Tim Cook spotted in Sun Valley, tells reporter to ditch Samsung phone


Cook and Cue looking casual in Sun Valley. (Photo by @kajawhitehouse on Twitter)
Cook and Cue looking casual in Sun Valley. (Photo by @kajawhitehouse on Twitter)

Apple’s Tim Cook and Eddy Cue were invited yet again this year to the illustrious business conference put on by Allen & Company in Sun Valley, Idaho. Today they were spotted walking around and talking to reporters.

The tech and media world’s elites gather in the resort town of Sun Valley annually to discuss potential partnerships and deals behind closed doors. Think of it like a social mixer on steroids for the world’s most powerful business moguls. Everyone from Rupert Murdoch to the CEOs of Comcast and AT&T attend.

While casually strolling through the mountain resort today, both Cook and Cue fielded questions from eager journalists looking to get a juicy quote or scoop.

As usual, the two Apple executives didn’t have much to say on the record, although Cook did at one point tell a Bloomberg reporter to ditch her Samsung phone.

Apparently Cook is quite the southern gentleman.

Eddy Cue, who is essentially Apple’s point-man for making media deals, dodged a question from The Information’s Jessica Lessin about whether he was trying to get more content on the Apple TV.

Cook did at one point reveal that Apple will release information on the diversity of its workforce, which is a hot topic in Silicon Valley right now. Apple’s current executive lineup is pretty Caucasian and consists of only one woman.

Unfortunately, neither Cook or Cue were wearing the iWatch. But it definitely looks like Cook has been hitting the gym.