iPhone 6 display caught on video amid rumors of late-September launch


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An alleged display panel for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 has been shown off on video. Not only do you get a good idea of how the device will fit in the hand compared to the 5s, but the display reaffirms previous rumors about the device’s new design.

The Chinese media is affirming that Apple will unveil new iPhone hardware in September, although there’s confusion about exact dates.

The bezel of the leaked panel, which is seemingly legit, curves at the edges like the iPhone 6 casings we’ve already seen from the supply chain. As you can tell by the video, although the 4.7-inch display is considerably larger, it’s not that drastic of a size change from the current design.

Curved edges
Curved edges
A moved camera hole
A moved camera hole

A 5.5-inch iPhone, which has not seen anywhere near the same number of leaks as the 4.7-inch model, is another story. What’s interesting is that sources in China are saying Apple will call the 5.5-inch iPhone the “iPhone Air,” although that’s far from being corroborated by other reports.

Things get confusing on the rumor front concerning launch dates, pricing, and specs

Things get confusing on the rumor front concerning launch dates, pricing, and specs. It is now being reported that the iPhone 6 will go on sale in China on Thursday, September 25th. German carrier Deutsche Telekom and another recent report out of China pegged the release for Friday, September 19th. Apple typically holds new product launches on Fridays, so we’re still inclined to go with the 19th date over the 25th.

On specs and pricing, today’s chatter out of China says the iPhone 6 will cost the same as what the 5s costs now, which makes sense if it replaces the 5s as Apple’s flagship model. The interesting bit is that it’s believed the 16GB starting model will be ditched for 32GB of storage at the same price. Wouldn’t that be nice.

The 5.5-inch, or “iPhone Air,” is expected to cost 5,998 Chinese yuan, which translates to about $965 without a carrier contract. Last month it was reported that Apple would offer a 128GB model of the 5.5-inch iPhone, which would probably help position it as a more premium device.

Bloomberg believes that both larger iPhones will be announced at once this fall, although there have been other reports saying the 5.5-inch model won’t come out until closer to the end of the year. At this point, you can safely bet on a 4.7-inch iPhone in September, and that’s about it.