AT&T will get iPhone 6 in your hand earlier than expected



Apple fans hoping to skip the iPhone 6 line on launch day were shocked to see preorder times plummet within the first hours of what Apple dubbed a record breaking weekend of preorder sales. Many started with shipping estimates of 7-10 days or worse for the iPhone 6 Plus, but if you ordered through AT&T, your shipping times may have just improved.

AT&T sales reps say the company has moved up shipment times on some orders by pulling stock from different regions that would normally be sold in-store.

As a result of the adjustment, some preorders are now shipping in time for arrival on September 19th.

One tipster informed Cult of Mac that their iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB “originally showed a ship date from AT&T for 14-21 days. It is now showing arrival on the 19th.” Another Cult of Mac staffer’s shipping estimate dropped 10-15 days, after originally being slated for late-October delivery.

We’ve reached out to AT&T to check if shipping estimates will continue to decrease over the next few days, but in the meantime you can quickly check if your iPhone’s shipping status has changed with this UPS tip.

Thanks: Brandon!