All the new wallpapers and changes in OS X Yosemite Preview 6


Yosemite preview 6

The sixth developer preview of OS X Yosemite is upon us, and like always, Apple has made some noticeable and not-so-noticeable changes. This time around, there are some new wallpapers included alongside general design tweaks.

So in no particular order, here’s what’s new in OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6:

Upon launch, you are asked to share diagnostics info with Apple and third-party app developers, the latter of which is a first.

Yosemite Diagnostics

There are several new icons in System Preferences.


Do Not Disturb, which was previously committed from Yosemite, has been added back to Notification Center.


There are a few beautiful new wallpapers of Yosemite National Park to choose from. Click each one to get the full-res download.

Yosemite 2

Yosemite 3

Yosemite 4

Yosemite 5

See any other changes in Yosemite we should have mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

  • Karolis Makrickas

    Also iCloud Drive started working ‘normaly’ and sync’ed files with other pc’s

  • Corbin Jay Fawver Mcguire

    the Character viewer menu bar icon has changed as well as the battery icon in the menu bar while charging

  • Wes

    Was do not disturb previously committed (as you typed) or *Omitted*?

  • Omar Fierros

    I’m not sure if this was there already and never really noticed it, I also read about this feature coming to iOS 8 Beta 6, but Map show you Yelp, website and additional information to a business or place, I love this feature!

  • wwwjfy

    App Switcher now doesn’t show in all screens. Bad news

  • Shenk

    How about Final cut pro iMovie and yahoo messanger? Do they now launch?

    • Saved0ne

      FCP and iMovie have worked since DP2. =/ Motion doesn’t work yet though.

  • Andrew Gough

    The swipe gesture makes a welcome return in Finder having been AWOL in 10.9 and the 10.10 early betas.

  • Justin

    I’m running the beta but have yet to be able to download any new versions. It’s odd.

    • Saved0ne

      Are you a registered Dev? How are you trying to download them?

  • TBolt

    nevermind. Adblock Plus was interfering.

  • Mustafa Aminalhaq

    Does anyone know of a location where I could find any of these wallpapers in any resolution. Preferably ones in 2800 x 1800.

    • d ha

      I know they aren’t downloadable from here…

    • d ha

      …Right click and “Open in a new window” and then they download
      damn I’m good.

  • Koen

    The battery icon changed (both charging and normal), also when you choose to show your HD on the desktop that icon changed too. The iTunes12 beta has been renewed too, with new icons for movies/music/… Also when you turn your music/brightness/keyboard backlighting louder/softer has been changed too