You’ll be able to get your hands on iPhone 6 ‘between 16-19 September’


This happy chap could be you roughly 24 days from now.

September 9 seems all but officially confirmed as the date when Apple will unveil its eagerly-anticipated iPhone 6, but when can users expect to get their hands on Apple’s next generation handset?

According to a new report coming out of China — from PCinLife, the country’s top IT portal — Apple’s new flagship phone will be available in stores between the 16th and 19th of September. This tallies with another earlier rumor from May, in which a German retailer stated that the iPhone 6 would hit the market on September 19: suggesting that this date may be the global date.

Does this fit with what we’d expect? In a word, yes. The iPhone typically goes for pre-order the Friday after its unveiling, and arrives in stores for sale the Friday after that. In this case, that would put the date firmly at September 19 — meaning that would-be customers have just 24 days to wait until they’re opening their new iPhone 6 boxes.

It is worth noting, however, that this timeframe in all likelihood refers to the 4.7-inch variant of the iPhone. The rumored 5.5-inch “phablet” model (which will apparently be considerably rarer than its little brother) will apparently appear sometime in December, just in time for our Christmas lists.

Source: Weibo

Via: GforGames

  • Guest

    I think this date is off by about 3-4 days. According to my service provider contracts from the past two iPhone releases, the date is around September 22. I don’t think they’ll release the phone before people hit their 2 year contract periods.

    • Long Island Dad

      What makes you think everyone has the same 2 year contract expiration date?

    • Richard Meade

      last year the iPhone was released on the 21, this year it will be the 19th. the iPhone aren’t released on the same day every year.

  • JustReboot

    Personally, I’ll probably wait till the dust settles and get it on 10/4 or so… I’ve been eligible for an ‘upgrade’ since 7/15, and will most likely move the upgrade over to one of my other lines avoiding losing the unlimited data :)

  • Richard Meade

    also if you look at the iTunes festival calendar for sept. there is no acts set for the 19th.

    • denis200812

      And according to ancient Persian astrology on 19th stars are aligned just perfectly for iPhone launch. Can’t be otherwise than a huge success.

  • Radtech132

    The 19th is a Friday. The iPhone has always launched on a Friday if my memory serves me right. “IF” this rumored Sept 9th announcment does indeed come to pass then I believe the 19th will be the launch date. Has anyone heard any “official” announcment from Apple about any event on the 9th? It’s less than two weeks away now.

    • JRX

      They usually send the press invites for the unveiling events about 7-9 days beforehand, so don’t expect anything out of Apple until between August 31 and September 2nd.