OS X 10.10 Inside Look: Yosemite’s beauty isn’t just skin deep



Apple has finally revealed the latest version of OS X, and it’s one of the biggest updates for the operating system in years. In today’s video, we take a quick look at OS X Yosemite in action and provide a quick overview what it has to offer.

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  • locomambo

    Wherea the video? I don’t see it

    • much beauty!!!

    • jimmerithew


  • DTM

    They want you to copy and paste the link. The video is pretty lame though.

  • Noah Thurston

    Also note that users of windows 7 and later will also be able to access iCloud drive, not just IOS and OSX users.

    • Aaron Harvey

      on Windows 7 and 8 and 8.1 and 8.1 Update 1. :P

  • Jared Porter

    Nice job. Nice video. Can’t wait for the real thing!

  • Best thing about 10.10 and iOS 8 is continuity. My phone will extend my Mac and my Mac will extend my phone. That is what I’ve been waiting for!

    It’s apt to have a major refresh on 10.10, it makes so much numerical sense!

  • Erik B. Smith

    so i just installed it, they got rid of your bookmarks bar on safari up top… it now only opens on the left? also i didn’t watch the keynote, but Photos (iPhoto) is not available on mine?? maybe cause i just created a partition and installed there rather than update my real partition… anyone else???

    • I think that you can toggle the bookmarks/favourites bar – I recall them saying so in the Keynote. By default it is probably hidden to give the refined look that Yosemite is all about. So try the View menu and see if there is something similar as on the attached screenshot from Mavericks.

      I’m not sure if iPhoto should/should not be installed as standard. Also some apps might not be ready yet in the beta and may come in a later build.

  • Cadu Schmidt

    Loved the features, hated the looks. At least I can change those rubbish icons and give my eyes some relief.

  • SidTheScienceKid

    Horrible idea! This shitty flat look is not wanted by any sane person. And yes, I am calling you all dumb fucks for beings shills to a suite of f shitty products. I HATE iOS 7 andI do not want that shit on my desktop.