iPhone 6 camera may feature new 13MP Sony Exmor sensor

Oh, snap! iPhone 6 camera may feature new 13MP Sony Exmor sensor



For many users, the iPhone has long since been their default go-to camera, and that’s unlikely to change with the upcoming iPhone 6.

As many smartphone camera aficionados will know, Apple has been using Sony’s Exmor sensors for its cameras as far back as the iPhone 4s. Both the 4s and 5 used an Exmor IMX145 unit, while the 5s updated to a newer model.

According to a new report, the iPhone 6 is set to upgrade yet again: adopting the Sony Exmor IMX220, which boasts 13 MP and a 1/2.3″ sensor, and is capable of recording 1080p videos (3840 x 1080 resolution sampling.)

This is obviously not confirmed, but the website GforGames notes that the rumor comes from a source who has a “great track record” when it comes to Sony news, so this could well turn out to be the case. The same sensor is also set to feature in the Sony Xperia Z3 — although this particular device will feature 20MP shooting capabilities.

All in all, it looks like the iPhone 6 camera is set to be better than ever. Now if it could only become more adept at shooting in low-light conditions…

Source: Digi-wo
Via: GforGames