Untethered iOS 7.1.1 ‘Pangu’ jailbreak released



There have been a few jailbreaks for iOS 7.1.1, but until now no one other than their creators have been able to use them.

Dubbed “Pangu,” a new untethered iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak has been released by Chinese developers, said to be working on the latest iOS 7.1.1 firmware and supporting all the latest Apple devices, including the iPhone 5 and iPad Air. The people behind it apparently took training from noted jailbreaker i0n1c, and are likely using one of the techniques shown off by i0n1c using an iPhone 5c.

According to iH8sn0w, Pangu installs both Cydia and a Chinese app store with illegal apps, but fortunately contains no malware.

While it can be downloaded now, unfortunately it is currently available (at the below link) for Windows only — meaning that OS X users will have to wait a bit longer, although a Mac version is reportedly coming soon.

Source: Pangu.io (download link)

Via: Redmond Pie

  • psychozoic

    how to use it? its fully on chinese

    • psychozoic

      oh. got it.
      you have to set up next date: year 2014, month 06, day 02, time 08.30 a.m.

      • BIGBANGTabiVIP

        Can you explain that a little further? Haha I’m kinda slow. So does that mean you have to set the date one full day ahead and then change it back, or what?

  • troopersam

    Yeah, enjoy the Chinese jailbreak. I ain’t touching that.

    • Tigg Raw

      why not? originally “evasi0n” jailbreak when released was using TaiG Chinese app store and then had to fix it, atleast this jailbreak has the option to not install it.