. C’mon, let the next one bend in the front pocket as well.

    • Khalbrae

      Actually by all accounts the 6 bends in the front pocket already.

  • Scooter Tramp

    I’ll keep my flip phone.

  • kavok

    Enough with the “GATE” bullshit already… It’s NOT a scandal, it’s stupid people with unrealistic expectations and no common sense.

    • poopfacemcgee

      I’m pretty sure the folks using “gate” are meaning it sarcastically, or at least that’s how I took it. Gave me a chuckle.

      • Khalbrae

        Yeah, BendGhazi especially is hilarious. Like the Republicans are going to waste millions of taxpayer dollars over how the administration is trying to cover up something something something darkside.

    • Carl

      If your solution is to stop using the phone as usual and take special care because its poorly built, then you are the stupid. People buys a phone and expects quality build, not all the bent iphones were abused

      • kavok

        My solution is for people to stop being idiots. They bitched about wanting a bigger phone, and now they’re bitching because it doesn’t fit in their pockets and the phone gets bent because they don’t have the common sense to take it out of said pocket before they sit down. Then they piss and moan and try to blame Apple when it’s their own fault it got bent. No one wants to take personal responsibility anymore. Here’s a thought… Why not actually TAKE CARE of your electronics and other property? I have a 5S with no case and use it regularly and there’s not a scratch on it. Why? Because I take care of it.

  • Kenton

    I think the real issue is skinny jeans, not iPhones.

    • Republican Jesus™

      I think you should expect more from Apple

      • Khalbrae

        Like the pants of their primary market.

  • ha! love this. but the entire thing is easily avoidable. by simply doing things differently. all you have to do is NOT use pockets in your clothes at all. put the pocket on your body. separately. That way there’s no sitting on, bending on, or sweating on your stuff. Ever. (and you don’t risk theft or loss by leaving it lying around somewhere…or in a purse or bag.) Amen.

  • Nick

    Must admit I had a chuckle at #BendGhazi.

  • RBR

    Now is the time for someone to market the iLanyard to carry the 6+.

  • Guest

    It makes sense now

    • voxofreason

      Apple crapologizers are in panic now. LOL

      • kavok

        Just remember if it wasn’t for Apple, your POS phone would still have a couple dozen buttons on it with a crappy screen and no functionality.

      • discutter

        Assume for a second what you just said is true.
        What does that have to do with the iPhone 6+ bending and fanboys apologizing for Apple and attacking the messenger?

  • Singhapura

    You’re holding it wrong.

  • Guest

    It makes sense now…

  • Kimerülő Kutyaól
  • Cruzerguy

    Even a way to get around the touchid and the passcode-

  • Surely this hardware malfunction/weakness will result in a total RECALL…

    Why didn’t they use higher quality material like titanium?

    Poor just poor quality.

  • Ed Thomas

    I have a Lumia (shock horror), I’m also 145kg, and I’ve stepped on my Lumia, sat on it, dropped it down stairs, sent it flying across a car park and numerous other abuses, and it’s still straight, scuffed a bit but otherwise unharmed. Crapple are only interested in image, your cash and more of your cash.

  • Vic Campos
  • pjs_boston

    Wow! The video of the guy shattering his Galaxy S4 display while trying to bend it is the real bend gate!

  • James_Jim

    OK, so how do I get one of the flexy-bendy ones shown in the video and one with a 90 degree diagonal bend? Surely there’s a market for these for use as paperweights etc.