Eddy Cue: There was no reset period at Apple after Jobs’ death



Despite the fact that Steve Jobs didn’t want Apple to become a company in which people were constantly asking themselves “What Would Steve Do?” after his death, it was inevitable that people would compare Apple under Tim Cook to Apple under its legendary co-founder.

Asked about that topic during an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at yesterday’s Re/code Code Conference — and specifically whether there had been a “reset” period following Jobs’ death —  Eddy Cue commented that:

“I never felt like we had a reset. I feel like we have an amazing executive team, many of us who have been there for a long time, working together as a team, building those products — whether it’s hardware, software, services, completely integrated. Look, Steve was a great friend, a great mentor, I miss him, you can’t say it doesn’t mean anything from that standpoint — but when I look at what he set up at Apple and what we’re doing, I think he’d be extremely proud of the all the work we’re doing today and the products we’re building, and I think we’re continuing a lot of the legacy he built.”

He also noted that Jobs had been sick for a while, so there had been a long transition. In addition he said that Apple has its best product pipeline in a quarter-century coming later this year.

Reporters and analysts have remained divided on Apple’s progress post-Steve Jobs: with some noting the company’s continued record breaking growth and insanely great products, while others (like Yukari Iwatani Kane in her book Haunted Empire) playing up a failure narrative, or accusing the company of losing innovation ground to competitors like Google.

Do you think Jobs would have been pleased with Apple’s progress since 2011? Leave your comments below.

Source: Re/code

  • Cameron Scott

    How do you expect people to answer that?. look you would have to work at apple as the CEO and no all apple secrets and what it as been planning for the past four years . But from a outsider in my view yes he would be pleased with apple progress orver the lass 4 years the iPhone is doing great the iPad is doing great and iMacs are doing good and iPods are getting Less relevant as expected

  • Ivan Cheng

    Not sure if Steve would sue Samsung that many times or even suing them at all..

    • PMB01

      That’s exactly what Steve wanted. Thermonuclear war.

  • Crew Miles

    Not so sure how Jobs would feel today. Surely Tim Cook was leading the company well before we learned of his illness I think we should give Mr. Cook respect. As for Jobs he was a very passionate person and a perfectionist, while he may have been supportive of Mr. Cook. I think he would have been pushing even harder for even better products I think what we are about see in the iPhone 6. Is what Steve would have expected in the 5S. As for Suing SAMSUNG, are you kidding me? Not only would he had hit them hard I think he would have at the same time took GOOGLE into suit as well.

  • Ollie McMillan

    I think the operations side of the company, Steve would have been proud of. The products side I feel he would’ve felt differently. iOS 7 specifically. I love iOS 7 personally but we’ll never know if Steve Jobs would have been able to let go of the original design language of iOS.

  • mahadragon

    Best product pipeline in a quarter century? That would be 1989 when Jobs came back to the company. It’s hard to believe the products Apple have in their pipeline would best the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone has been unquestioningly their best product ever. Apple has managed to vault into the role of most valuable company on earth by market value on the back of 1 product.