Tim Cook takes ice bucket challenge at Apple HQ beer bash



Bring on the ice, ice baby!

Tim Cook has gladly accepted Phil Schiller’s challenge to douse himself with a bucket of ice in order to get out of a $100 donation to ALS charities. Only instead of doing ice bucket challenge from the comfort of a beach chair, Cook made a party of it while Apple employees got turnt up with at the beer bash celebration for Diversity week.

Take a look:

Hopefully Tim downed an ale or two before taking the plunge. Blasting Vanilla Ice to soothe the frosty bite of the ice bucket was also a nice touch.

Before even completed the challenge Tim tossed the gauntlet to Dr. Dre and Disney CEO Bob Iger before extracting some revenge on guitarist/rapper/social activist Michael Franti, who was the one that drenched Tim.