Get bent: The shocking history of bent smartphones


Apple's new aluminum will kill Bendgate. Photo: Unbox Therapy
Apple's new aluminum will kill Bendgate. Photo: Unbox Therapy

Bend-Gate is slowly taking over the Internet this morning as Apple fans discover the startling fact that when pressure is applied to an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus frame, it bends – just like every other smartphone ever made of metal.

The bending problem has been reported by a number of iPhone 6 owners who pocketed their big iPhone 6 only to retrieve it later with a significant curve in the frame. Some sites are deeming the new iPhones “more fragile than expected,” but the truth is we’ve seen this problem almost every year.

In fact, last year ran we an article titled “iPhone 5s Bending in People’s Pockets.” Any phone made of metal is still subject to the laws of physics, but to reiterate that this isn’t exactly a problem exclusive to the iPhone 6, here’s a look at other Android and Apple phones that have bending problems.

iPhone 5s


Many iPhone 5 users reported bent frames, and Apple didn’t make many structural improvements to alleviate those issues with the iPhone 5s. Many users reported bent frames after leaving the device in their back pocket or sitting on it, while others reported the iPhones suddenly bent themselves.

Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung’s phones are dominated by plastic, but it’s new metal-friendly Galaxy S4 devices are prone to bending in pockets too. XDA forum user Phonage reports his Galaxy S4 bent when he put it in his front jeans pocket like always. “Got in the car and after a 5 minute drive got out and the screen is showing funny colors and its cracked. I have had many phones in this front jeans pocket (They all lived) and somehow a slight bend has done this. Very weak.”

Sony Xperia Z1


Many Sony Xperia Z1 users reported their metal frame mysteriously bent for no reason at all after being left in rear pockets.

iPhone 5


Back when the iPhone 5 first came out, there were a surprising number of reports of people whose iPhones suddenly bent themselves. This did not seem to be an issue with accidental damage en masse: Most of the people who reported the issue noted that their iPhones bent back at the volume button, and hadn’t been kept in a back pocket or sat upon.

Lumia 925


Nokia users complained that their Lumia 925’s were bending even though they had been very careful with it. Like the iPhone 6, it’s also made of aluminum and most forum posters theorized the owners’ pockets were too tight.

BlackBerry Q10

One unfortunate CrackBerry user posted pics of his Q10 that never fell but is bent. “I’ve no clue what happened .. I’m so pissed.” Other BlackBerry owners in the forum thread reported seeing similar bendings.



The HTC EVO 4G LTE is particularly susceptible to bending and breaking if you sit on it while docked in a cup holder.



Lesser-known Android handset manufacturer Oppo has also had bending problems with some of its handsets according to at least one owner who reports everything still works fine on his device, even though it’s clearly bent.

iPhone 4s

Problems with the iPhone 4 and 4s body bending weren’t as widely reported as when the iPhone 5 and 5s launched, but it was a common problem seen at the Genius Bar and on Apple Support forums by owners who weren’t gentle enough with their devices.

  • Ray Wong

    That’s a picture of the 5 on the last pic, not the 4s.

    • gjbrugman

      That is definitely an 5 ;)

      • Ray Wong

        Nope. That’s a 5. A 4S is sandwiched by a white front and back. The stainless steel band is also darker. There is also no “chamfer” on the 4s. I have a white 5. I know that’s a 5 in the last pic, and not a 4s. I own a black 4.

      • spaceman2001

        It sounds like they changed the picture, but you’re still wrong. The iPhone 4s came in black and white.

      • Q3Owner

        No it’s a Q3. Prototype, never released to public. I know, because it’s a picture of mine

      • King Kamehameha

        Ray is right, it’s definitely a 5

      • Matty

        They must have changed the picture, because now it’s definitely showing a 4s..

      • matt

        Nope… defiantly a 4s

      • auburnfamilynews

        Look at the shiny laser cut edge. Definitely a 5

      • Anon

        Just look at the home button. You’ll know the answer !!!

      • Robert A Clayton

        Must of changed the pic because it is a 4s now

      • Motorola

        No, it’s definitely M8!

      • eminaevoli

        it’s a 4s, the camera’s on the side, it’s shorter and no camera above the earpiece…

    • Scott

      There is absolutely no doubt that that is a 4s in the last picture. The fact that anyone thinks it’s a 5 is making my brain explode. Screen size, phone thickness, location of front facing camera, location of the mute switch, location of the antenna breaks, colour of the stainless steel band (silver and not slate black). So clearly a 4s.

      • It was fixed, originally it was another iPhone 5

      • mike

        My head nearly exploded too! Until I read your comment, then I sighed a huge sigh of relief and just wanted to thank you for stating as much.

      • King Kamehameha

        Picture was changed after these comments were posted. Brain explosions averted.

      • The Silver

        Why the fuck would anyone care that much that someone can’t identify a specific model of phone?

        Get a life.

      • vincanss

        You cared enough to bother responding. Double standards there mate..

      • Mey

        O.o In no way does that mean he has double standards, because unlike the one he criticized The Silver doesn’t state in any way that it is important to him that the people he criticized were that furious. He just stated it, and by that he is far more uninvolved emotionally :) So there’s no double standards of any kind :)

      • vincanss

        Important enough for him to respond. He clearly must care. He’s deeply invested.

      • TooDeeplyInvestedToRegister

        Some people just enjoy pointing and laughing at the idiocy of others. Such as myself.


    • Tegan

      It’s a four, look where the camera is situated.

      • fred

        omg you all are idiots

      • BananaBobsBananaBobbins

        Yes, in Shrewsbury, just off the A762, around the corner from The Queens Head Inn.

    • Andie

      Front facing camera is at the left of the receiver….definitely a 4S. iPhone 5’s front facing camera is located at the top of the receiver…

    • Krass

      No it’s a 4s, I have the 4s and it looks just like that. The 5 has more screen.

    • Sucio Beats

      Unless they just updated the picture, that is DEFINITELY a 4S

    • Your new gameboy

      Iphone 5 came with already installed iOS7 this iphone is easy to see this isn’t iOS7. I have seen iphone 4s and i phone 5 and this is 4s

      • iOSX

        The iPhone 5 came with iOS 6 installed. I know, I bought my iPhone 5 in 2012 and it ran iOS 6 until September 2013 when iOS 7 was released.

    • Johnny B

      It is a 4s, the ring/silent switch is closer to the (+) button, it means it is short.

      whereas iphone 5 has almost equal spacing in between the side buttons.

    • Aki

      you are amazing :)))

    • grizzlybearLEL
  • zealot

    Awaiting pic of the bent HTC One m8

    • totallyAcRo
      • zealot

        Still awaiting pics…

        2 isolated reports for an 8 month old phone don’t compare to the reports pouring in from a 1 week old phone. Try harder.

      • Charlie Moody


        You mean this might escalate to the level of ANTENNAEGATE???

        And the clueless wrestle the stupid for pride-of-place at the head of the Genius Bar line. GAWD I feel for those folks: a nasty, nasty job, and they do it incredibly well

      • jmilll

        If the HTC One m8 sold as many units as the iphone there would be more reports.

      • zealot

        HTC has sold millions of m7/m8s… If it bending was a flaw, it would be easy to find real evidence.

      • ceejw

        I can only find 5 reported instances of 6 pluses bending in people’s pockets. If you can link me to more I’d love to see them.

      • assd

        try youtube….you’ll surely find more

      • Gandalf47

        I went to You Tube, and sure enough, there are a bunch of videos, ranging from “iPhone 6’s bend” to”iPhone 6’s bend if you put them in your skinny jeans pocket”, to many comparisons to Samsung and other manufacturers bending, too, to the one that I like the best – and it is the most frequent – “iPhone 6’s can be bent with just your hands!”, and a video to prove it. Well, to that, I say,”Don’t bend it”. Just like I would say to the same people, even though most iPhones can withstand a 5′ drop, I still wouldn’t do it on purpose, or repeatedly. It’s a PHONE, for God’s sake!

        I am POSITIVE that this will be the final nail in Apple’s coffin that will once-and-for-all put them out of business, or worse still – make Apple irrelevant. NOT!

      • feloneouscat

        Yeah, how many decades have people been saying “You know, Apple will be going out of business soon…”

      • Gandalf47

        As of yesterday, 9/25, there were 9 alleged reports of actualy iPhone 6’s bending. Out of 10 MILLION sold so far. Let’s do the math 9/10,000,000 = an incredibly small percentage. Yep – Apple is in the tank now and heading toward obscurity – again.

      • zealot

        Says Apple’s PR department?!? Ha. Like every Verizon/Apple Store/Best Buy iphone replacement gets escalated up straight up to Apple. They get a new phone and leave and never ‘contact apple’ about their bent new phone.

      • Gandalf47

        So, cite a specific number or STFU.

      • zealot

        Zero: The number of documented m8 cases.

      • feloneouscat

        Try going to this link where people are talking about m8’s being bent.

      • James

        It’s just that not that many people were ever interested in the HTC One m8

      • Tarek Elsakka

        That’s a M7 in both threads. In the first thread the OP did not even provide any pictures so we cannot determine what actually happened to the device. Plus, ANY phone can bend (just as the pictures above tell us) however it’s really all about the amount of stress it can take. I’d probably torch Apple if I got an iPhone that bent INSIDE MY POCKET.

      • ChrisM40

        Didnt happen. My M7 unit survived being dropped 35ft onto concrete with just a scuff and a dent.

    • Cave Johnson, CEO

      Mine hasn’t bent and I keep it in my front pocket all the time, owned since April.

      • zealot

        Exactly. I tried bending mine and couldn’t. A unibody aluminum frame is absolutely possible

      • Gandalf47

        Dont do that anymore.

    • Torbjørn Larsen

      That’s not going to happen very often. HTC is heavy and sturdy compared with iPhones and the curved backplate is much harder to bend than a flat design. It probably takes almost 10times the force before bending.

      • Tarek Elsakka

        Agreed. I tried bending my old M7 with more force than the one in the 6 Plus videos but it did not bend. I will not take that risk with my M8 but it feels just as stiff as the M7 anyways.

      • Gandalf47

        That’s what she said!

      • ceejw

        So how often is it going to happen on an iPhone? Apple sold 10 million of these things and I can’t find more than 5 reported instances of these bending in people’s pockets.

      • Gandalf47

        Even if there were only one, there is always some Henny Penny, jealous of the fact that Apple dominates this arena – not necessarily in number of units sold (Apple doesn’t do “cheap” – never has), but in superior products year in and year out – that would cry “Apple is falling, Apple is falling” – again.

    • Rob Earls

      I bent my M8 a couple of months ago. No idea how. The bend made a kink in the thin strip of metal near the volume switch. Its never quite been the same since, even after bending it back into shape

  • Brian Davis

    Funny…. as big a problem as this is supposed to be I’ve NEVER SEEN a bent phone of any brand or model. Never even seen a pic before this article.

    • Frédéric Lormois

      cause it is not Apple…that’s all. Problem on iPhone ? arggggggg shame on you Apple…worst phone in the galaxy

      Problem on other phones ? Just don’t care

      Apple Bashing

      • Neo

        It might be because Apple takes the twice the amount of money for a less quality phone with last years specifications. And you are probably one of those who don’t understand that.

      • Jimrod

        But oddly, the lower specifications still seem to thrash most of the high end Android phones… Surely Android will fix this with more cores and more RAM, just like American cars adding cubic inches to the engines rather than making them more efficient…

      • OnlyMe999

        Android L will greatly improve android phones.

      • SillyRegRules

        This has been said about all Android releases since Cupcake. Android will always trash the iPhone and dominate the high end once the next major release rolls out.

      • Gandalf47

        Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

      • Slugga

        rather interesting point, but its easy to develop and refine to be efficient when sell the hardware and only have to think about 1 phone, now 2 and the few tablets made for iOS, all with essencially the same hardware. Yes you get more done on less specs, But don’t kid yourself, you’re getting 2 year old hardware and software features refined after Google and the community figured it out, which is fine because it works well. but then your also paying upto 3 times as much for it and touting it as the be all and end all of all technology. <- this is what I cannot understand

      • BrianCalhoun

        Please enlighten me about the 64-bit dual-core processors Android was using that outperform quad-core snapdragons 2 years ago?

      • rick slick

        How is 64bit CPU helping in an iPhone with only 1GB RAM? Please enlighten us.

      • datasmog

        It’s not about the CPU. iOS is far more efficient than Android in the way it handles memory usage. It doesn’t require any more than 1GB. Until it does that’s all you’re going to get. In the meantime Android OEM’s have to give you more RAM because if they didn’t your device would be a stuttering mess.
        It’s the software, not the hardware.

      • assd

        If you want to do any amount of multitasking, say loading 4-5 tabs of browser with some heavy websites, it needs its ram. Otherwise it will just reload it everytime, eating into your battery and data.

      • rick slick

        iOS users don’t do a whole lot, so just 512k RAM should be sufficient. Mighty Apple knows best.. LOL

      • rick slick

        iOS is far more efficient in memory usage because it doesn’t do a whole lot like true multi-tasking, etc. Same way a black berry is way more efficient with a black and white screen and no apps.

      • Gandalf47


      • Kendall Tawes

        64-bit architecture has more benefits than just addressing more than 4GB of RAM. 64-bit architecture is more secure, provides better parallel processing, provides a faster bus, and does all of this at a lower clock speeds which means better performance per watt. With that and the fact Apple provides a 64-bit Kernel in iOS7 and above 64-bit is actually helping the iPhone immensely as can be seen in benchmark testing. Same way Core Duo and Core 2 Duo processors varied heavily in performance at the same clock speeds even on models with RAM limits below 4GB.

        P. S. I think Apple should have added more RAM in these new phones for future iOS releases and better multitasking but that is a point separate to 64-bit support.

      • assd

        thats just BS
        more secure, how ?
        better parallel processing ? suddenly it has more cores ?
        Faster bus ? Really ? Just by making it 64 bit ?
        You really belong to apples marketing team.

        These things have been tested out during the onset of 64bit in desktops and there is no such advantage other than a few applications where there is a frequent use of 64 bit integers as it may require more that one instruction to operate on 64 bit integers in 32 bit mode.

      • rick slick

        64 bit CPU in Apple will more secure because 64 magical unicorns provide armed defense against bugs and invaders… LOL

      • midiman

        actually a lot of benefits – prepare to be enlightened.

      • rick slick

        LOL, from the same article you linked:

        “. It’s pretty safe to assume that Apple will go to 2GB with the iPhone 6 (and perhaps iPad 5), and then either stay there for the 6s or double again to 4GB. The soonest Apple would need 64-bit from a memory addressability standpoint in an iOS device would be 2015, and the latest would be 2016. Moving to 64-bit now preempts Apple’s hardware needs by 2 full years.”


      • chuck_stones

        Proof? All the videos and comparisons I’ve seen show the latest Android phones out performing the iPhone. The worst thing for Apple is that they have a 5 year jump on most other smartphone OS’s, so you can expect Android to continue getting faster and more efficient as specs also continue to rise at a faster rate than iOS.

      • Yes Proof please

        Please provide links, the iPhone is currently doing very well in benchmarks. Of course, six months down the road that will change with newer android phones, but at that point they will be half a year newer.

        Current benchmarks:

        It will be interesting to see how the note 4 fairs when it comes out.

      • BrianCalhoun
      • Gandalf47

        “The worst thing for Apple is that they have a 5 year jump on most other smartphone OS’s”. And that’s a BAD thing?

      • toppen kekker

        Android is a diverse market. There are dozens of manufacturers forcing an arms race of processing power without a high price. Apple has none of that, just a cult of people that will buy a product no matter what’s wrong with it, at any price.

      • Zeroed Out

        The idea of it being a “cult” is nothing short of ignorant. It’s really just a trend, hip thing to say, but it’s just stupid. I’ve used nothing but Mac computers since I was a kid (I hate Windows), yet I don’t have an iPhone. There are problems with every smartphone. Have you ever considered that some people buy iPhones because they think they’re the easiest to use and that they love the interface? I swear, this fight over smartphones is plain dumb. Fighting over a processor that’s a few seconds faster so that you watch videos wherever you go? Wow, tell me more about how you can waste your time and never disconnect from the world of the Internet. lol

      • Gandalf47

        “There are dozens of manufacturers forcing an arms race of processing power without a high price.” What this means is that there is a mish-mosh of hardware AND software out there that one can buy “on the cheap”. Remember, you get what you pay for. I don’t want to buy a phone that has an OS that does not work with the apps that I have, or worse still, a manufacturer who puts a phone out that works with an OS that cannot be updated down the road, or, if it can, does not work properly. I’d like to see THAT as a headline of impending gloom and doom, instead of the latest pot-shot at Apple, stemming from jealousy and, in this case, “tool envy”.

      • ChrisM40

        But it doesnt thrash anything. iPhone lag is hidden under the glacially slow pre-cached animations Apple loves so much (equivalent to 1.5-2.0 scale on Android), Safari is ‘designed’ *cough* to win in Sunspider, real world performance isnt so hot, and game benchmarks might have to do with the pitiful sub HD screen resolution.

      • Kendall Tawes

        The iPhone 6 Plus has a 1080p display.

      • ChrisM40

        Just when everyone else is going 1440P..

      • Gandalf47

        Tell me, could YOU tell the difference in a blind test?

      • ChrisM40


      • Gandalf47

        Impossible – Nobody can tell the difference in screen resolution with their eyes closed. Duh!

      • ChrisM40

        Oh please..

      • Gandalf47

        Blind AND speechless, too.

      • Gandalf47

        Both blind AND dumb.

      • Gandalf47

        At a loss for words? WOW!

      • ChrisM40

        Doesnt really demand an answer does it. Obvious troll is obvious. Bye..

      • Gandalf47

        “Bye” was the word I was fishing for. I’ve got blisters on my fingers!

      • pacyderm

        Did you even look at the anandtech benchmarks posted above?

      • ChrisM40

        Yes, and?

      • Gandalf47

        Who gives a crap about “benchmarks”? MOST people buy the phone that they want that does what they want. If another manufacturer makes one does it 3 milliseconds faster, or the screen is more HD than the HD they have, who cares?

      • rick slick

        Exactly. my iPhone 5s lagged so bad after a phone call, some texting, and internet browsing. The letters were appearing before the cursor moved in my text entry… and I’ve got a screenshot of the camera app showing the menus in mirror/upside down mode, after memory became very low. iOS definitely hides lag very well. It was time for my weekly reboot.

      • BruceWillisThrowsACar@You

        “Surely Android will fix this with more cores and more RAM”

        Android is an operating system you dunce. How does it fix itself with more cores and RAM when Android is a piece of software and not a hardware company? Did you mean Google will fix it with better hardware? Neither of the two are, or pretends to be, hardware / manufacture companies, and neither are responsible for hardware.

        Maybe you don’t understand. You cannot compare the efficiency of a product designed and prototyped by ONE company, to the efficiency of a product with software designed by an open source project / one governing entity, and hardware by hundreds of OEMs. Of course overhead will exist (like MS Windows), and your argument hardly makes sense if you’re going to compare in a silly fashion.

      • Mark

        Thats because apple have never produced a full hd screen pushing 500ppi or more it takes raw juice to push those pixels. only the 6plus gets apples first full hd screen, and its ppi is still well under 100 less than the leaders! Just imagine a iphone 6 running a Quad full hd screen 530ppi and all the extra Android software that we enjoy daily! on a 1.4ghz dual core with 1gb ram! Ha Ha Ha! And dont even mention multitasking as its just plain useless!

      • Mark

        And Apps crash twice as much on ios than they do on Android, search apps crash twice as much on ios when your searching iphone 6 bends and theres hundreds of pages with facts saying ios apps crash twice as much as android. Gota luv that ios magic dust keep your blinkers on and your eyes shut!

      • Kendall Tawes

        I am unfamiliar with this emotion called luv. This concept of “luv” confuses and infuriates me!

      • Gandalf47

        I have had every version of the iPhone after the first one, and I have rarely, if ever, had an app crash, unless there was a bug in a third=party app that got fixed later, but that is very rare. My actual, observable, hands-on experience does not support your anecdotal claims. So, in MY smartphone universe, that is not a problem, and to me, MY smartphone universe is the ONLY one about which I care. My “universe” is not just on one phone at a time. I have nine people in my family all using iPhones, and not one of them has complained about this problem, and they all call me when something doesn’t work as advertised. I have not had a call about apps crashing ever.

      • MTC73

        And the reality is you’ll barely notice the 100ppi difference because it means little more than a number on paper. Stop the paper spec arms race. It’s just stupid. Cores and clock speed aren’t the be all end all of performance indicators. It’s why you can go to and see all sorts of processors that outperform others with more cores or a higher clock speed.

      • rick slick

        yet some suggest 64bit CPU is more relevant than actual things like, oh you know, RAM… LOL

      • james smith

        LOL Less quality? That’s your opinion

      • carbonated_turtle

        You’re right, the ability to bend easily is a feature that every quality phone should have.

      • rick slick


      • Gandalf47

        And most of them do.

      • carbonated_turtle

        You seem to have overlooked my use of the word “easily”. Under enough force, just about anything will bend. Keep defending your shitty iToys, but this is going to be a disaster for Apple as more and more people report their shitty iPhones bending in their pockets.

      • Gandalf47

        Yeah, the long list of “Apple disasters” has irreparably damaged the company beyond repair. lol

      • carbonated_turtle

        Oh, so just because they don’t have a long history of making products that break a week after you buy them, that totally negates this blunder. Logic!

      • Gandalf47

        OK, let me clarify what I was trying to convey, as you didn’t understand my point. I am sure that you can understand that there are people out there who will hate on Apple, no matter what they do – really, I’m not kidding! Since 1984, when the Mac was introduced, there have been claims of disasters and the impending demise of Apple. You are correct, Apple does NOT “have a long history of making things that break a week after you buy them”. The only major “life-threatening” mistake that Apple made was to fire Steve Jobs in the first place. However, there have been nay-sayers every time Apple releases ANYTHING that some deficit or problem here or there will spell the “end of Apple”. So far, so good – Apple seems to be doing quite well, wouldn’t you say?

      • Kawaii Gardiner

        “It might be because Apple takes the twice the amount of money for a less quality phone with last years specifications. And you are probably one of those who don’t understand that.”

        [Citation Required]

      • ChrisM40

        You dont need a citation, Google it. Junk cheap hardware, mega profit. Its easy.

      • Gandalf47

        I took your advice and Googled “junk cheap hardware”. Three pages into the search results only turns up one Apple reference, from 2007, in which someone is speculating on the unreleased iPhone. The same person says, “Certainly the Motorola RAZR and its siblings might survive, because of their titanium case. But they can be BENT.” Remember, this is SEVEN YEARS AGO! Anyway, the second link refers to Samsung. Microsoft makes several appearances, and Motorola also pops up – but not Apple. Oh, and the only link that referred to a specific device as “junk cheap hardware” referred to the Samsung Chromebook.

      • ChrisM40

        Please tell you arent so stupid as to actually Google ‘junk cheap hardware’.

      • Gandalf47

        You claimed that since you could not provide a citation, that we “Google it” – your words. I put the specific search criteria that YOU suggested – how does that make ME stupid? I guess that since you couldn’t justify your position with FACTS, you just pulled whatever you could out of your a$$, and expected everyone to just take your word for it? Sorry Chris, but you can claim anything you want – it’s a free country – but unless you can back it up, it’s just your opinion, to which you are entitled, even if you are wrong. That doesn’t necessarily make you stupid, but if the shoe fits …..

      • ChrisM40

        Stupid is not using common sense, something you clearly dont have, it was obvious what i expected you to do. Im not replying any more because you are clearly a sad little troll with more time than intelligence.

      • Gandalf47

        Pot.Kettle.Black. Google it.

      • rick slick

        here’s a citation in my pocket. Feel it?

      • Gandalf47

        Is it bent?

      • Gandalf47

        Don’t hold your breath. Lots of bluster, little evidence.

      • SteveJay

        You can crash a Ferrari or a Lambo and he will break like any other car…and the tyres can get flat too.. so odd isn’t it? How a super car have this problems…

      • rick slick

        And yet you can surprisingly put other phones in your pocket and not have them bend. So now you’re not supposed to drive your expensive and beautiful Ferrari because it may not drive straight?

      • SteveJay

        The point is, I can “SURPRISINGLY” put my iPhone in my pocket, since the original iPhone and never, ever had them bending. Maybe, we should start pointing our fingers to dumbusers instead of Phones. Because it doesnt’ matter the brand, a dumbuser will always find a way to bend their phones as you can see in this article examples.

      • rick slick

        You’re sitting wrong… LOL

        iPhone 6, so special you need a man purse to carry it.

        You iSheep apologists are so pathetic.

      • SteveJay

        Do you know what’s real pathetic? After reading a huge variety of testimonials with other devices having the “same problem” and fandroids get delusional about Apple, like… always. As this is coming from a user who actually have an Android device and it’s not blind…like you.

      • Gandalf47

        Your comparison is Apples to Oranges, or Ferraris, in this case.

      • rick slick

        No, it’s Apples to Androids.

      • Gandalf47

        You cited the Ferrari as your example, not a specific Android device, since your claim is not evidence-based, but anecdotal. Apples to Ferraris.

      • assd

        atleast it doesn’t bend when you sit on it.

      • ComonPeople

        Umm, no. Check the retail price of a note 3, they sell in Canada for $850 off contract for a 16Gb phone. Perhaps you should do a little research, sounds like you are drinking the droid koolaid. Like what you like, because some likes something you don’t doesn’t mean you need to hate on them.

      • ChrisM40

        The note has expensive leading edge parts in it, not ancient junk thats badly designed like the iphone.

        That ‘expensive’ metal frame you love so much? $15 max.

      • Kendall Tawes

        According to teardowns it cost Samsung $240 to build a Galaxy Note 3 and it cost Apple $242 to build an iPhone 6 Plus. The Galaxy Note 3 on release was $350 new on contract and the iPhone 6 Plus is $300 with the same storage capacity. Since I have only used a Note 3 and have yet to use an iPhone 6 Plus I will not pass judgement on which is a better phone. I will however pass judgement on you. You do not know what you are talking about. You have little understanding of how technology actually works and/or costs. You make Android users look as bad as the Apple fanboys that are defending the iOS 8.0.1 screw up. And you are the epitome of a fanboy. Hope you enjoy your Note but note that Samsung isn’t actually using more expensive parts.

      • ChrisM40

        I dont have a Note.

        Teardowns dont get it all right, they ignore a lot of the costs, get prices wrong. I suggest you think and research for yourself before trusting everything you read on one site.

      • Gandalf47


      • ChrisM40

        I DO my research, Teardown websites get the prices all wrong, they make assumptions, ignore huge parts of the hardware and ignore the fact that some component manufacturers charge based on software support levels as well as the hardware itself.

        The note actually costs over $120 more than that, the iPhone about $20 more.

      • Gandalf47

        “I DO my research” – I suggest that you not “trust everything you read on one site” – or multiple sites, for that matter, depending on the source and motive.

      • Zeroed Out

        Specifications don’t mean much with Apple, because they’re able to do the same job with less (same as how Nintendo always beat Sega despite lower specifications). This has been going on for years. I still remember working for a computer company and being appalled that the new Sony monitors were set at a lower resolution on the Mac monitors than the ones made for PC. I asked the Sony rep if that’s because they just didn’t care about Mac and she said, “No, it’s because a PC running Windows needs a higher resolution to achieve the same appearance as a Mac.”

      • Cheese

        “”No, it’s because a PC running Windows needs a higher resolution to achieve the same appearance as a Mac.”

        That is absurdly ridiculous…..

      • Zeroed Out

        How so? This came directly from a Sony rep whose job it was to sell the monitors. The reason is that back then, Windows was still stupidly running Windows over DOS, which lowered their resolution. Mac didn’t have this problem, which meant that monitors running at a lower resolution on Mac would look the same as those running Windows at a higher resolution. If it doesn’t make sense, then I guess the reps for Sony had no idea what they were talking about.

      • Cheese

        Having worked at Sony for several years, I tend to take what they say with a grain of salt.

      • Zeroed Out

        Well, it does make sense (back then, not now), since Microsoft was often criticized for keeping DOS “behind” Windows for so long because it drained its resources. Plus, why else would they make monitors with different resolutions between the two Operating Systems? If you compared them side-by-side at the time, which we did after their sales presentation, it’s not like the one running Windows looked better than the one hooked up to a Mac.

      • Gandalf47

        I agree – that’s why I will never willingly use a Windows computer (phone/tablet, whatever) again, after having to use one at work for 16 frustrating, counterproductive years. What other software company other than Microsoft has had a MAJOR release that was just ignored by the vast majority of users, due to lack of confidence that it would work properly enough of the time to accomplish mission-critical tasks (Vista). Later releases are also problematic – System 7 suffered from Vista fatigue, and System 8 tries to be everything to everyone, but requires touch technology to maximize its features, and everyone doesn’t want or need a touch-sensitive screen.

        “Windows” is synonymous with “crap”, and I agree that the decision to voluntarily use Windows is “absurdly ridiculous”.

      • Cheese

        Win 7 does nothing of the sort, and Vista was mostly driver issues that caused the majority of the issues. As for your attitude towards it, great for you that you won’t use it, Win 7 is a fucking rock and has been for many years.

      • NoTofu

        iPhone’s are less expensive than the top of the line Android’s when you take into consideration the trade-in value. Comparison of last year’s models… Purchase price: iPhone 5S 16GB $550, Galaxy S4 16GB $460. iPhone 5S Trade $260, Galaxy S4 Trade $125. iPhone is $45 less. Not a big deal, but it disproves the mistake of people thinking iPhones cost more. Moral of the story: Get whatever phone you like best, and don’t rip the others down. They all have their pros and cons.

      • Gandalf47

        This point is frequently overlooked, both with phones and computers.

      • MTC73

        Come on homie…don’t be a dumb ass paper spec chaser. It’s all about performance in the real world. If you’re chasing the best specs on paper you are probably never getting the best performing phone in real life (iOS or Android or Windows).

      • carbonated_turtle

        No, it’s just not not as easy to bend those other phones. You can bend a car in half if you try hard enough, but the problem with the new iPhones is that you barely need to apply any pressure and they’ll bend.

        Nice try, fanboy. Keep defending your overpriced iToys.

      • Zeroed Out

        Aren’t all smartphones overpriced? I only paid $300 for my brand new Android phone (and only $10 a month for unlimited everything with no contract), but most smartphones are much more.

      • carbonated_turtle

        I’ve never heard of anyone paying less than a few hundred dollars for an iPhone, and that’s on a 2 or 3 year contract. But I’ve never had to pay a penny for a new smartphone. It’s not like anyone uses their phone for a month, and then takes a month off, so there’s no reason to not sign a contract if we’re always going to be using our phones.

        I got a brand new Nexus 4 for free over a year ago on a 2 year contract, and in less than a year I’ll be eligible for another brand new phone for absolutely nothing. People who line up to pay hundreds of dollars for a phone the day it’s released, are just children who feel the need to show off their expensive toys to their friends.

        This is pretty relevant too.

      • MTC73

        I haven’t paid a dime since I bought the iPhone 3GS. I resell every generation the next year and re-up my contract using the money I made from selling last years model.

      • Gandalf47

        AND, depending on your carrier, your data plan has gotten cheaper over time, due to more competition.

      • Gandalf47

        You DO realize that NOTHING is free, right? You are paying for it one way or another.

      • carbonated_turtle

        Yeah, I’m paying the same monthly bill that any iPhone user would be paying. The only difference is I got my phone for free, while you geniuses are paying hundreds of dollars to sign the same contract.

        Keep trying. You might come up with one valid argument. I doubt it, but this is still pretty humorous.

      • Gandalf47

        I got my iPhone 5s for free, too. I traded in my old iPhone 4, and it covered the small charge and taxes. Not one dollar out of pocket to get the most current phone at the time. How is that different from what you claim?

      • carbonated_turtle

        Well I did have a pretty thorough response to your comment, but the a-holes who run this site decided not to allow a comment that contained absolutely nothing offensive. But I’m not surprised at all that people who run a site like this would unnecessarily censor comments that are critical of their silly cult.

      • Zeroed Out

        An anti-Apple guy paranoid that a site is deleting his comments despite many negative Apple comments being allowed?


        Seriously, I have no idea what kind of thorough response you could have come up with against me for merely stating that all smartphones are overpriced. Or that I’m using an Android phone (Moto X) that wasn’t too expensive, only costs me $10 a month (that includes unlimited data, too, though I’ll probably upgrade to their $25 a month plan for better flexibility), and doesn’t force me into a blood oath.

        And as I’ve stated elsewhere, saying it’s a cult is ignorant, but many people do rely on trendy catchwords over facts. These guys just call this site “Cult of Mac” because it’s funny and satirical for all those silly people out there who love negative labels. Heck, people who use Linux are much more “culty” than Mac users. Personally, I love my Mac and have never owned a Windows computer because I think they’re terrible (plus, I’ve been anti-Microsoft since the whole Rare/Nintendo debacle).

      • Gandalf47

        When Apple only had 5% market share, one could understand the “cult” moniker. Now, that Apple is pushing 20% of the market – not so much.

      • Zeroed Out

        Apple is evil. Apple is the devil. Apple is excrement. Apple violates babies with large pitchforks. Apple is the thing that nightmares are made of. Apple engages in dog fighting. Apple kidnaps women and forces them into slavery. Apple is racist and supports segregation. Apple is a secret wing of ISIS. Apple is in a gay relationship with an orange. Apple violates oranges with large pitchforks.

        Oh look … my comment wasn’t deleted. How weird.

      • Gandalf47

        Apple is gay?

      • sguyx

        I thought this article was made “it isnt only Apple, but but but..” because it seems to be a clear problem in iphone6 – so many users have this issue and the number is definitely going to increase. Good luck with iphone6!

  • Chris Clancy

    I have put every phone I have ever owned in my back pocket every day and ALL day. Iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5s, and HTC M7. Not one issue.

    • Neither have I, I think the issue arrises when pants are ‘too fitting’. Now mine aren’t baggy and not too tight either.. OT Will you be switching back to the 6 or 6 Plus?

      • Chris Clancy

        I already “switched back” to the 5S from the M7. Android just wasn’t for me. Loved the screen and that was it. The 6 plus will be my new phone of choice…if it ever ships…

      • Lol good to hear, I always figured the M7 and the new M8 were specifically for iPhone lovers who wanted a bigger screen. I too wanted a 6 Plus but after visiting the store found it to be too big for my hands. I just ordered the 6 and will get it by tomorrow but may switch to the Plus once they become more available. Good luck on a speedy shipment.

      • Cave Johnson, CEO

        I’ve always owned HTC’s…and I currently have the One M8. I don’t see how it’s targeted for iPhone lovers at all, the product is so unlike an iPhone it’s unreal. I’ve owned iPhones and found them way too restrictive, and cheap-ish feeling. The M8 feels premium and solid and polished

      • Just the M7 and M8, not all HTC’s, even though there are about ten different HTC ones. As far as build quality goes the M8 is on par with iPhones on the outside but internally its not really all that good. Externally they have a lot of design cues from the iPhone 5.

      • illregal

        Externally, they have pretty much 0 design cues from any iphone.

      • Your trolling me right? The M7 has Chamfered aluminum frame, Antenna breaks with colored plastic, ‘Full metal housing’, Non removable battery, same initial color choices. The M8 just has the antenna breaks same colors and the TrueTone Based dual LED flash.

      • illregal

        You’re trolling me right? HTC was making aluminum unibody phones long before apple. In fact, theirs even had chamfers… Before apple. Apple had a side antenna break, but used glass windows for attenuation. HTC said F that, and was able to engineer a phone entirely of metal. Apple liked it so much, they poached some HTC engineers, and stole the design straight up and you’re now seeing it in the iphone6. So again.. htc had a full metal housing. Apple did not. HTC is also curved, so its narrower at the sides then even the iPhone 6, but its stronger.
        HTC had also used non removable batteries before, and the color choices, with the exception of gunmetal gray, which is nothing like space grey. You’re trying to grasp at straws.. The issue is that, HTC had already done everything you’ve said, before apple did it.

      • All on separate devices the M7 and M8 brings them all together to be extremely reminiscent of the iPhone.

      • Truth Sayer

        Don’t be blinded. HTC’s build quality is crap. Look up photos of the HTC logo on the back peeling off like a sticker. The stupid dual cameras on the back are also covered by plastic, rather than Sapphire or even Gorilla Glass, and is easily prone to cracking and breakage at the slightest applied force. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

      • illregal

        You’re not gonna teach me anything i don’t already know.. So a sticker has fallen off a couple.. Thats your argument? Mine hasn’t. Also, the lenses are made of both glass, and plastic. But the issue you’ve seen, with the scratches is just a uv coating that you can clean off entirely. And finally, there’s a new video, with a regular iphone6, the m8, the new moto-x, and a nokia. iPhone 6 still gets a slight bend.. The others dont. So sorry.

      • Kendall Tawes

        Your second sentence is very wrong. Ever see the first iPhone? I like HTC but you don’t have all your facts quite right.

      • illregal

        There aren’t chamfers on an iPhone until the iPhone 5. Technically the 4 had them on the steel band, but they’re so small you can’t see them. The 5 was the first time it was a design choice

      • You got ‘cheap-ish feeling’ by iPhones? *mind blown*

      • Is it really though? In the video, this guy was buckling from the force of trying to bend the phone.

        Edit: I guess with enough pressure applied for an extended period of time, any malleable material will bend, so who knows, its more interesting than worrying IMO.(maybe bc this hasn’t happened to my HTC One M7 nor my LG G3 yet)

      • I said I think lol. No idea I just no My 5 or 5s hasn’t bent up on me yet..

  • euklid81

    hahaha so you post random pics of extreme cases where the people actually SAT on the phone ..I always put my s5 and before the s4 in my pocket and it just didn’t bend from being in my pocket like people are reporting for the iphone 6. So much for metal being higher build quality, my plastic cheap samsung phones have taken a beating and never cracked or bent.

    • Adam Reber

      my iPhone 4 and 5 have also taken a beating and haven’t been cracked or bent. What now?>

      • chili

        What now? Drop your phone duh.

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      Plastic sure as hell bends, but it doesn’t STAY BENT. Metal STAYS BENT.

      • Gandalf47

        Plastic cracks and stays cracked if you bend it enough.

  • aardman

    So it bent one way. Bend it back? Kidding.

  • It states the S4 is metal friendly but there is no metal frame/bezel. Its just painted plastic to look like brushed metal. Also the Screen is very fragile so any flex or pressure at the wrong spot and say bye-bye to that AMOLED Display.

    • AlexanderMaunu

      And false information convinced no one.

  • Chad

    No shit a phone will bend with enough pressure and some of those phones were clearly damaged by severe abuse. Maybe even some 6’s. But there are numerous stories about 6’s bending with just everyday use. Including a writer for If you keep apologizing and making excuses for Apple, you’ll end up with garbage phones.

  • John

    Easy fix….stop sitting on them

  • AKC322

    Some bent their phones after sitting on them; others “reported the iPhones suddenly bent themselves.” This should read, “Some iPhone users admitted sitting on their devices; others lied.” Aluminum does not spontaneously bend.

    • Matty

      Yes but it is weak, and when bent will not spring back into shape..

    • Bionicman

      there is a youtube video of a guy using his bare hands to bend the crap out of the iphone 6+. this article is just giving excuses to a potentially real problem. some other phones may bend easily as well but the fact that this is APPLE and they are supposed to be the leaders in design and quality makes this so disappointing.

      • Alic

        It is a phone, not whatever piece of metal that you bend with (what kind of people bend whatever they found anyway). Go buy a dumbbell, you will never be able to bend it.

      • liuping

        Did you watch the video? The guy’s hands were literally shaking he was applying so much force to the phone. Of course it bent, but that does not mean it would bend in normal use.

        Look at all the pictures and complaints of bent iphone 5s. I’ve had mine in my pocket everyday for 2 years, and it is not slightly bent.

      • anon

        He also bent a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the same force.

        Guess what?

        That’s right.

        Nothing happened.

        Apple is shit, get over it.

      • ls1200

        What kind of idiot bends his phone with his bare hands? That’s only a real problem amongst stupid people with too much money on their hands.

      • Justin

        The idoit who gets over a million views on his video in one day…views=$$$

      • BusterH

        it took a lot of effort for him to bend it. but given that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are bigger but thinner, it’s not surprising they can be bent easier.

      • Chris Johnson

        And that somehow excuses it? If it’s bigger but thinner and bends, then it’s a design flaw. No matter who makes it.

      • Kawaii Gardiner

        “there is a youtube video of a guy using his bare hands to bend the crap out of the iphone 6+.”

        And he had to really put a lot of force into it.

        “this article is just giving excuses to a potentially real problem.”

        No, this article shows that this isn’t some horrific issue that just appeared – keep it in perspective.

      • Bionicman

        well thats why i said “potential real problem”. and btw he first took it out of his pockets without putting force to it and it was already bent. lets hope its just a few bad eggs and that most iphone 6+’s wont have this issue. heres the thing, the more popular the phone is, the more people are going to find things wrong with it.

    • mike

      Agreed, and these are likely people who had things in their pocket with the phone. My left front pocket is reserved strictly for only my iPhone and nothing else ever.

      • jibbies

        yeah, same to me except that I put my iPhone on the right pocket.

  • hh

    Nobending, or Nokia :)

  • Republican Jesus™

    This is a good attempt at changing the conversation but you can’t hide the from the truth: the iPhone 6 plus has an unusual propensity to become bent from everyday use. I’m sure the mythbusters could confirm this one…

    • BC2009

      Or you could read SquareTrade’s report on the durability of the device…..

      • Republican Jesus™

        That’s definitely good evidence for durability and all but doesn’t detract from this fiasco. I don’t see one thing in that squaretrade infographic about chassis resilience to torsion. Water resistance? Drop Resistance? Who cares… I have never ruined a phone with water and I always keep them in a rubberized case.The guy from Unbox Therapy (or whatever it’s called) bent a bunch of smartphones in a comparison video and was not physically strong enough to harm most phones, although the regular sized i6 did give way slightly. The i6+ bends if you look at it the wrong way. #dealwithit

  • Kelly

    Haha, Ive never had that problem with my smartphone; Ive dropped it, thrown it, accidentally ran over it, had it in my jeans, and dropped my textbook on it;the kickers, i dont use a case and its almost as thin as that piece of crap. (HTC one)

    P.S. No the iphone 6 does not run better none of them do, my phone runs my usual apps significantly faster and if i were to get any phone other than my current i would get the new galaxy

    • kelly

      and how do you sit on your phone wile its docked in the cupholder….

      • Michael Denney

        It was a joke I suspect – the part about being ‘docked’ in a cup holder. It was sitting in a cup holder and clearly somebody tried to sit near the cup holder resulting in the phone getting bent.


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and treat it like C(r)ap in my
    back pocket sitting on concrete walls, dropped it a few times with a minimal
    case and it’s still looks almost like new. These bending phones are flawed big
    time and Apple is going to have to issue a statement. Either a rigid case for
    all users for free or a refund if they’re not satisfied or comfortable owning
    the device.

    • Aannddyy

      I too have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and I treat it like crap too. Because it is crap.

      • AlexanderMaunu

        Why would you buy something you think is crap? I suspect you are in fact one of the morons who thinks apple is an innovative company that sells premium electronics. Apple is in fact a company that copies existing technology, usually in a cheaper fashion, calls it their own innovation, adds an inflated price tag, and people actually fall for it. The iphone6/6+ had nothing innovative about it. Everything in it can be found on other devices that already exists. So apple attempts to copy other phones, but fails to engineer it’s structure properly. And an apple website tries to convince unquestioning apple fanboy that the problem exists with other companies, when in fact it doesnt. And that is why thus came from an apple fan site and not apple itself. Maybe one day people will learn, although I sincerely doubt it.

      • Albert A. Windom

        Alexander claimed, “The iphone6/6+ had nothing innovative about it. Everything in it can be found on other devices that already exists.”

        Sure. For example, the 64-bit processor and system can be found on other smartphones.

        Oh, wait…

        Well, what about the swipe-free fingerprint ID sensor?


        Nice try, Alexander.

      • Guest

        and how is that innovation when your very extensive list of two specs are found on the 5S?

        What Alexander claimed is not wrong, as there is is nothing ground breaking about the new iphone except that they have larger screens. In which 99% of the smartphone market have had for years…


        Nice try, Albert.

      • Albert A. Windom

        Oh, you want more then? Okay, here you go:
        – 240 fps slow motion HD video
        – live phase-detection autofocus in video
        – real time video stabilization
        – true tone color correcting flash
        – built-in 43 megapixel panoramic shooting mode
        – built-in time lapse video
        – M8 low energy motion co-processor
        – worldwide all band cellular coverage
        – built-in multimodal video and audio calling (FaceTime)

        Let me know if you still want more…

        There is no other smartphone on the market with specs and features that can match those of the new iPhones.

      • illregal

        Other then the 240fps slow mo… Pretty much every phone released running android within the last 2 years has had every single one of those.

      • Albert A. Windom

        No, illregal, no Android-based phones have those features with the sole partial exception of the Galaxy S5 that has phase detection autofocus BUT NOT IN VIDEO MODE.

      • Scoop8000

        Hyperboles, hyperboles everywhere. There are so many people that seem fixated on phone specs and overlook what actually makes Apple the company it is today. Take a step back and you’ll realize that the device itself is just a front; what Apple actually is selling are the user experience, the ecosystem/platform, and .integration. You can release a new phone today with twice the specs, and at best they’ll pique the interest the more tech saavy folk (the type who looks up pixel counts in the first place), but Apple will still top the charts. It’s because, for better or for worse, they control so much of the user journey and distribution of their products and they don’t suffer from nearly the same degree of fragmentation that Android phones do today. When I see people laugh at the iPhone by comparing its specs to some current-year-minus-two device, I can’t help but chuckle, because releasing a top-spec phone was never their primary goal. All the media sites seem to only care about specs, too, failing to realize that Apple would be nothing without its ecosystem.

      • Republican Jesus™

        Something smells foul in the walled garden…

      • Running Rampage

        You must of just entered. Get out and the smell well follow you.

  • totallyAcRo

    No shit! Aluminum bends when enoughe force is applied? DIDN’T EXPECT THAT!!!

    • Alic

      What do you expect, Aladdin pop out of the metal?

      • Darth Sidious

        Blue smoke in the shape of Steve Jobs glaring would have been better…

  • Jason Duster

    guys help!
    my lg g flex is bending by itself!!!!!!

  • But… but… it’s Apple!

  • Rorison Meadows

    Damage control is strong with this one…

    • ADif_70

      Agreed 100%
      Big time excuses coming from the apple camp. Phone should be designed for every use. Clearly Some back peddling.

      • Michael Smith

        Some Android phones now come with a water resistant coating. Most people are not going to intentionally get their phones wet but its nice to know the manufacturers are thinking ahead to every day scenarios that might occur.
        Apple purposely designed a phone so thin that common sense will tell you is not structurally sound and shouldn’t be put in a situation where those lateral stresses could occur. (like a pocket)
        This is going to be bad for Apple.

  • Jose Erickson

    I would be very very angry and disappointed if I would buy this phone last Friday. I still have my Samsumg 5s so I will remain with my old one. It is sad; but after Steve Jobs, no one have a clue in Apple. Can you defend or justify this problem ?

    • DigitalBeach

      And what of the other brands of phones pictured that are bent? Is that somehow Apple’s problem/fault too?

      • AlexanderMaunu

        The other phones are an attempt by the author to play this off as a common issue instead of an apple issue, however this isn’t an industry problem, it is an apple problem. Maybe one day people will realize apple isn’t a premium brand and they are responsible for zero innovation. Adding a price tag to another companies product doesn’t make it premium!

      • Somedude

        Damn right brother! You know it! Apple is fucking stupid as fuck. They only do 2 things well: stealing other people’s ideas and innovations, and working the court/patent system to make it look like they made it so they can profit. Stupid cock suckers. Steve jobs is a fucking faggot retard also. Their whole piece of shit malware os is all stolen code from linux and bsd and foss.

      • DigitalBeach

        HAHAHAHAHA So the author bent those phones? The author is planting false evidence?

      • Bionicman

        its like when Jobs had that presentation to make excuses for why the original iphone 4 had antenna issues (antennagate). every phone has issues when you grab it a certain way. your holding it wrong! :P

      • Running Rampage

        Ya, SJ shouldn’t have said anything about it. It was a non issue fixed with a software update!! I’ve been using my iPhone 4 and being left handed which supposedly made the problem worse, my phone worked great which is why I’ve used it now for 4+ years, now just finally replacing with a iPhone 6. I used that free bumper for a couple days and then tossed it. The only thing ever on it after that was a custom sticker on the back.

    • Running Rampage

      Wait, Samscum makes 5s also? Here I though the that was a iPhone, unless you’re talking about the crap Galaxy S5.

  • rgee

    800$’s of bendy fun! iphone 6. Just tried bending my galaxy, nope

    • Jose Erickson

      That’s exactly my point. You are suppose to get something of some decent quality for that amount of money, right ?. Regardless of the bad practice of wear a phone in a pocket, you can’t bend a Samsumg Note so easy, just saying…

      • BC2009

        Like you really tried to apply that much pressure to a $800 Galaxy Note like the guy in the video.

        Read this report from SquareTrade on how strong the new iPhones are….

      • JoonHoKim

        They don’t test the bendability of a phone. Case closed.

        Oh and check this:

      • Marcus Ray

        I have an HTC One M8 and it doesn’t bend at all. I keep it in my front pocket all the time. Maybe it’s the weight of the new iPhone or the thinness that’s causing the issue?

      • My HTC One M7 never bent either. And my current LG G3 with metal trimming hasn’t bent YET at least, but I just got this last week. Other have had it much longer but still no warping as far as I’m reading. Oh well. Recalls expected

    • BC2009

      You didn’t try bending your Galaxy… You would be afraid to try like this guy did and you know it. Nobody would bend their $800 device to prove a point. Get real.

      • ♜Donzzy™

        But somebody did try to bend a Note 3.

      • Guest

        and did it bend? no.

      • willsrx

        The same guy who bent his iPhone 6 on YouTube tried it with a Note 3 with no noticeable damage.

  • rascal

    It’s a 4.5

  • Vinny Wang

    Well how is this surprising news? ANY Phone will bend, WTF were people expecting? An indestructible phone? BTW I never seen a bent phone or even heard of one til about now. What the hell were those phone owners doing anyways? Greco-Roman wrestling with their cellphones in their pockets? Maybe try losing some weight, so your damn pockets will be big enough for your phones. There is even an app on the new iPhone 6/6 plus that will help you keep track of your physical activity levels. How about starting with that?

    • bendoverapple

      The reason you havent heard it is because this is an inherent problem of the 6plus owners are now just finding out with daily use and of no extra abuse what so ever. Im sure Apple will replace all of them otherwise this will be a P.R. nightmare. I expect Samsung to release another commercial to gloat about its virtues.

  • Nona

    How does one even bend a smart phone? I can understand dropping it, but what would it take to bend it? If it’s bending just from being in your pocket … well, I won’t go there. The obesity epidemic in America is for another article …

    • JoonHoKim

      The guy in the first video of iPhone bending that went viral doesn’t seem obese at all.

      • Nona

        … This is the awkward moment when you realize you’re the only person in the room who didn’t get the joke.

  • Squidhead

    If you sit on a phone it will bend????!!!!!

    • WTH

      I sit on my Note 2 most of the time, I have it in my back pocket. My front pockets are always filled with keys and cash. It has been almost 2 years and it has not bent yet =)

  • Photoguy

    What. A. Piece. Of. Junk.

  • Adam Reber

    I agree, never seen a bent phone before today. Now apparently it is a thing.

  • Alic

    Funny, you want thinner, bigger, and lighter phones; and when you get them, you whined about their poor sturdiness. Go buy an old Nokia, it won’t bent even if you drive your car over it. What do you want? A phone made of titanium case?

    • Michael Denney

      I know I don’t *want* a thinner phone. It seems to be review sites touting how this model is 0.0X mm thinner than the last model that pushes that sort of thing. Personally I want something with iOS that’s durable enough for /normal/ day-to-day use. I.e. it should not bend in a front pocket barring outside forces.

      I know I’ve knocked my phone into things while in my pocket and leaned on it before without issue but then again maybe it did warp a tiny bit and I didn’t notice.

      • Alic

        People should also notice how hard and stiff jeans are …. they were working pants. I don’t get how so many people like jeans, they are pure torture to me. It doesn’t make people look nicer either.

      • Feenix2k

        Luckily there’s a solution for those that don’t mind a thicker phone. A case for the iPhone will remedy this problem.

      • Running Rampage

        Because the phones are so THIN, a case won’t make it all bulky!!! It’ll be like a normal size phone.

  • Never put any phone in your back pocket. I had a 5 in my jeans pocket while sitting on a wood stool jamming with some musicians. After the jam, my screen had popped off half a centimeter; and still can’t be pushed back

  • yo dude

    you know what’s NOT bending? Nokia phones. Sturdy as hell.

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      Thats because they are made out of plastic…

  • TeeJay1100

    And Apple wants $1000 for this rubber band!! Yeah right..

  • JusTech

    The iphone bends just like every other phone. This is only news to people who actually believed the apple hype. ;)

  • BC2009

    Funny that SquareTrade did actual scientific testing and said these are the most durable iPhones ever…..

    Thank you Cult-of-Mac for this article. The search to find the critical flaw in each new iPhone release is getting really really desperate.

    • Running Rampage

      It’s killing Samscums sales. Something had to be done. I don’t see this working at all. What Apple person wants to buy any Samscum phone when all their commercials do is attack Apple and it’s owners.

      Fandroids are sure experts when it comes to minor or major Apple issues, even though not one of them have actually experienced the issue at hand personally. It’s just fandroids repeating what other fandroids said over and over again. Really, the same old crap.

  • Surge

    I love how the S4 is the only picture that doesn’t show the actual bend of the phone….anyway easy fix for everyone buy a case

  • rick

    Have a friend who bent his new iPhone 6 in his pocket of a suit at work. 3 days. I have owned s2, s4, s5 never bent any of them in a front pocket for 2 years. So……

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      Thats because they aren’t metal phones, seriously this isn’t hard to understand…

      • Darth Sidious

        I don’t care what brand…Low grade, thin, non heat treated aluminum is not the right material for a thin, lightweight phone.

        I have an old Ericsson T28 in a drawer somewhere that had a polycarbonate housing sandwiched to a thick, cast magnesium frame. That thing was bomb proof.

      • TheSony/AppleFanatic

        The only problem here is that the 6/6+ are WAY too thin for their own good, and there is no curve to add integrity, HTC has the better design, it feels better and is stronger.

    • Running Rampage

      Really? So Metal now just magically bends in a shirt pocket. How exactly does that work? Talking about making up a load of crap. At least make up your lies somewhat believable.

  • t0ked

    I’ve never seen a bent android phone. I’ve seen tons of bent iphones, though. The risks of using really thin aluminum. The HTC one had a gentle curve to its back which gives it some more strength.

    • TheSony/AppleFanatic

      The M7 had plastic sides, therefore it bends like a plastic phone, not a metal phone.

  • twicetheprice

    This article just screams damage control for Apple. Coming from a Mac site, I would expect nothing less.

  • Bradley miller

    Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test (iPhone 6 Plus Follow-up):

  • Travis Fisk

    How exactly does the very top of a smartphone bend? It looks like this apple guy
    was just trying to reach and find a cracked Samsung Galaxy phone and say it was
    the result of bending. There’s a reason why Samsung has continued to use reinforced polymer despite the criticism that it lacks the high-end feel of a metal case.

    You know what else is made with plastic? High-end bicycle components.

    • JoonHoKim

      Fighter jet cockpit canopy, might I add. F22 Raptor canopy is made of polycarbonate. =)

  • DizzleMcShizzle

    Then apparently it’s just one more thing Apple copied from Samsung and HTC. Shocking indeed.

  • kaijne

    I have yet to see a bent HTC One M7 or M8.


  • The Legendary

    thats why i’m using Nokia

  • Daenerys Longbottom

    If Apple knew about the iPhone5 bending flaw, why did they make the iPhone6 out of that same aluminum except BIGGER & THINNER?

  • Nabeel

    I used to work for Apple at one of their retail stores. Very rarely would iPhone 4’s or 4s’ come in bent. They were pretty strong, although it did happen.

    When the iPhone 5 came out, the numbers went through the roof. It went from a “Holy crap guess what I saw!” to “oh, it happened to you too eh?” even between employees in the store. The iPhone 5s was no different, and honestly, I’m not surprised now with the 6 and 6+. It’s the same aluminium, but there is less of it because it’s so much thinner. I’m surprised anyone expected any different.

    They went from steel frames (remember when all iPhones had steel frames? 1st gen 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S), to aluminum, to even less aluminum.

    Again, what would you expect? That’s why I’m still on my 4S. Build quality has been sacrificed.

  • Somedude

    Lmao this whole article is full of almost every logical fallacy known. Here’s Apple’s logic: “durr our user-base is so stupid we’ll just pass crowds attention off to non-existent bending problems of other handset manufacturers so we don’t take a financial hit from out customers due to our completely shit product.”

    Seriously Apple? Your company fucking sucks dicks.

    I have had an internationally unlocked 4.5g capable LG with a 4.5″ HD Gorila Glass screen 1.4GHz Dual core cpu and 1GB DDR with 500MHz GPU manufactured and hand assembled in Korea for the last 1 and half years now. Guess how much I paid for it? $100 bitch. Then I unlocked the bootloader and installed CyanogenMod 11 on it with Ubuntu touch dual boot.

    My phone gets the best security and newest features out there. Whats funny is this thing is higher quality and for far less money and it will continue to be so for at least the next 3 years. All for $100. My mobile is far superior and my extended battery gives me over 36 hours of continuous use. Its also waterproof and nearly unbreakable with the bad ass USA made polycarbon case.

    I feel so sorry for all you apple fucktards getting sucked into apples bullshit and shitty products.

    Fuckin retards

    • Albert A. Windom

      You’re hired, Nabeel!

      • Somedude

        Lol are you talking about this?

        I assure you I am whiter than you and I probably make more money in a week than you do in a year.

        Go back to playing with your pos malware iphone you poor nigger. After all everyone has one they must be good right! Lmao

  • ghp2006

    I suggest they shove it up their @$% so when it comes out it’s shaped like a sausage!

  • Jeremy

    I am shocked that the website ‘Cult of Mac’ is vehemently trying to defend the Iphone 6’s pathetic structural design with a wonderfully crafted straw man.

    • Guest

      exactly.. just because their precious, and overly priced iToy has obvious build quality issues, Cult of Mac tries to brush it off by stating “other phones have had the same issues too”. Its ok Apple fans – we all make mistakes now and then.

    • james smith

      It must suck to be a Samsung and android fan boy after reading this article

  • Vince Moretto

    What’s really awkward is that you said the S4 is metal… but it’s not. It’s all plastic. Much like the S5. Soooo…….

  • Neo

    Try bending a Nokia, your arms will break.

  • james smith

    The problem seems be with the battery overheating causing structural fatigue when the battery heats up the aluminum body softens and prone to be easily bent.

  • John

    Lol, blame others to cover your own faults :) That is what Russia (Putin) is doing, just to remind you…

  • david c

    So all phones can bend imagin that. There not indistructable but saying how apple are such a big deal and launched these phones under such fanfear then this is a bad problem arising so early on. But I am sure it will be sorted out probably not as easy a fix as giving free bumpers away or telling you your holding it wrong but it will get sorted just hang in there 6+ owners.

  • magnus78

    Solution: buy the new iPants with bigger pockets! It’s just $599!

  • Tauqeer Fatima

    samsung is the best

  • J

    this is preposterous! you’re not really supposed to put your phone or any electronic device in your back pocket… right? maybe i’m doing it wrong… you know why you don’t put an open knife in your back pocket? you guessed it right. so why in god’s name would you think of doing that with your phone whatever brand it might be? it will obviously break. it’s not bullet proof as well you know. it’s a gadget. you know what will not bend? a concrete slab in the shape of an iphone in your back pocket.
    this bendgate is a nogate. and for people who are complaining about this, they should consider upgrading to a Nophone.

  • gxy1028

    I’m waiting for NOKIA 1110.

  • Manvin

    This is just silly to bend over iPhone just for fun? i have been using iPhone 5 along with Slim Armor case – i don’t have any issue even i drop so many times.

    why should i worry over small issue if the person bend it purposely

  • hoosieratarian

    Are you seriously trying to compare these various iPhones with a blackberry and an oppo(whatever that is) . When you pay 2-3 times more for an iPhone I would hope it would be in a different category than this. Specifically the category of phones that don’t bend. Apple was once my favorite brand but over the past 2 years has been on a downward slide. I guess the iphone6 is just more downhill.

  • Rob

    Who the hell cares what iPhone version it is? Just don’t put your phone in your back pocket and sit on it.. If you do dumb stuff you should expect dumb stuff…

  • Steinar Dyrhaug

    Will it bend?

  • Clamdigger63

    Buy a Lumia. Problem solved

  • JAKE

    for a majority of these, it seems as though the solution would be “STOP SITTING ON YOUR PHONE!”

  • Bring it Apologists

    There’s something to be said about Apple Apologists. It’s like trying to rationalize with an Obama voter. Accept the failure and move on… in shame.

  • sosarozay300

    android fagboys have come out of their caves and theyre now trolling every iphone 6+ bending comment section when the iphone 5 and 5s bent too. they dont bend unless you try to bend them and the fag in the video bent it on its weakest point aka the button cut outs, i personally think apple should have used stronger metal and made the phones thick enough to fit the camera lens in, doing that they would have more space for a bigger battery and other things

  • jrb

    No sign of a Nokia… it must be hard to bend a brick.

  • Why don’t they just turn this into a marketing moment and say that each phone is melded into perfect ergonomic shape by its owner?

  • nuffsaid

    htc evo ftw!!!!!

  • Brian Staruk

    Apple: dumb devices for dumb people.

  • Guest

    I’m well into my fifth year of using my iPhone 3GS (the only smartphone I’ve ever owned) and it’s still going strong. It even looks new. I take care of my belongings, and I keep it in a decent case. I recently treated it to a new case and screen protector, a few months back. Got an OtterBox Commuter off of eBay, and when I took it out of the old case and screen protector and cleaned it with an alcohol wipe, it looked brand new still.

    It isn’t blazing fast, or spiffy new but it works for me.

  • USC Student

    Put a damn case on your phone and it will never happen.

  • Jim Smith

    but but but….only apple phones bend. bendgate. apple sucks. apple releases crappy stuff.

    • Anothermuse

      No, no and no..Apple has very good products. But Apple has also, with the help of it’s customers, and what can be viewed as arrogance, created a brand that in their own paraphrased words doesn’t release products until they are completely baked, and they don’t make critical design errors.

      If you spend your corporate life mocking and deriding your competitors, then you will get the most severe backlash when you stumble.

      That’s really all there is to it. There may well be no real issue here. It’s possible we are seeing a bad run. I’m not an engineer, but when the issue is brought up, the size, thinness and the the fact that there is not curve to the back or angles on the sides does seem to look like this is a design that could be prone to fail as we are seeing.

      And, I could be totally wrong. But I’m going to wait a day or two before ordering one for my wife.

  • scott_lewis

    The shape of the Evo actually seems very ergonomic when bent. It would fit nicely in a pocket and cradle nicely when using it as a phone.

  • Wayne Granzin

    and this is why i always have been and will continue to be a fan of belt clips.

  • carbonated_turtle

    I’d just like to point out what site we’re all on right now. Could we really expect an unbiased article from someone who admits they’re a mindless fanboy?

  • J.M.

    You don’t see Nokia on any faulty list ever eh? Nokia FTW!!!! <3

  • Alex
  • dare22

    can you try lumia 925?

  • David Saenz

    Stop it, there is not denying it, the phone has a design problem, its should be put out of market and replace with a better designed product. The phone does not bend under tremendous pressure, if you can bend it just with you hand, there is a problem with it, i have a 5s and tried to bend it applying all the strength my hand has, and it didn’t bend We all love Apple, part of the love to be able to scold them when they do something wrong

  • James RePass

    The problem is here, is the location. Any phone will bend if kept in the rear pocket enough, no matter material or rigidity. A lot of the reports about the 6, however, are coming from people keeping them in their FRONT pockets, that’s absurd.

  • Justin_MyComments

    Funny how the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the only photo that had to be cropped to show the so called “bent screen” (which i can still hardly notice) whereas all the other models have full length photos showing the whole device in a state. I wonder why that is?
    But that’s probably none of my business. *sips tea*

  • Rachael Warlond

    Regardless, phones by any manufacturer are getting too big. They are more difficult to hold and then there is this bending problem caused by people who don’t realise they own a delicate device. Honestly, a 4 inch screened smartphone is about the biggest they should be for comfortable holding in one’s hand.

  • Patchy

    Why the hell would anyone put their phone in their back pocket and then proceed to sit down without taking it out of their pocket?

  • Stevechang64

    I don’t see the HTC One here. To me that Unibody phone seems the most sold and well built

  • Evan Freach

    Don’t wear basketball shorts or anything that will make the phone slide to your ass, simple as that for your simple ass and people have to stop getting so addicted to there phone where they have it 24/7 by their side, I would bend to if someone who didn’t work out sat on me.

  • CitizenjaQ

    I kind of love that only iPhones are described as having “suddenly bent themselves”. They really are amazing.

  • MGeneral

    Hey, comaring a BRAND NEW SUPPOSEDLY REVOLUTIONARY phone to phones that are years old doesn’t change the fact that people are paying a premium for crap quality iPhones. Would you like to pay 70K for a new corvette only to have the tires fly off when you turn hard? “oh nissan sentras ALSO lose their tires at 70MPH around a curve!” It’s supposed to be worth the 800 bucks and not bend in your pocket? where else do they expect you to put your phone? in your armpit?

    • huskerbear

      I have never put a phone in my pocket, always have used a belt loop case. Makes more sense to me.

      • MGeneral

        Hmm maybe I should have added this to my rant: What’s the point of making a phone the thinnest and lightest if you can’t put it in your pocket for fear of breaking it?

      • Albert A. Windom

        You’re right, MGeneral. Apple should weld an I-beam to that thing to stiffen it up.

      • MGeneral

        you mean iBeam ;-)

      • jmilll

        If you have an iphone without a case you are asking for trouble.

  • csatalosjenci
  • Leonard Cooray

    Oh please, such kind of damage can easily be countered.
    1. Refrain from using extremely tight pants. Larger pants can put a lot less pressure on the object in question, and (subjective opinion) I find them to be much more comfortable and flexible.
    2. If a change of pants is out of the question, then external pockets can be of great use. I myself, for an example, use my ammo pouch all the time to carry my smartphone and keys.

  • george

    it’s so obvious that you are tryin to say “it’s ok, people, all phones are bending”. which is a f**** lie. what you are doing here is best defined by a word: “manipulation”. It should be absolutely unacceptable for a phone to bend by simple pressing it.

    • Albert A. Windom

      Yes, it’s a lie except those other phones really did get bent.

      So I guess it’s not a lie.

  • GamerFrom78

    Here’s a clue fanboys. Galaxy S4 pictured: One isolated incident. Sony Xperia Z1: Damaged while sat on in rear pocket. Lumia 925: Screen is smashed. Obviously not just a random pocket accident. Blackberry: Well, that’s what you get for buying a Blackberry. LOL. HTC Evo: Really? This think was obviously put under a ton of stress to destroy it that way. Oppo: “According to one owner.” Yeah, that says it all.

    There is no doubt that under stress, any item can break, especially a phone. But the fact that within a few days time, many users are reporting this. It’s not an isolated incident. It’s not from flat-out abuse. These are iPhone 6 and 6+ owners, many of whom have upgraded from past iPhone’s that obviously didn’t have issue with their past devices. The new iPhones use a cheap grade of Aluminum. They are designed too thin and the area around the volume rocker is obviously a weak point.

  • a67543210

    I`m sure all the other phones had a one off situation and would not bend under minimal pressure as the iPhone 6 is, at the moment. Don`t try to leverage the situation using one offs.

  • a67543210

    Here is a samsung being bent by force:

  • UMac40

    Shit breaks when you bend it? NO WAY?! Android users are so fucking obsessed with everything Apple does they’re grasping at straws. If you don’t like them, don’t buy one. I don’t understand why they care what the iPhone does??

    • othesick

      its not the fact that ”omg it bends” its because apple fans are complaining about it when they havnt been very rough on their phones. i agree android fan boys love to shit all over anything even remotely bad about any apple product and this is no exception. watch marqus brownlees explanation

  • Testing with a “dummy phablet,” I can’t seem to create any significant forces in my front pockets when I try.

    Back pockets are another story! Here’s a useful quick tip to help identify a front pocket from a back pocket: your knees point TOWARD the front, but AWAY from the back.*

    * This method is unreliable for non-primates.

  • You people are stark raving mad paying 700-800 euros/dollars for this shite, mad i tell you.

  • ChrisM40

    Nice apologist piece. The difference is the 6+ bends like a butter stick in the sun. As the iFixit teardown proves, there is no structural strengthening in it at all, its just a thin metal backing and the screen, thats it.

    The HTC One doesnt bend at all, its a better made phone and costs 35% less.

  • othesick

    i was linked to this article by the way. im an android user but im far from a fanboy. this website is called ”cultofmac” i was expecting the most biased, android hatting article of all time and this is far from it. bravo for not being a stupid fanboy ”buster hein.” ive never heard of a phone bending before the iphone 6 plus but i think the reason its getting so much attention now is because they do it in such a short space of time. marqus brownlee did a good explanation of it and i agree with him. if apple made it slightly thicker it could make it more durable and even put a bigger battery in it and not have that ugly (in my opinion) protruding camera

  • Larry Smith

    The people with the bent phones must be lacking a functioning brain. Anything that thin and light is begging to be bent. I guess now that you must engineer out personal responsibility and stupidity.

  • Josh Leger
  • warex3d

    Where is the Note 3?

  • Right Wired

    Here’s the repair kit:

  • johncros

    The cause is obvious, it’s simple. If you have 2 completely flat surfaces separated by a thin Aluminium or plastic frame no degrees of internal bracing can combat a reasonable degree of force to cause it to bend. The answer is to introduce a curve to one surface, this massively strengthens the entire frame (it’s the reason why front wheel drive cars still have a transmission tunnel in the chassis). Having owned 2 HTC one phones and having absolutely no issues I can attest to this fact.

    • ChrisM40

      Other phones are a magnesium alloy strengthening ‘chassis’. The 6+ has nothing at all.

      Sure other phones will bend, but bending the 6+ is very easy. After this news today i heard some student were going to go into an Apple store and bend the demo units. I went in a few hours later, they were bent..

  • CarlosC3030

    Showing phones bending in the back pocket is unnaceptable for the phones to do, but to have an HTC 4G EVO LTE in the list after someone sat on it while in a cup holder is unnaceptable. That move will bend practically anything short of a structurally thick or reinforced object. Posting that HTC picture after someone slammed their big heavy bottom sharply thrown on the phone was silly!

  • Andrew

    Is not waterproof :)

  • Walt French

    Hmmm… you try to bend it, and it bends.
    What exactly is the “problem”? Works exactly as you apparently expected.

  • mwrk

    How very sad this article is. Trying to pretend those one offs are the same as this. The whole internet is laughing at tour desperate spin

  • Fabricated media stunt to generate clicks and drive down AAPL price….

  • Lee Rock

    i had s4 and s5 i never had this issue

  • DrewHalloran

    HTC One M7 or M8?

  • the sophomore

    Thank you everyone, this entire argument made me laugh and my day is made.

  • NoMoneyNoProblemz

    Just get a case. If an extra 1/4″ of material is intolerable, you have other issues to address.

  • NoMoneyNoProblemz

    Also, I think a pic of the owner should be included. At east the body. I’m sure someone’s mass, girth, weight come into play.

  • Nathillien

    It is one thing to have a picture of a bent phone (not knowing how it was bent or how easy it was it to bend) and very much another thing when you see it in a video.
    And the video shows just how easy it is to bend it just with bare fingers.

  • Triniti Coclough

    The iPhone 4 and 4s is made of metal and glass! From the side you will notice the ice creme sandwich look of the iPhone 4/4s. The Metal is in between the top and bottom glass! The iPhone 5 is not backed with glass totally as the 4/4s

  • Tom

    Ummm the galaxy s4 and s5 are not metal friendly, there both plastic! with shiny plastic looking metal. This review is a crock!

  • Hammerchucker

    I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for several years now, routinely putting it in my back pocket and sitting on it and never had this issue. I’m getting the impression that that the iPhone 6 is bending relatively easy.

  • Malc

    Common sense says the iphone 6 family is too thin for its own good especially considering its made of aluminium. Not a unique problem but certainly one of the most severe, if not the worse.

  • Justin

    Simple solution people….don’t where so freaking tight of pants.

    • Scott

      The only istance I’ve read a detailed account of was a gentleman wearing dress slacks. I’m given to suspect it could very well be the looseness of slacks that allowed the phone to slide to the side and work it’s way underneath the mans legs and/or backside. I could see the angle of the phone coming between the body and a bucket seat creating forces exceeding for what engineers had designed for. I the phones are bending from pressure from the fabric of pants pockets, clearly it’s a design or build problem. I’m very much interested in details on the 6 plus bending to see if it is durable enough to suit my needs. My initial suspicion is that if it is handled with reasonable care that it shouldn’t bend. I do think this whole thing is a misjudgement of the durrability by a few users given the ammount of abuse the 4 and 4s could endure. Ultimaely I suspect Apple will replace bent units briefly then apply a warning sticker and move on. If you are going to rough handle the device you likely need to use a protective case. Again it’s hard to access exactly how serious the issue is based on what data we have so we shouldn’t rush to judgement.

  • Ivan
  • steg

    The whole point is that android debugged this issue a long time ago and is laughing at Apple who’s just now having that same issue. You think they would’ve learned from the bending of other phones

  • gabriel gon

    That`s not actually true. Unbox Therapy made new videos doing the same test on other phones and the only one which really bent with his bear hands was the 6 plus. Every other phone including the iPhone 6 and HTC M8 (also full aluminum) were much more resistant. The smaller form factor plays a big role here. The note 3 did bend, but came back unharmed while the 6 plus cracked when trying to retrieve its original form. It`s proven that they made a mistake this time.

  • sidyahoo

    Despite the widespread publicity of the iPhone 6 Plus’ bend issue, it’s certainly not the only phone with this issue. As manufacturers try to make phones thinner and lighter, particularly as their surface area gets bigger, there’s more of a risk that the thinner materials could bend if not handled correctly.

    In a “bend test” (who would actually do this to their phone?), a YouTube user found that, under pressure, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will bend too, and the glass eventually shatters.

    The truth is, as ubiquitous as smartphones are in our lives now, they’re still expensive pieces of technology, and still need to be treated with a certain degree of care. To prevent your phone from bending from everyday activities, there are a couple of things you can do:

    Take your phone out of your pocket while driving, or sitting for extended periods of time.

    Get a case that helps the phone maintain its rigidity. Basically any case should help.

    Don’t put undue physical stress on your phone. Like bending it to see if yours, too, will bend. It probably will.

  • bernie_villorente

    Hmmm…. why Samsung Note 3 wasn’t included is fishy. Well, probably because Note 3 kicks Iphone 6’s behind. Here, watch:

  • jameskatt

    Lesson: do not sit on your smartphone. Period. Imagine a 300 pound man sitting on his glass-faced smartphone stored in his back pocket. Doesn’t common sense tell you either the phone will be bent or the screen broken???

  • Robert

    You need to state your information correctly. The iphone 6 “PLUS” is the one that can easily bend under pressure. The iphone 6 actually doesn’t bend as easily. The footage at the top of the page was a test done with the iphone 6 plus. The video can easily be found on youtube as well as a video test with several other current phones by the same tester. Iphone 5s was also tested and had little to no bend. Seriously? What are people doing with their phones that get them in this condition? This is why I always use a phone cover. :/

  • androsje

    And here I was, a very proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 925.

  • applesux

    Crapple products ….. wants you to believe with this article … “every phone has this problem” so please dont stop buying our crap …. been done with the idiot phone for 2 years and will never buy another POS iphone … and for the record ..
    My galaxy S4 does not bend …. suckers

  • MEnonymous

    Well thats metal for ya’! ;-)

  • Praveendra Firanze Auditore

    i did parkour with my s4. i played football and cricket with my s4 .. i have slept on my s4 . i have sat on my s4………. it ….. sigh .. never bent :/

  • Thanks for this. Saves me the trouble of doing all the searches myself.

  • Dave B

    Now the good news, The new watch will not bend it may even stop a bullet.

  • CapnObvious

    Maybe this will finally end the era of metal phones being considered ‘premium’.

  • Sanjiv Ramdeo
  • Christopher Boyer

    I had a 4s for 2 years and kept it in my front pocket and it never bent even a millimeter.

  • dcj001

    “The bending problem has been reported by a number of iPhone 6 owners who pocketed their big iPhone 6 only to retrieve it later with a significant curve in the frame.”

    The iPhone 6 does not bend. The iPhone 6 Plus, however, does bend, if significant pressure is applied. There is a big difference between the two.

  • Ruben Myrhagen

    here is what you do. buy a cat b15 ( catterpillar for short) it is like the brand name where they make tractors and such. but also mobile phones! those things can be run over by a buldozer and still work perfectly fine without a scratch on it! it can survive 30-60 min (i think) under water within 1 meters debth. you can throw it and use an axe on it and the only thing that will be damaged is the thing it sits on! this is a phone for men!!! basically this is a tractor in phone form!

  • Patrick Kunzi

    Moral of the story; don’t be a dumb ass! Phone’s are more expensive than desktop PC’s. Either purchase a good case or just don’t sit on it!

  • Someone with a functioning bra

    I quote your statement : “The HTC EVO 4G LTE is particularly susceptible to bending and breaking if you sit on it while docked in a cup holder.”

    You are a dumbfuck. Who in the world would sit on their phone while it’s in the cup holder?

  • John Waite

    So what this article is really saying is that apple knew the problem existed and did nothing to fix it. Enjoy your bent iPhone, suckers.

  • Sal Lucido

    That’s why I keep my phone in a rigid hard case and never stick it in my pocket….DUH

  • dhinged

    Another good reason why I don’t put my phone in my pocket (I use a belt holster).

    If Steve Jobs were alive today he’d say you’re using it wrong.

    The phones need to be made out of a material that allows bending but reconstitutes.

  • John James

    But not Samsung Note 4

  • Yayson Yay

    Not the HTC One M8 Master-race …….

  • pexium

    Hopefully some of the raging Samsung fanboys will see this and will realize that bending is a problem with badly-reinforced and/or metal phones, not just the iPhone 6 (plus).

  • Hodor

    The Nokia 3310 bends you…

  • Barry Lares

    Notice that none of these phones had a solid phone case. Solution: GET A STRONG PHONE CASE.

  • Andrew MG

    meh , people are just trying to defame apple

  • Yasin

    What are you doing?????
    These phones made like that ,to gotten them in out paket be easily and ….
    We must use them for our commucation and play and so on.
    We don’t use them for football.

    • maclaren

      Must protect them ownself.

  • Dave

    Aside from not actually trying to bend your phone, getting a good case for it should help keep it in shape. This site are even giving away free ones:

  • Samir Mehta

    All the above phones cant be bent as easily with the hands as the iphone 6+ does, it also tends to bend in the front pocket.

  • Abbas BAKER

    The problem with iPhone 6 is that it gets bent in your pocket while you’re going about your everyday activities, without intentionally applying any force. The phones above were intentionally bent. And that further proves that the iPhone 6 is flimsier than the others.

  • namely

    Nice try! The article…was worth the money?

  • tz

    That does it!
    Since I like to deliberately physically abuse my cell phone on a daily basis, there is no way I would consider buying an iPhone. Apple needs to have chimpanzees product test their new devices. Maybe then they will finally come out with something that is not a piece of crap.


  • Christopher Boyer

    I saw a guy on YouTube grab an iPhone 5S and he tried to bend it but it wouldn’t bend. I believe the 6 Plus bends and the 6 a lil bit but the 5S and below I don’t believe. I think they used some mechanical means to bend the 4S and the 5 and 5S.

  • Guru

    This is the worst article I’ve seen on the subject. Having owned and operated a cellphone service center for more than four years I can identify cause of damage and the kind of force typically taken to cause the damage that walks through our door everyday. I’ve seen devices appear like the ones in photos above multiple times over the years but not like the iPhone 6 Plus. I can say with a degree of certainty that I would be comfortable testifying in a court of law that the force taken to bend each of those devices featured in your photos was far greater than the force it takes to bend a 6 Plus. Even the iPhone 5 was not prone to bending in a pocket to this degree under normal day to day circumstances but rather required more force such as lifting a heavy object that is balanced on your legs (and as such the device). If fact usually when we see them bent that badly they were thrown, slammed in car doors by accident, or ran over. Even sitting on these phones has not caused damage like those shown in the photos except for on rare occasion and most that we have had come in over the years there was minimal warping and the glass was cracked but the devices still held their general shape. Furthermore I have personally owned and carried all of these phones except for the Sony Xperia and the Lumia 925, generally these devices were carried in my front pocket on a regular basis over a period of time and never had any of those issues. Your photo of the iPhone 5 and Evo 4G LTE make it obvous that you did not thouroughly research the topic but that you actually scoured the internet for photos of bent phones to make your point regardless of the cause of the damage. In fact I took some time to check out the phantom evo bending issue myself and found only one case, the same one you shared a photo of from more than 2 years ago… Where are all the others who experienced this widespread issue? It’s the same with all the other models you feature, the problems just didn’t exist in this way and we are talking about devices that have been in the hands of consumers for more than a year versus the 6 plus that has been in the hands of consumers for only one week. The biggest dissappointment in your fabricated story is the very .gif you have at the top of your post. The same guy (who is an avid Apple fan) that made that video also did one with the Galaxy S4 applying even more preassure and he could not damage it at all via the same method he used to bend the pants off his iPhone 6 Plus. It’s just b.s. to fabricate a story, all you have to do is share information fairly and unbiased but you are trying to cover for Apple making it seem like all these other phones had problems too and poor Apple is just being picked on with this phone. The truth is they had an engineering over-site, the device is too week because of the button design and lack of curviture on the back and it bends far too easy.

  • Dave

    The worst part of all of this is them using Aluminum period.Untreated Aluminum corrodes extremely quickly when combined with other metals. Your phone is going to unexpectedly stop working one day as a result of corrosion on the mother board.

  • Deadpool – Bullet Club

    The HTC Evo pic is after some guy sat on it. Unfair comparisons through this article IMO.

  • mhikl

    These are fragile electronics. In a toss away society, even expensive luxuries gainer much respect. Sad. But thems the times.

  • echomega

    LMAO “its a 4, its a 5, its a 4 its a 5” this comment thread is why apple “people” are annoying… Android for the win.. :D

  • Chip616

    So, will the computer press now, finally, stop whining about the ‘premium feel’ of aluminium? PLEASE!

  • BlackWing88

    difference the 6 is bent 1/3 get bent and all the other ones are like 1/10000

  • WriterBry

    Geez guys, just get an Android. They’re way cheaper, and the screen doesn’t shatter after two months (and that’s without a fancy case that costs extra).

  • fox

    Comparing to the old versions of phones to a iphone 6 does not make it look good lol

  • Kidel

    iPhone 6 is just very easy to bend if you apply force on the weak joint and not on the battery. All phones bend, but not so easily.