See Handoff and Phone Calls work their magic in OS X Yosemite



With so many new features in OS X Yosemite, we couldn’t fit them all into one video. Today we take a look at Handoff and Phone Calls, two of the hottest additions to Apple’s operating system. These two powerful features will link your Mac and your iPhone like never before.

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14 responses to “See Handoff and Phone Calls work their magic in OS X Yosemite”

  1. Michel says:

    How was he able to to do that ?

  2. piratx says:

    Wait a second.. I don’t think receive and make calls works in the first beta.. does it?

  3. Nishank Joshi says:

    What technology does it use for hand diff and calls ? Wifi or bluetooth ?

  4. JEBworks says:

    I certainly will use phone on the Mac. Excellent new functionality.

  5. John Punt says:

    Yeah, I’ve got an iPhone 5s and a 2012 Mac Mini and 2013 Macbook Air, and I can’t get Continuity features to work on either one – a big disappointment in the first beta for me, as these are some incredible features!

  6. ches says:

    Calls thru iPhone are working for me, but not Handoff.
    MBA with Yosemite and iPhone 5s with iOS 8 are not connecting through bluetooth.

  7. Ruben Rodrigues says:

    I have a MBP late 2011… I’m seeing people saying it will only work on BT 4.0. Why the hell would i care about it if it works via Wi-Fi?

  8. Oscar Alaniz says:

    I guess it uses Bluetooth 4.0. I can’t get it to work on neither my iMac nor MacBook Air. Betas…

  9. Liberty For All says:

    When will apple produce a Skype type communication product to answer and make calls? Even better, a pier to pier SECURE communication app. Like iTunes, that can be downloaded for both Mac/PC…an Apple Skype-like pier to pier app would be as hot as iTunes…and maybe hotter just for the security alone. Skype/Microsoft is currently recording archiving all communication through skype.

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