Popcorn Time can now stream torrents to your Apple TV


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Popcorn Time is Hollywood’s worst nightmare: a Netflix for torrents that streams the hottest movies right to your Mac or PC.

Now, it’s become even more nightmarish for the industry. It will now stream torrented movies directly to the Apple TV.

As a reminder, Popcorn Time is a cross-platform movie and TV show streamer that scans torrent sites and then beams them to your computer in real-time. It’s fast, it’s easy, and Hollywood hates it, going so far as to shut down the original program last year.

Thanks, however, to widescale community support and some secret benefactors, Popcorn Time returned quickly and has only thrived since its original release. In an update a few weeks ago, Popcorn Time added support for Google’s Chromecast.

Now it supports the Apple TV too. It only works right now on Windows, sadly, but Mac AirPlay support will supposedly happen in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you want to stream torrents to your Apple TV, there are ways to do so easily, as long as you know how to download a .torrent file first.

Source: The Next Web

  • Joe Spicer

    why not just run popcorn time and then hit airplay on your computer? i don’t see how its different?

    • Leonardo Ravagnani

      That would put your whole Mac on screen and it’s laggy… streaming the actual video file in a native way is the best solution as playback is smooth as it should be and you can use your remote to control playback. That’s what Beamer does and what people are expecting Popcorn Time to do

  • Leonardo Ravagnani

    Actually there are 2 major branches of the original project, one being Popcorn Time official sequel, and the other a not so ethical one called Time4Popcorn (they basically “stole” code from the other branch and rush features/releases seriously compromising quality and safety). I stick to the official project and know for a fact that Chromecast support does not exist in any public release as of yet … they released a statement yesterday on facebook saying it would come in a subsequent release together with airplay and a handful of other features… so you’re looking at the “wrong” Popcorn Time, http://www.popcorntime.io is the real deal

  • Jesse

    does anyone know how? can’t find a airplay icon anywhere?

    • Matt Taylor

      Download version 4.3 for windows from time4popcorn.eu and then start a video and the TV icon will appear in the bottom right hand corner where you can choose from chromecast and apple tv devices.

    • monkeyrun

      only on windows for now

  • dave01568

    Here popcorn time on Mac,windows ,Linux .android and soon iOS