Get your Apple keynote bingo cards!


Apple bingo card, courtesy
Apple bingo card, courtesy

We’re in a frenzy of anticipation about Apple’s September 9 event. Just like you, we’re expecting big and bigger iPhones, the iWatch and something to take the stage of that immense box Apple has constructed outside the Flint Center auditorium.

As we tweet, liveblog and take you hands-on with new products from what may be the most important Apple event in years, you can play along with this awesome set of free bingo cards, courtesy mobile PR firm Appency.

Apple announcement bingo_var1

Based on years of Apple keynote watching, they’ve come up with a set of six bingo cards you can download here.

What’s on these Apple-centric bingo cards?

Any time there are mentions of iCloud, the word “revolutionary,” an appearance on stage by star designer Jony Ive or the audience looks “entranced” you place a chip on the board.

You win the game – and bragging rights until World Wide Developer’s Conference 2015 – with any five of them in a row. Sadly, there is not a square for the inevitable remark about Craig Federighi’s coiffure or the corny jokes, but you can always place those in a “free” spot marked with the Apple logo.

The big day starts 10 a.m. PST; you can catch it live.

If your time zone (or your constitution) is amenable, you could always turn it into a drinking game, swigging shot for each correct answer. Then no matter what comes out of the box, you’ll be elated.

  • evilmonkey07

    wouldn’t the first to five be everyone playing? I suppose it’s a game where everyone wins!

    • aaronwatkins

      There are 10 different versions of the card, so if you are playing around a table everyone wont have the same pattern. Just chose first full line, X pattern, etc to win :)

      • evilmonkey07

        oh yeah, didn’t see that part under the last photo. Good to know!

  • james

    Or you can come to and make one online because is no longer 1998

  • Webjac

    Go do it online instead at

  • cleesmith

    Translucent material!

  • AppleKeynote

    If anyone is interested, I will be live posting tomorrows announcements on my Snapchat Story tomorrow. Username is AppleKeynote