OS X Yosemite gets Dark Mode and other interface tweaks in third developer preview



Alongside the third beta of iOS 8, today Apple released a new developer preview of OS X Yosemite. The upcoming OS is still very much in the beta process, as Apple is continuing to make interface tweaks and add features.

Most notably, Dark Mode can now be easily enabled in System Preferences. The feature, which Apple demoed at WWDC last month, was previously hidden and required some convoluted steps to turn on.

Other minor interface tweaks in Yosemite include the ability to view bookmark folders in the new Safari address bar, larger, more distinct notification badges for apps, and redesigned icons in places like iCloud preferences and Mail.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.48.39 PM

There are new icons for QuickTime and Font Book.


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.23.35 PM

Some users are reporting that the iPhone hotspot feature is now showing up in WiFi. In Yosemite, you are able to turn on your iPhone’s cellular hotspot remotely when it’s connected via Bluetooth.


Apple has said that OS X Yosemite will be available publicly this fall.


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  • London

    After update I can’t find a Dark Mode option, also my Cloud Preference icons don’t look like that at all, though it does show the storage.

  • kavok

    The dark theme is MUUUUCH better than the light theme. Now if it would only work on ALL windows instead of just the dock and menu bar. At least it’s a start.

    • I KNOW RIGHT! I REEEEAAALLLY want like Safari and Chrome and such to work with the dark mode for those days when you have to stare at your computer for hours at a time.

  • Kenton

    From a design perspective, Yosemite is a masterpiece. Its just beautiful.

    • frgough

      From a usability perspective, not so much. But, hey, it looks pretty, right?

  • emueses

    Anybody know if the SMS and iMessage features (where you can receive and make phone calls/messages) is enabled on this Preview? If so, how do you enable it?

    • DR234

      I’d check in settings for Messages app. Then just added handoff in iOS 8 beta 3 so that’d have to be on in settings. Also I think it’s only on computers and devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and up so all the devices that can have iOS 8.Then computers from 2013 and on all should have it and some from 2012 and 2011 do too I believe.

  • DR234

    I’m starting to feel this Public beta is going to be like Dev Preview 6 right before the GM model at the end of August. Hah.

  • David Thomsson

    Any words on when the public beta will be released?

  • This is a awesome upgrade and I like the dark mode feature! good job adding that feature :)

  • obadiahorthodox

    The Dock is UGLY bring back the old icons with the old dock i.e. snow leopard to mavericks. if apple does not, i’m not upgrading

    • chas_m

      I’m sure they’ll drop all their plans and respond to your temper tantrum.

      • obadiahorthodox

        So now its a temper tantrum if I make my own decision based on

      • chas_m

        Yes, it’s a very childish statement to demand that Apple change things to the way you want them or you’re not upgrading. Nobody gives a crap if you upgrade or not, and Apple’s certainly not going to go back (when have they EVER done that) on your say-so. Grow up and keep your immature outbursts to yourself.

      • obadiahorthodox

        So now expressing an opinion about aesthetics is an immature outburst? I think you are the one making the immature outburst here. By the way, there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do about the dock.

        ~ June 06, 2014 12:22
        Personally I hate the 2D look of the Dock. Oh well.

        Sascha M
        ~ June 10, 2014 00:51
        The 2D dock is the most ugliest design move Apple could do…

        ~ June 14, 2014 22:47
        the dock looks awful and the icons look like a 6th grader designed them. look like cartoons. YECK! why don’t they give us options to change?? Linux you can change everything icons themes etc and make your desktop an extension of you. imho

        Mike M
        ~ June 29, 2014 21:59
        The 2D dock just looks terrible compared to the current 3D version. The icons I think look good but not in 2D. They need to be 3D. Disappointed in the feel of these
        ~ July 04, 2014 06:28
        The seems to be a move to a UI that is: “CLEANER” but it’s also more childlike. I wish Apple would utilise the power of there computers to allow the user more choice offer the look and feel of the UI. Add a small setting “3D or 2D”? The hardware is capable of the less “Clean” 3D look so give me the choice.

        ~ July 10, 2014 06:18
        I tried out the DP1 of Yosemite and the first thing I noticed was the dock, IT LOOKS LIKE A CARTOON!!! I have been using Macs since Snow Leopard and have always liked the 3d look of the dock. I didn’t really need any dots to remind me which apps were open because I usually have only one thing open, my browser. With the new look of Yosemite, I think I will wait until somebody makes a 3rd party app to change the dock back to S.L./Lion/ M.L./Mavericks look. As the Grinch told Sam I Am “I do not like them in a box.I do not like them with a fox.I do not like them in a house.I do not like them with a mouse.I do not like them here or there.I do not like them anywhere.I do not like green eggs and ham.I do not like them, Sam I am.”

        ~ July 15, 2014 09:54
        Apple’s design is pretty complicated these days… If Scott Forstall had not been fired, OS X Yosemite will be more beautiful than what it is now” http://www.t-gaap.com/2014/6/6/os-x-yosemite-did-apples-dock-get-better