Booking Apple’s in-store training sessions is now easier than ever


Picture: Apple
Picture: Apple

One of the best things Apple offers for newbie customers is the ability to go into brick-and-mortar retail stores for training sessions.

Looking to improve this service — or at least to speed up the ability for users to make the appropriate reservations — Apple has made changes to its “Learn” webpage, adding an interactive map of its stores along with revised session details.

The changes also integrate workshops such as Youth Programs and One to One training into the existing Concierge reservation system.

Where previously the page asked visitors to go through a multi-step process beginning with picking a session related to their Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and then proceeding to the sign-up reservation process, now customers start by picking out their nearest Apple retail store. At this point a pop-up window appears with details of the store’s available workshops and session — including all available dates and times.

While I never had a problem with the old system, the new one is certainly simpler, and that can only be a good thing for ushering in new customers to the fold.

Source: Apple
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