Apple’s Phil Schiller dumps a bucket of ice cold water on his head


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If you’ve been on the Internet at all over the last few days, you’ve probably heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea is simple. Someone challenges you online to dump a bucket of ice water all over your head. If you choose not to do so within 24 hours, you are asked to donate $100 to a charity to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Speaking as an observer, I can say conclusively that the Ice Bucket Challenge is best when accepted by buxom 19-year-olds in string bikinis. But watching Apple’s Senior Vice President Of Marketing dumping a bucket of ice water on his head? Definitely a close second.

Last night on Twitter, Phil Schiller posted a series of pictures of himself dumping a bucket of ice water on his head at Half Moon Bay:

Having successfully dumped water over his head (although I don’t see any ice), Phil Schiller, according to the rules of the contest, can cheapskate out and not donate any money to fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease… although something tells me he’ll donate the money anyway.

This is probably not the last Apple executive we’ll see dumping water on himself, either. Notice that Phil Schiller challenges Tim Cook. Cook seems to have a good sense of humor, so something tells me we’ll be seeing the Ice Bucket Challenge on his Twitter feed sometime soon.

Via: Gizmodo

  • Great cause, and I’m a big supporter of charitable work, but what’s next-dumping water on your head while your’re planking while watching grumpy cat videos while someone flash mobs “Let It Go” behind you while taking the fire challenge while seeing if your Google Glass will blend?

  • DodgerDawg4Life

    this is probably one of the dumbest things to “support” a charity. What is this doing? if you want to help how about donating money? or spend time in hospitals helping patients in ALS, work in a soup kitchen! do something helps a lot more than dumping water on your head. how about you use your head by thinking of ways to ACTUALLY HELPING SOMEONE!!!!