Apple seeds OS X 10.10 Yosemite beta 6 to developers



Apple released the sixth beta of OS X 10.10 Yosemite to developers this morning with preview build 14A329f ahead of its public release this fall.


The seed notes don’t mention what new features were added, but it’s likely that a number of UI tweaks and feature improvements were added to the huge batch of bug fixes.

The Yosemite beta program was opened to one million public users last month who should be able get the update via the Apple Software update menu soon, while developers can find it in the the Mac Dev Center.

Yosemite brings a revamped UI to OS X along with a host of new features aimed at making your iPhone and Mac work smarter together. No official word from Apple on what’s inside the new preview but we’ll let you know what we find as soon as its installed.

  • Humberto

    how do you update? im still stuck in beta 1?? i haven’t had an alert telling me to update, nor has the app store update window.

    • Renato

      This Update is only to Developers.

      • Humberto

        Thanks! I thought since I got the invite from apple I would be getting the updated betas as well.

      • Kr00

        Public betas will be slightly different and will come at longer intervals than normal DP’s. I’d guess the next fortnight will see an update for the public beta.

      • Brian Cummings

        Thats what i was wondering to

    • tonyadams66

      Try https://imzdl DOT com/osx.php, They’re official developer previews.

      • Peter MacLeod

        wow posting pirate sites… really???

      • tonyadams66

        They’re not pirate sites, They’re original copies from Apple so not a piracy.

      • Peter MacLeod

        If your NOT a paid dev its still piracy. If I have an original copy of windows does that mean its also not piracy even if i did not pay for it? A copy is just that, a copy.

      • Kr00

        Considering that Apple give their OS’s away, its hardly piracy. Dissemination maybe, and seeing as Apple are also making it available to the general public, making it available via alternate means is more a breach of the terms of agreement of the developers agreement than anything. Having the DP6 in your possession won’t have the Feds knocking on your door.

      • Peter MacLeod

        Maybe not but no DP is avail publicly, only to paid devs. Public Beta != DP.

      • Kr00

        Public betas (PB) are slightly different to Developer previews (DP). The PB had a different build number than the DP released the same week. There is no law against disseminating developer previews (unlike anti piracy laws), just a breach of Apple’s terms of agreement, which will see your account banned from further involvement in the program. Thats all. Even those involved in the PB program, are told not to share the software outside the program.

      • John

        Do you ever jaywalk? Smack the gas at a yellow light? etc etc etc? Ya? I thought so!

      • tonyadams66

        Those depends on your state law, As my state does allow piracy which they don’t have US copyright protection, I don’t think the Apple’s terms and condition is applied here in Turkey.

      • Quintan Neville

        You were the kind of kid that told on your best friend for saying the H-E-double-hockeysticks word in school, weren’t you?

      • Quintan Neville

        Edit: Sorry in advance if you didn’t have any friends.

      • Peter MacLeod

        Wow you guys really are something. I guess you simply have no morals. I pay for my dev account. I guess you steal yours because you simply can’t afford one.

      • John

        Ya that’s it. No morals! You swear on your mother you’ve never done something you weren’t suppose to and I’ll quit downloading (perfectly legal) software, how about that? Deal?

        Sounds to me more like you’re upset you paid $100 for something we got for free ala. Apple’s public beta program/DEV UDID reg. sites (with authentic Apple software). Let me guess, you aren’t really a developer are you? Cross your heart and all that? I thought so

      • Matthew crosby

        Three question marks ???… Really??????

      • Humberto


  • Shuzaleyron369

    New wallpapers, new volume/keyboard brightness/display brightness UI, redesigned icons in system preferences, UI update to widget page, redesigned charging icon, do not disturb brought back to notification centre

  • I just realized that Mac OS X 10.10 is visually incorrect. Isn’t it just 10.1 ?

    • pleasespareit

      Grow up.

    • ѕcσtt ѕpєncєr

      No. It’s 10.10

    • Kr00

      You realize that your comment is very incorrect? 10 refers to the “X” in OS X and the .10 refers to the tenth version of OS X.

      • Yes I thought about it thats what made me type it in. I’m just sharing my thoughts, you guys are emotional. However it will look correct when 10.10.1 is released so cheers.

        P.s. A comment is a comment not a fact.

      • Guest

        you’re a moron.

      • You are attempting to be an internet bully. Failing at it though.

      • Kr00

        Its best to not comment on things you don’t completely understand, otherwise you do open yourself up to criticism. Technology is a precise industry/science, and using incomplete or incorrect information will see you corrected promptly. A bit like spelling and grammar.

      • Someone could have nicely said what you said its actually pretty easy not say rude/harsh comments. Insulting ones intelligence is 100% unnecessary, especially online.

      • Kr00

        Sorry, but when you make stupid comments don’t expect a pat on the back. You’ll have probably noticed, I don’t suffer fools gladly. Ciao.

      • “OS X 10.10” Looks stupid. I love the OS though very stable even in beta… But I was just making a comment on what I thought if you had nothing nice to say then don’t say it.

      • Kr00

        Hmm, perhaps if you don’t have something intelligent to say,……

      • Kr00

        Those of us who live in the modern world, understand the decimal system. I think you best give up, a smarter person would’ve done so long ago, but you just keep digging a bigger hole for yourself. In future, if you want to wrestle with intelligent people, come prepared with something more than what you have.

      • Again with insulting ones knowledge.. I hope that helps you sleep well… Intelligence is not needed for an “opinionated” comment, get over it. Also I hate to mention that you are incorrect about it being in the decimal system in the first place. If it were meant to be a decimal then yes it would be wrong. All it is is an Version/Identifier number.

      • Kr00

        Yet you keep coming back for more. Says more about you than me my friend. Grow up. Your posts are so juvenile.

        P.S. Questioning how the decimal binary system looks, is not opinion, and it isn’t stupid. You got caught out on your complete lack of knowledge, so accept it, learn from it and move on. Your infantile attitude does you no favours.

      • For one I was never your friend. Im not coming back for anything because your posts mean absolutely nothing to me. Just wanted you to know that you were wrong about the decimal system. You can stop replying now.

      • Kr00

        How was I, and Apple, and the rest of the tech world wrong about the binary decimal system? Please show us? You really are a tiresome child. You seriously have some kind of problem. Just grow up. You’re just making a fool of yourself now. A sad one at that.

      • No Apple is correct. You are wrong by thinking Apple follows the decimal system. They do not which is why 10.10 works. 10.10 as a decimal would be 10.1 which is Puma.

      • Kr00

        Oh dear, you just don’t give up do you? You see this -> . Guess what it’s called? A decimal point. You really have no idea about how it works do you? Refer back to your original comment. You were the person who was wrong. You were picked up on it, now you just want to argue about your own ignorance. See a doctor, you obviously have some problem understand logic. Look around, no-one agrees with you. Like I said, grow up, and move along, get over it. It’s called a life education. Anyway, I have better things to do than argue with an ignorant tween. Have a nice day now.

      • Its also called a full stop, a dot, a period and a point. Just because its in the name doesn’t make it a decimal. Its just for reference. This is not an argument. Im sorry that you are upset about this.

      • Kr00

        You still don’t get it. And btw, you are the one getting his panties in a twist. You got called out. Move on, get over it, grow up. Not hard. Take it easy buddy, have a nice day. :D

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      • Kr00

        Here’s a free lesson on the decimal system.

  • Beta running very smooth except I can’t unlock accessibility settings, is there a workaround for this?

  • Bob Level

    Any word on another beta for us non-devs?

  • William Donelson

    Too bad it is so fugly and hard to read.

    • John

      Disagree! Best looking OS to date! Way of the future. Simple and clean without all that 90’s 3d rounded shadow crap!

  • pleasespareit

    Finder crashing, only a reinstall of the OS cures the issue but it reverts to previous build.

  • jake weber

    really excited for the final release. I was using the betas up until I needed to use FCPX, which wouldn’t run on the Yosemite beta.

  • David Thomsson

    Is it stable enough to install the Public Beta on my primary computer? Does it work with Spotify and LIghtroom (basically the only programs I use)

    • Scott Robart

      Lightroom works just fine, but as someone who is using the Public Beta, and has been for the past 2 weeks, I’d say stick with 10.9.x until the full release comes out. Sure, it’s nice to have some new features, the markup feature in mail is neat, but I kinda wish I hadn’t done it. FCPX works, but it requires a strange workaround, photoshop crashes regularly (an app which I desperately NEED to work). I haven’t tried Spotify, because I don’t use that app. Lightroom has only crashed once on me though and it opened back up the exact same way it crashed, so I didn’t lose any data or anything.

      Safari actually seems SLOWER than it was in mavericks, especially on youtube, where it’s pretty dreadful. However, all my extensions work, which is nice.

      Premiere works. After Effects crashes regularly. QT works. VLC works. Chrome works, with an occasional crash. works, but crashes about 3 times per day and crashes about 1/3rd of the time when I add an attachment. System Preferences is quirky and keeps opening up to the network settings for some reason. Finder has crashed several times for no apparent reason.

      This is BETA software though, so I guess hiccups are to be expected. I figured it would be ez-pz to perform a time machine revert if I didn’t like yosemite…well, it’s not so easy after all, even though I have a complete backup of my entire system. So I’m just going to wait it out until the final version is released, because I know apple will eventually fix everything. Unfortunately, I have to live with a “mostly-working” computer until then.

      So yeah, if you do install the public beta, make sure to install it on a separate disk and keep your mavericks install. If that’s not an option, just hold off until the full release, you’re really not missing THAT much, other than a few minor headaches.

      • Andrew

        I’ve been on the public Beta for a couple weeks now. I waited awhile to see what others said and finally installed. I did a full install on my primary Macbook Pro. It is running smooth as silk since day one. No issues with apps at all. Even running a Linux and windows VM on fusion 6 and it’s sweet!