Mayo Clinic will aid Apple’s mobile health drive at today’s media event


New IBM cloud has the potential to take Health data to the next level. Photo: Apple
Apple will have a major healthcare partner on hand at today's special event.

The Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic is set to be at Apple’s special media event this morning to help demonstrate the benefit of Apple’s Health app to medical professionals, according to the Star Tribune.

Mayo Clinic is one of the best-known names in U.S. healthcare and partnering with Apple will benefit both organizations: Apple with legitimacy for its new mobile health push, and Mayo Clinic in terms of using technology to better provide health and fitness tracking for patients.

As per the Star Tribune, Mayo Clinic’s role at Apple’s event will involve demonstrating how data can flow into the more sophisticated management system of a major health center.

Apple and Mayo Clinic have been working together for two years after Apple learned about software Mayo had developed for its doctors and nurses to enter and look at patient information using iOS devices. In 2012, Apple placed a case study video profiling Mayo Clinic’s work on its website.

At WWDC earlier this year, Apple mentioned its work with Mayo Clinic during the introduction of the HealthKit and Health app, noting that Mayo Clinic it will let doctors use HealthKit to help advise patients on treatment and medical care.

Last month it was reported that Apple is also in talks with major healthcare providers at Mount Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, and Allscripts who will hopefully roll out HealthKit to their respective facilities.

Apple is heavily rumored to be unveiling its iWatch at today’s media event, which is thought to rely heavily on medical and wellness applications. Could Mayo Clinic play a role in that? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Star Tribune

Via: Macrumors