iPhone 6 will be super-thin thanks to new LCD backlight


The iPhone 6 will be Apple's thinnest phone ever
The iPhone 6 will be Apple's thinnest phone ever

The iPhone 6 will be the thinnest phone Apple’s every created, but it may come at big price for suppliers.

In order to save up space on the iPhone 6, supply chain sources at China Times say Apple is only using one brightness enhancement film (BEF) for the backlit LCD display. Apple used two films in previous iPhones. Reducing it to just one will allow Jony Ive to make a super thin iPhone, but getting the supplies will be tough.

Yield issues could be an issue for Apple’s main supplier Mieba, who says delivering a backlight with one BEF is harder to produce. The main hurdle seems to be that when using a single BEF the remaining layer has to be better than quality, in order to get the job done by itself.

Apple is expect to announce the iPhone 6 this fall with a larger display, improved camera and slimmer design. A series of case leaks have given fans an early peak at what the device might look like, but according to a recent report, those have just been rough approximations of what the final design will look like.

To make sure its able to churn out enough thin iPhone 6’s, Apple is enlisting OMRON and Radiant to make up on the backlight orders Minebea can’t fill. Production is set to begin in July, with a launch expected in September.

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  • yobrett

    I wish Apple would be less concerned about making the iPhone thinner and thinner and instead, fill up any freed up space with more battery, to make some noticeable increases in the iPhone’s terrible battery life.

    Instead they continue to rely on third-party case manufacturers to make up for the iPhone’s major battery shortcomings. :(

    • As long as it lasts me a day, thats really all that matters. Haven’t had hardly any battery shortage qualms since upgrading to a 5 (4’s and below were pretty awful on battery consumption), and even as I approach the two year mark it still lasts a day of significant use.

      • Andy Shorrock

        What are people doing with iPhones where the battery DOESN’T last all day? I’ve never had an iPhone battery conk out on me in one day.

      • Jaro

        had Galaxy S5 for a while – lasted 2 days of typical use. And so does every single f-in smartphone out there, except the one from Apple that lasts like 4 hours of usage (iPhone 5c). So Apple could really stop making it’s phone thinner and lighter and do something really useful for its users.

  • proto732

    No one knows what the next iPhone will look like (right now) except Apple. Everything you are reading is RUMOR and SPECULATION.

    Cult of Mac is assuming the reduction in thickness will go towards making the overall phone thinner. Perhaps that extra space will go towards that thicker battery you are asking for. I would be perfectly happy if the 6 was the same thickness as the 5, but had 1.5 to 2 days of battery life.

  • Joshua D.

    dumb idea unless they have something to support it from bending.

    Videos on youtube of people bending the iphone 5’s aluminum.

  • Jonathan Milner

    i agree need better battery for the 6 and mine dies before the end of most days its stupid they should put a better one in. also it should charge quicker and a better look then whats coming and in the past its silly the same. and the gold and white ones look rubbish with the white