Popcorn Time, the Netflix for BitTorrent, is coming to iOS ‘within a couple days’



I’m a huge fan of Popcorn Time, the Mac App that lets you stream torrents to your Mac and even (if you’re a Windows user) to your Apple TV.

The one thing Popcorn Time doesn’t have is an iPhone or iPad app. But that’s all about to change, and Popcorn Time for iOS could land within the next couple of days.

Speaking to Dutch Apple site iPhoned.nl, Popcorn Time’s dev team said they would be releasing an iOS version of the app in the next few days. The app will stream to both Apple AirPlay devices and Google’s Chromecast.

There aren’t many more details, but it’s pretty obvious that Apple would never allow an app that is as openly dubious as Popcorn Time live on the App Store. According to iPhoned.nl’s report, though, the Popcorn Time devs don’t intend on going the Cydia route, which likely means Popcorn Time will be installed using Enterprise certificates, similar to GBA4iOS. You might have to turn back the time on your iPhone or iPad to install Popcorn Time, but it should work.

If you can’t wait for Popcorn Time to arrive on iOS, you can download the Mac app here.

Source: iPhoned.nl

  • lowtolerance

    Take my money!!!!

  • Munim

    Actually already exists.
    google Movie Box.

    • Bruno

      movie box is amazing!

  • Jim

    theyre doin gods work.

  • Guest

    Until Apple removes it.

    • Zenon

      Won’t be. Is being developed for jailbroken devices only.

    • The Dude

      If you read the article you’d know they aren’t going through the App Store or Cydia

  • August Ebbesen

    Guys you need to stop directing people to the fake Popcorn time! The real one is http://popcorntime.io and is much more stable.

    • QBRT55

      The fake popcorn time has a password stealer…. Popcorntime.io is the real open source one.