AAPL is back: stock closes at all-time high of $100.53



AAPL shares have finally completed the long climb back to 2012 levels today, closing at an all-time high of $100.53 per share.

The stock’s 1.4 percent rise today was aided by bullish reports from both RBC and Morgan Stanley claiming Apple’s Fall lineup is going to be more extraordinary than ever this year as Apple puts the final preparations on the iPhone 6.

Apple shares reached a split-adjusted record of $100.30 on September 19th, 2012 right before the iPhone 5 went on sale, but the stock lost a third of its value thanks to fears that Apple was out of hit-product ideas. Now that Samsung’s smartphone and smartwatch product lines are struggling right as Apple is about to unleash its best product lineup of the last 25 years, investors are starting to tune into the value of AAPL.

Activist investor Icahn who has been bullish on AAPL, took to Twitter this afternoon to validate his claims from last year that the stock was highly undervalued. Apple shares have gained 25 percent this year alone, and Icahn has been all too eager to buy up $4.4 billion worth of shares.

Investors are expecting Apple to make even more money than ever this holiday season with the introduction of the iWatch that will compete for a chunk of the booming wearables and Internet of Things markets. The iWatch is expected to come in multiple sizes with an array of sensors to provide fitness information to its wearer, but according to the latest rumors, we might not actually see it until 2015.

  • MWinNYC

    Huh? $100 all-time high? 2 years ago it was approaching $1000 per share.

    • BusterH

      the stock split 7 ways in june. $100.30 was the split-adjusted high

      • chas_m

        Also, $705 is “approaching” $1,000 in the same sense that your 70-year-old grandad is “nearly 100.”

  • SigmaX

    It’s 100.72

    • Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes

      That is the all time high, not the all time high closing.
      I know…

  • Kevin

    “Apple is about to unleash its best product lineup of the last 25 years”
    those are huge claims!! hope Apple leaves up to them in September!! In my opinion, to do so, they would have to for example, leave the galaxy in the dust, rather than just playing catch up. And do something really nice with every single product category. it’s definitely a great times for apple enthusiasts.


      i believe that was a tim cook quote.

      • Ricardo Campelo de Magalhaes

        It was Cue’s, I think.

  • Nick V

    Apple Math???

  • Z1pp0

    I guess magic has more power than math. But aapl share today has nothing to do with aapl share in 2012, due to dividends and buy back (opposite) effects on prices; hence comparing historical price is a trivial but meaningless exercise. Yes WSJ also reported that, but they badly need clicks….