Apple pledges to open up about workforce diversity


Beats Music's Jimmy Iovine, Tim Cook, Dr. Dre, and Eddy Cue at Apple HQ
Beats Music's Jimmy Iovine, Tim Cook, Dr. Dre, and Eddy Cue at Apple HQ

Apple has long been criticized by shareholders for stuffing its leadership ranks with a bunch of old white dudes, but as Tim Cook touched down in Sun Valley Idaho for Allen & Co.’s annual media moguls conference, the Apple CEO said his company is about to be a lot more transparent about its diversity.

Following the path of Google and Facebook, who have publicly released information on the diversity of their workforces this year, Tim Cook pledged Apple will do the same, he’s just not sure how long it will take.

During a media Q&A session, Bloomberg reports that Tim Cook pledged to be more transparent, but he’s not giving a time table on when it will happen. “We’ll release the information at some point. We are more focused on actions.”

The recent hirings of Angela Ahrendts and Lisa Jackson and Beats’ Andre Young have added some diversity to the upper ranks, but adding more female and racially diverse employees to the entire 80,000 person workforce will be more of a challenge.

Facebook announced last month that 31 percent of its workforce is female, while 91 percent are white or Asian. Silicon Valley’s other top tech companies have also come under fire by groups like the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, which has been raising awareness for companies like Twitter, HP, Google, Apple and others to be more inclusive towards other races.

  • Josh Sanfilippo

    Why does diversity matter? Just hire people who are good at their jobs. Don’t hire someone just because they are diverse. You want someone because they are good at what they do, not because they change your demographics.

    • DI

      A good mix of people who are good at what they do will bring up different perspectives on problems to be solved and solutions to those problems.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        But you don’t hire someone because you need to fill a diversity quota is what some of us are saying. Sure, it’s great to have people from different backgrounds, etc. but you don’t hire someone just to fill a diversity quota over hiring someone that’s simply more qualified and possibly more educated.

      • Josh Sanfilippo

        That is exactly what I mean. Thank you.

    • NoNonsense74

      Exactly ! Well put ! Because of the focus on diversity, good people who deserve a chance are not getting it.

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Yeah, I guess they needed a couple of idiots that have no college education and one of them barely speaks his native language called American English. They BOTH pump out some of the most vulgar towards women, etc. with heavy usage of the “B” and “N” words as well as the typical smattering of F word and other vulgar words with lots of hatred. God, Cook is DUMB as ever for these two hires. They are the lowest form of producers in the music industry. My rating of Cook went down to a D after he bought Beats. there was no valid reason for it.

    Diversity is a cop out by someone TRYING to say they aren’t a racist. If someone is qualified, then they are qualified, it shouldn’t matter what color skin, etc. I wouldn’t hire someone just because they are a certain skin color to fill a diversity quota. That’s dumb.

  • lee scott

    Diverse? They’re all fuggin’ millionaires. Does it matter what they look like on the outside? No, a millionaire is a millionaire…

  • sanfordandsons

    I would be very careful of promoting diversity too much. Case in point: Apple’s pro-LGBT stance among others. There are many of us who do not want our investments to fund diversity to the extent that Apple becomes more progressive and trade off quality products. What Apple does in hiring of its employee’s are their own responsibility, but when they start catering to minority groups over the majority of their customer base, I begin to wonder if Apple is part and party to the idiot we have in the White House.

    • Josh Sanfilippo

      Amen. Agree with you 100%

  • bigcityguy

    I this is is more along the lines of making sure white guys aren’t just hiring white guys out of habit/familiarity; and making sure you’re getting applications from a diverse group of folks.

    • Ronniiraygun

      Umm no. It should be the most qualified. I see plenty of Asians and Indian engineers at my company. One of our issues have been the language and cultural barriers. Jobs go to who is the best qualified.

      If we hire a foreign engineer and they can communicate their ideas but is very smart they can get the ax since no one can understand them.

      If we hire a middle eastern and they have an issue with a female they get the ax.

      • bigcityguy

        That’s with the assumption that the most qualified have actually applied for the job.

  • Ronniiraygun

    This is such BS crap. Look at the degree, expertise or knowledge it takes to do many of these tech jobs and go for the most qualified person. The fault is in our culture if we can match the percentage in industry that matches societal demographics. If 75% of the engineering degrees go to white people, 14% to Asians, 7% to Hispanics and 4 % to blacks that would be about the makeup of a large engineering department. Now population demographics is different than our degree demographics. Are we saying we want a bunch of unqualified engineers making these products?

    What does this say to minorities? You’re only here based on your skin color and not the content of your character?

    I have seen HR people in the defense industry dance in the hall when they got a multiracial person with a physical disability hired because it filled three spots for the government required quotes for defense contracts. This person could have sat and done nothing for all the company cared. The HR manager was also a minority so you race baiters can calm down.

    Maybe we should change our culture from worshiping degenerate wrappers rapping about rape or running backs pumped out 7 kids with 7 different women and idolize out innovators instead. But then the government would have an issue with a bunch of thought provoking people running around too.

    After all the government needs their dependency slaves to get their votes. Sorry about the politics but when half the country votes for a guy that’s ripping their neighborhoods, schools and destroying the economy you’ve become a useful idiot.