Samsung’s new ads mock iPhone wall huggers in real life



Samsung is taking its wall hugger shaming marketing campaign to the airport this week, with new ads plastered over electrical outlets that draw in battery-drained iPhone users with the promise to quench their thirst for a little more power.

Touting the Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Galaxy S5, CNET reports that the ads will pop up at JFK International as well as O’Hare and Midway in Chicago, and they’ve included a subtle jab at Apple’s latest ad campaign.

The ad includes the line “So you have the power to be anywhere but here” which could be a little ribbing at Apple’s “you’re more powerful than you think tagline” that’s been the focus of its recent iPhone 5s campaign.

Apple is expected to make at least modest improvements to battery life with the iPhone 6, and is adding a black and white mode to iOS 8 to increase battery performance if needed. Samsung released the Galaxy S5 in February with its new Ultra Power Saving Mode that turns the display black and white. It also disables LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when battery life is lower than 10% in order to extend standby time.

The ads are starting to roll out this week and could be expanded to more airports if successful, which will probably require some Samsung users to pony up the charging table as well.

First person to tweet us a pic of you charging up a Galaxy S next to a wall hugger ad gets a free Cult of Mac beer cozy.

  • Nacho Van Droogenbroeck

    Fuck you Samsung.

  • Bruce wayne

    Fuck you Samsung.

  • Pretty hilarious marketing.

  • Mike

    It is easy for the battery to last longer if you don’t use the phone much. If the phones made by Samsung were used as much as the iPhone how would their battery life be?iPhone web usage exceeds android even though there are more androids.

    • damneddle

      That’s because not all Androids are Samsung. And there are many many cheap android phones. So comparing iPhones’ battery life and usage to ALL android phones is pointless.

  • Kevin Kuo

    You know…there is one way to dramatically increase your battery life.
    It’s called:

  • David Beta

    Fuck you Samsung.

  • TheSony/AppleFanatic

    Samsung sucks, worst android maker.

  • Once again, samsung’s tactic is to insult the people they are targeting their sales at.

  • winter_hat

    It’s funny because the Galaxy Nexus, S3, and S4 that I’ve owned (and own) are the worst piles of sh*t for battery life…on the planet. When you have so many products that s*ck so hard, you shouldn’t point out battery life. Plus you blatantly stole the phrase ‘wall-huggers’ from Chen of BlackBerry. Once a thief…..

    • BB BB

      Yeah they did steal that from Blackberry didn’t they! My iPhone 5s battery is pretty weak though. No arguing that. I do appreciate a phone that can have a swappable battery

      • PMB01

        You must be on Verizon and/or have terrible coverage. My 5S gets through a day of moderate usage easily.

  • damneddle

    I don’t even like Samsung, but I have to admit this is clever and really funny marketing!

  • Kharn Kaluza

    This really IS actually desperate marketing down to a t’

  • Fuck you Samsung

  • BB BB

    This was news several weeks ago. Anyway 5 hours of usage in heaven is better than 10 hours in hell on a samsung.

  • Jamie B

    I actually don’t get a signal in most places because of my network and where I live. That’s the problem for me. So I just have my iPhone on Airplane mode all the time and switch it off occasionally. This means I get days of battery. I’m not even that bothered about battery life anyway. The iPhone is still number one for build quality.

  • And Next Big Plastic Body Junk!

  • Martin

    The more Samsung mocks iPhone users, the less chance it has of converting them. It just works like that!! You can only convert by persuasion not by mockery!!

  • Chais Freeman

    challenge accepted

  • R3sp3ctfu1Gam3r

    What I see here is a desperate company willing to do anything in the face of a reality that people simply do not want their phones.

  • Aannddyy

    I am avoiding all Samsung products, fuck them.

  • Darryl Scott Harris

    Fuck you Samsung.

    The new iPhone will probably not have same issues there pointing out and i think there advertising is stupid, especially when they (samsung) use to have the worst battery life and still do because most of there users still have there old phones and have terrible battery life.!

  • Patrick Griffin Santucci

    Back to the age of phones exploding and splitting apart when you drop them. No thanks.