U2 to launch new album on iPhone 6, play at Apple event?


Jimmy Iovine, Bono, Steve Jobs and The Edge
Jimmy Iovine, Bono, Steve Jobs and The Edge
Photo: Apple

Apple’s event on September 9th is going to be huge. Sure, iPhone announcements come around every 12 months, but this year Apple’s going bigger than ever with two product launches, a gigantic venue, and a mysterious white cube.

We investigated Apple’s mystery box ourselves last week and still couldn’t piece together what it’s for, but according to rumblings on the Internet, U2 will be the headlining act during next week’s event, and will launch their next album by pre-loading it on every new iPhone 6.

It may sound too crazy to be true, but U2 fans are already convinced Bono and The Edge will tear up the stage at the Flint Center, and there’s come compelling proof.

Here’s the evidence:

Exhibit A: New Album en route

U2’s plans to release an album in 2014 have been pretty well documented. The first single is set to release on September 9th, which wouldn’t give them much time to ramp up promotion for the album’s release two weeks later, but what better way to instantly go platinum again than embedding your album into the hottest tech product of the year.

Exhibit B: A rock video without a band?

U2 has reportedly been shooting a new music video with Mark Romanek, who just so happens to have produced a few Apple commericials. Production shut down the Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin on Sunday. The band was nowhere to be seen, but supposedly the video will heavily feature the iPhone 6.

Exhibit C: Friends in high places

Julian Lennon – son of the late Beatle and friend of Bono’s – told U2 en Espana, “I think they are shooting an Apple commercial,” when the site met up with him in the south of France, where U2 has been putting the finishing touches on the album.

Exhibit D: The rumor mill

Apple reporters are now starting to chime in on U2 rumors. Shara Tibken at CNET says she’s heard Bono might be a special musical guest on 9-9-14. 9to5Mac has also received tips that Apple and U2 have entered some sort of partnership.

Exhibit E: The cube is a sound stage

Photo: Jim Merithew/ Cult of Mac.
What’s inside? Photo: Jim Merithew/ Cult of Mac.

Reports from Cupertino indicate that Apple constructed a massive sound stage inside its white cube at the Flint Center. Security around the construction project has been tight, but some people strolling the campus have noticed “lights on a grid above the stage being built in view of a nearby fountain and duck pond.”

Exhibit F: Old ties

The partnership wouldn’t be completely unprecedented. Apple’s newest VP Jimmy Iovine help Apple and U2 team up for the release of the (RED) iPod. Apple has sold a number of other (RED) products to support Bono’s quest to find the cure for AIDs. Jobs and Bono enjoyed a warm friendship and Jony Ive and Bono have carried on the Apple connection by joining up for events and charities in the past as well.

Preloading an album an a device would be a first for Apple, but after Jay Z released his album Magna Carta Holy Grail exclusively to Samsung Galaxy users last year, the move would certainly make sense for U2. Album sales are practically nonexistent nowdays. Why not juice up sales by giving it away for free?

  • Steve Chavez

    So last I heard, Bono called Apple a religious cult. Does he also believe that he’s part of it?

    • He was kidding.

    • davidjkenna78@gmail.com

      You’re a moron.

      • Steve Chavez

        And you my friend are a genius.

  • Jordan

    I really hope the album is NOT preloaded on iPhones. iPhones are known for not having bloatware, unlike the others who try to sell more phones by adding such media. I would instantly delete it and millions of others would too.

    • davidjkenna78@gmail.com

      Good.. instantly delete it it you ass… U2 could care less…..And so could their fans…..

  • Peter

    U2 in these days…lol who cares about them now!?Nooooooone…..Samsung innovates Apple invites old stars,They should invite Jennifer Lawrence …

    • lowtolerance

      You had me up until “Samsung innovates”. WTF, man? Samsung just throws shit at a wall to see what’ll stick.

  • Jamie

    U2 are still one of the biggest innovators in the music industry. Their tours, their music and the tech they use to produce that music. Their 360 tour was the biggest and most expensive tour in history and still made a record number in sales while having rather cheap ticket prices. They could fit more people in the stadiums so they could have cheaper prices.

    People saying Bono had insulted Apple didn’t watch the interview. a) He was kidding, and b) he was saying that Apple donate millions of dollars to the African Fund via their (Product)RED line and don’t advertise that fact.

    Don’t forget who helped kick off the iTunes store because unlike many other bands U2 own the right to their music. It would make sense if Apple were to use U2 to promote the release of their rumoured HD Audio content which I am dubbing “iTunes Studio” & now with Jimmy Iovine on Apple’s board it should be enough to push a new era of digital music to the masses. PONO is just around the corner after all!

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      There are three common ways to use technology in music production. One is for a musician to play a synthesizer, another to sample other sounds/music to create a playable sound and another is to program background tracks that musicians play on top of. That isn’t anything new and U2 wasn’t the fist to use it, all of this started back in the early ’70’s.

      As technology for a visual aid, that’s DEFINITELY nothing new. Bands/concert promoters have used video projectors running loops, overhead projectors with the oil/food coloring and petrie dishes showing psychedelic light shows, lasers (early ’70s), etc. at concerts dating back as far back as the late ’60’s. You only relate to U2 doing it since you probably aren’t old enough to have seen light shows and other technology used as a visual aide and part of the music production at a concert.

      Iovine isn’t on Apple’s board of directors, let’s get that straight, he’s just being used in marketing since he knows how to produce music and video. Here’s a webpage of the executive staff and Board of Directors.

      Please stop putting out misinformation. Thanks.

  • the tweet above is mine, I also have photos of Mark Romanek on set…

  • rsanchez1

    Read that a U2 spokesperson says U2 will not be performing at the Apple event.

    • AllThoseThingsILove

      still could be Bono + Dr Dre duet… but that original article has since been deleted.

  • smack_libs_around

    Whether it’s U2 or not remains to be seen, but SOMEONE will ‘musically perform.’ No other reason to have an aircraft-hangar-sized building in order to announce a palm-of-your-hand device.

  • AllThoseThingsILove

    Where is it confirmed a new single is due Sept 9th? As far as I am aware, thats still a rumor, too. Speculation is because they need something to be eligible for Grammy nominations prior to 9/30.

    The newest iteration of this rumor is a duet with Bono and Dr Dre. Find out more here…