Alleged iCloud hack sees nude celebrity selfies sold for Bitcoins


iPhone hack
The iCloud accounts of numerous Hollywood celebrities have been hacked, with naked images being sold for Bitcoins. (Picture: Killian Bell)
Photo: Cult of Mac

An alleged mass iCloud hack has seen a veritable who’s who of Hollywood nude selfies leaked onto the Internet.

The photos — which include the likes of Avril Lavigne, Hayden Pannettiere, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Rihanna — appeared first on 4Chan, with an anonymous poster telling people he/she had obtained the photos by hacking iCloud accounts. In addition, the photos were being sold for Bitcoins, which most likely makes this a first.

Several of the celebrities in question have confirmed the authenticity of the images. Mary Elizabeth Winstead wrote that, “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.”

She additionally claims that she had deleted these photos, which would seem to confirm the claims that accounts have been compromised.

Apple has yet to make a statement about the breach, but a Python script which appeared on Github Monday may explain explain how the hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in the Find my iPhone service — whereby attackers can guess passwords repeatedly without being locked out — to access user accounts.

Source: BGR

  • Tee Reed

    First off, I am a Android user so…lol
    Second, Mary in reply to your tweet…If someone was looking at taboo nudes I guarantee you they felt great for at least 20 seconds. :)

  • Are people really taking that many nude photos of themselves? I haven’t.

    Still a pretty bad crime for whoever broke in and stole couples’ intimate stuff.

    • sigzero

      The net is filled with bad people. This is just an example. Those who stole it, those who looked at them and those that purchased them, all bad people.

      • Esmae

        And the people that post them on icloud without two step verfi. & strong passwords are the poor victims, but hey they’re great people they don’t peddle their own flesh.
        Ethics and morals who needs them.
        And all this as ISIS is killing humans by the 100’s the Fed investigate this idiocy.
        Yea good and bad people right,

  • Yohannes

    Get a Polaroid already. They end up in a shoebox rather than the cloud.

  • allahu.snackbar

    I wanna be a pr0n star, and then whine when my stupidity is revealed to all!

  • JailbreakerTeam

    Oh ok, i’ll just take a naked pic of my self and uploaded to icloud because it sounds fluffy and friendly -_-

  • And thats what you get for using the cloud!

    • Esmae

      No that’s what you get for being a lame user of the icloud posting trite nudes.