Apple wants Jimmy Iovine to reignite its marketing magic


Jimmy Iovine, Tim Cook, Andre Young, and Eddie Cue. Photo: Apple
Jimmy Iovine, Tim Cook, Andre Young, and Eddie Cue. Photo: Apple

If there’s one thing we learned during the World Cup (other than ze Germans are relentlessly brilliant machines), it’s that Beats has some of the best damn marketing on the planet, and Apple really, really needs its help.

After getting tossed around by Samsung in the marketing ring the past few years,  the NYPost reports that Apple is looking to Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine to help it reignite its marketing magic, even if it means cutting ties on its 30-year partnership with TBWA.

Madison Avenue executives are frothing at the mouth with excitement, as signs indicated that Apple is ready to put its entire account up for grabs after housing it at TBWA for the last three decades. Jimmy & Dre are viewed as marketing geniuses by Apple executives, who plan to use Iovine to strengthen Apple’s marketing, after Beats became the hit advertiser of the World Cup with its “Game Before the Game” ad.

Apple has been looking to build its own 1000-person ad team in-house by hiring creatives and buyers away from top agencies. TBWA has made changes of its own to bring fresh ideas to the table by tossing Tom Carroll out of the CEO chair last week, replacing him with Troy Ruhanen, but that might not be enough to keep the account.

Despite creating Apple’s iconic 1984 ad, the Get a Mac campaign, and all those dancing iPod commercials ingrained in your brain, TBWA’s relationship with Apple has been strained the last few years. Phil Schiller came close to firing the company completely, but Apple has instead decided to open up pitches to outside agencies and its internal team, for the time being.

A formal review of its account hasn’t been requested quite yet, but critics think it can’t come soon enough for Apple, after the latest Samsung ads lampooned iPhone users for being wall-hugging loners, while mocking the iPad’s multitasking in a follow-up.





  • Buster: Your attitude makes you sound like an Android troll. Your statement that Apple really, really needs Beats help is exaggeration in the extreme. Who cares that the masses are buying tons of cheap Android phones? Apple is still MASSIVELY profitable and has the highest brand recognition and customer loyalty in the world. The general public will always try to buy cheap, which is the only major advantage to Android phones. Apple could always update and improve its ads, and it’s a usual thing that companies will shift agencies and marketing strategies as time goes by to get fresh ideas. Your attitude of Apple’s marketing “really, really” needing help because of Samsung’s wall huggers ad is ridiculous. Of course the competition is going to put a negative spin on ANYTHING they can about Apple. It will be interesting to see what Apple/Iovine, the in-house marketing department, the new ideas coming from TBWA and any other new agency come up with. Please don’t have a breakdown because Apple has gotten some negative spin — after all, it’s the company that’s been DOOOOMED since it released the Mac in 1984 (and every year since).

    I find Apple’s in-house “Parenthood”, “Strength”, “Powerful”, etc. ads absolutely wonderful. Can Apple’s ads improve? Of course! But they are lightyears away from “really, really” needing help. Your hyperbole is obnoxious, although simply saying that it will be interesting to see what Iovine comes up with doesn’t make a good headline.