Check out how this former Apple employee announced his new baby


Former Apple Online Store training manager Andreas Kleinke came up with a unique way of letting people know about his new family member.

How do you celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family? If you’re super Apple fan and former training manager for the Apple Online Store team Andreas Kleinke the answer is that you announce it in the same way Apple introduces a new product.

Adopting the minimalist design Apple is known for, Kleinke created a website for his new baby Jonathan, describing his son’s “20-inch seamless unibody enclosure,” “ten meticulously aligned fingers” and “maximum volume going all the way up to 120 dB.”

The site notes that parental sleep mode is disabled by default, and that gibberish comes as the pre-installed language, although additional language packs are available.

“The response has been truly amazing,” Kleinke tells Cult of Mac. “We already got hundreds emails from all around the globe, and there’s not a single mean one among them. Only very friendly people wishing the best. I’m sure Jonathan will be pleased, once he gets over that whole screaming thing.”

“I’m sure Jonathan will be pleased, once he gets over that whole screaming thing.”

Kleinke says he got the idea while in California last December. “We had only just learnt that we’ll be parents, and when we stopped by Apple’s company store in Cupertino, they had this baby onesie that had ‘Brand new mini’ written across it,” he explains.

That began Kleinke’s brain working and, by the time his baby’s due date was approaching, he was thinking about how best to break the news to friends and family, once the big day arrived.

“Since I was messing around with WordPress at the time, one thing led to another,” he says. “I even got around to making the site Retina-ready, but before I could get it responsive Jonathan arrived and I’m happy to say that responsive web design is the last thing on my mind right now.”

The specifications page can be seen below:



  • Wut

    How does this even get published here? Please keep the useless content on your Tumblr.

    • Jimmy

      Exactly. Andreas Kleinke created that for his friends and family, not for it to be broadcasted to the world. Let’s keep this sentimental bullshit on Facebook where it belongs.

      • D R

        Yes, only have stuff that clearly has some aspect of the article that is Apple-related.

        And I don’t know why they keep forgetting to install a volume-control mechanism.

    • MrCourtney

      Come on. You don’t have to read it. It’s not like “cute” is taking over the site. Seeing what creative things are being done by other people may just open you mind a bit.

      • josephsinger

        Bbbbut, everyone should know it’s all about Wut silly man! Wut just can’t leave an article alone if it’s not something that he personally has as an interest.

    • josephsinger

      I think it may be time for you to GOY. Every article is not always about you. Keep that in mind and you may enjoy life a little more. If you cannot appreciate the intent and humor of this article you are beyond help.

  • ♜Donzzy™

    Thanks but no thanks. No mean mails? I already kind of dislike it, well not really hate it, though. Only diehard fanboys really do this stuff. I have all OS platform devices but to specify the OS as “non-Android (thank God)…” Really? And, what is the chip made of, A9 or something? Lmao

    • FrancescoNYC

      You do know what an “android” actually is, right? Look it up on Wikipedia, it’s a frickin’ robot. The guy’s just glad his kid is human, not humanoid. :)

      And sure, he probably prefers iOS. Each to their own.

  • He needs to stop being so obsessed with Apple.

  • Twiggy Cochina