Here’s how to BitTorrent movies on your Apple TV


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Popcorn Time is a fantastic — albeit questionably legal — Mac app that allows you to treat BitTorrent like Netflix, searching for movies and TV shows on sites like The Pirate Bay that you want to watch and then streaming them directly to your computer.

It’s a great app, but it has at least one glaring problem: You can’t stream a movie over Popcorn Time directly to your Apple TV using AirPlay. Luckily, thanks to a new Mac app, you can.

Called TorrenTV, this open-source app allows you to drag-and-drop any torrent file from your desktop right to a special widget that will beam it to your Apple TV.

In some ways, it’s like a combination of Popcorn Time and Beamer. Unlike Popcorn Time, though, there’s no index of files you can choose from. You’ll instead know where to find and add torrents on the Web yourself.

In an interview with TorrentFreak, TorrenTV developer Carlos says: “Popcorn Time is beautiful in code and in looks but I wanted to do two things that PopcornTime didn’t allow me, watch movies directly on my TV and add new torrents which Popcorn Time doesn’t have yet.”

I’ve tried it, and it’s a pretty killer app. Popcorn Time may not have the ability to stream to Apple TV, but thanks to this app, that doesn’t really matter anymore.

Even better, TorrenTV isn’t just a Mac affair. It’s also available for Windows and Linux. You can download it for yourself here.

Via: AppleGazette

  • NapMan

    I have never used Popcorn Time but the website said they shut the service down. Does the app still work?

    • danielneves

      there’s a fork that works. Tough I don’t remember the name

    • Karl-Emmanuel Barrière

      The original Popcorn Time project was shut down when I got publicly noticed and things *presumably* heated up with the big Hollywood. Some other people picked it up (it’s open-source) and it’s smooth sailing again.

      • NapMan

        I’m a bit nervous about downloading the app from some random website.

      • Karl-Emmanuel Barrière

        It’s not random. A quick Google search will show you that although the old project’s is dead, the new “owners” have two other domains registered for Popcorn Time

      • Carlos Andres Acuña Zamora

        You shouldn’t feel nervous, here is the link, it works like a charm i have use it to watch movies and TV series over 6 months now no problem at all

      • RyanTV

        If you live your life in fear, the terrorists win.

      • Rak S

        It’s fine. Nothing to worry about. Try it!

    • it is still there (http: // www . time4popcorn . eu).

  • Yes, it does. Here you are

  • This is fantastic. Main reason I hadn’t gotten an apple TV was because it was lacking this feature. Thanks for the heads up.

  • fizdog

    I would not suggest popcorn time

    • NapMan

      Can I ask why? I’m not sure about it myself. I guess it seems risky. A number of years ago (before Netflix) I wanted to catch up on a Showtime series so I downloaded the first season via BitTorrent. A month or so later I got a letter from my ISP and the copyright holder, listing every episode I had downloaded. They just told me to delete the episodes and never do it again.

      Since then I have been afraid of things like this.

      • fizdog

        I’m just saying that from my experience with popcorn time and casting to chromecast sucks. I usually get no sound or bad quality video and I know it’s beta but the app on my note 3 crashes too much. Could be different for Apple TV though. Far as downloading movies/TV shows I never experienced that but I don’t do it anymore since there’s apps to cast to my TV

  • Dutchess

    You TOTALY can stream your popcorn time from your Mac to your Apple TV. Set up dual screens and push the popcorn time app to the second screen on airplay mirroring. Or just mirror your screen and bam it’s on you Apple TV. I do this all the time.

    • Rak S

      True, but the quality using screen mirroring isn’t that great.
      I believe PT will be introducing proper streaming soon and that will work much better.