Bill Gates just topped Tim Cook’s ice bucket challenge



Less than an hour ago, Microsoft founder and super rich guy Bill Gates took the ice bucket challenge, which has various famous folks dumping cold water over their heads to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

While Tim Cook completed the challenge himself at an Apple employee event, Bill Gates has gone even further — he built a crazy contraption to dump a ton of ice water on his head. The video (below) shows his planning attempts, complete with Comic Sans blueprints and a Surface tablet to do all the work and YouTubery.

Watch the full video below:

That’s one heck of a machine, right?

Gates also took the challenge to three other people, as he himself was challenged by Mark Zuckerberg. He names technologist Elon Musk, radio personality Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Anderson of TED in his challenge list, which he recreated on Twitter as well.

Seems like Gates has raised the bar, right? He’s definitely the consensus winner on Twitter right now. But what do you think?

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24 responses to “Bill Gates just topped Tim Cook’s ice bucket challenge”

  1. mahadragon says:

    “Seems like Gates has raised the bar, right? He’s definitely the consensus winner on Twitter right now. But what do you think?”
    I think Bill G has too much money. Who builds their own machine to dump a bucket of ice on their head? Was it really that hard to find someone to throw the ice?

    • Adrayven says:

      Bill basically was promoting the Surface’s productivity.. Tim was just promoting ALS Support.. I call Tim the winner for not bringing product into the conversation.. :p

      • Jrodd says:

        I feel the surface was not really that much a part of the video, It’s just there to show the video gates is watching they don’t say “oh I used my surface”

      • radeon151 says:

        You know nothin on the marketing i’m afraid….

      • Guest says:

        yeah, because having an ice bucket dumped over your head at company HQ completely leaves “product” out of it…

      • wolfghostninja says:

        Yeah, because having an ice bucket dumped on your head at apple hq by an employee wearing an apple tee totally leaves products out of it.

  2. derkunde says:

    I like Tim’s more because he made an event out of it that a lot of people got to enjoy, Bill is a little too geeky :P

  3. reidanewspaper says:

    The Comic Sans totally threw me off. He should have to give to the ALS Foundation just for the disrespect.

  4. Steve_Sava says:

    not sure why they Bill wasted money on this contraption.. pour a cup of water over your head.. save the worlds resources.. then give the money to ALS – rather than spending tons on a stupid contraption.

  5. Javier Hernandez says:

    I must admit, Gates accepted the challenge, invested time in making it “creative” and triple-challenged it forward. Not bad at all in my book. First time I’ve actually enjoyed watching Gates on video.

    • Tjosansa says:

      I agree..
      First i didn’t believe it was Gates. It was to good.
      First time i really liked him in a video. Think he was great.. really awesome.. Gotta be the lack of the clown Ballmer.

  6. Mark Langston says:

    I get that it was tongue-in-cheek but pretending that he both drew up the schematics and built the rig to dump what looks like a bucket of water and not ice-water with actual pieces of ice, was kinda hinky. He was also alone. I liked that Tim did it in a public forum rather than his billion dollar beach house in some remote location.

    I agree with Adrayven that using it to shill his product was incredibly unnecessary. This isn’t about your failing product Bill, it’s about raising money and awareness to an incurable disease.

    Kudos for getting involved and challenging others but the Surface placement and blowtorch was just too much.

  7. Jonas Hamill says:

    I hope he remembered to take his iPhone out of his pocket.

  8. Mac Mekawi says:

    This is about ALS, not Bill Gates, Not Tim Cook, and not about who can drop the best bucket!! Bloggers really need to grow up and stop the “mine is better than yours” teenage mentality!!

  9. User says:

    So what was he doing with the torch?…!

  10. Roxy Balboa says:

    Gates does it everyday, as punishment for letting ballmer run the company.

  11. José Augusto C. Martins Jr. says:

    For me the winner is… the ALS cause… That’s all.

  12. Ilbud says:

    Hey, Bill’s device is the best Microsoft device so far. His mechanism didn’t crash!!! :)

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