Bentley’s latest ad was shot with an iPhone 5s, edited on an iPad Air



iOS devices have made tools like video editing more accessible for the general public, but they’re increasingly being used by the pros too.

Car maker Bentley’s latest ad, called “Intelligent Details,” was shot and edited using only an iPhone 5s (for filming), iPad Air (for stitching it all together) and handheld of accessories — including iPhones lenses and mounts.

The use of the iMovie iOS software meant that filmmakers were able to carry out the majority of the editing work from the back seat of their car.

Here’s the ad if you’re interested to see how they did. There’s a nice behind-the-scenes bit at the end, too:

This isn’t the first time iOS devices have been used as professional cameras. Back in September, Burberry used an iPhone 5s to shoot one of its fashion shows, while the Academy Award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man was partially shot using that same model iPhone.

No wonder we opined that the iPhone is now a good enough camera to become the only one you need.

And with the recent hiring of senior Lumia engineer and Nokia PureView camera expert Ari Partinen, things will just continue to get better.

Source: The Loop

  • GifCo

    Yea right! “Shot with the 5s and a few pieces of handheld accessories” try like 100 grand worth of gimbles lenses mounts and stabilizers! With that kind of equipment you could have used any phone ,point and shoot, or tablet you wanted that can film in 1080p. This does not at all prove the iPhone is a good camera.


      um yes it does. it was SHOT with an iPhone. and the rest is just professionals doing their job.

      • GifCo

        First off you clearly don’t know much about film or photography if you think anyone including a pro could get this same result with only an iPhone and nothing else! The point of my comment was to call out the author for implying that this commercial was done with nothing other than an iPhone and “a few accessories”. Having 70-100k worth of pro gear is a little more than a few accessories. And as I said before with that kind of gear you could get the same result with any camera or phone that’s been released since 2010!!

      • sascha

        It’s pretty damn obvious that lots of equipment was used, even without seeing some “behind the scenes” footage. However for Bentley’s target market, it’s exactly “a few accessories”

      • Yermom

        First off, you’re full of shit. It’s not perfectly pristine. A DSLR will look better, but obviously the 5s isn’t bad, because it fooled you. They also converted to black and white, which hides chroma noise quite well, but even that was probably not necessary. The iPhone 5 has an amazing cell phone camera. Far and away the best.

  • Jay Turner

    @gifico Agreed that they used a lot of expensive motion capture equipment to film this. They also used the iprolens not just gimble. Bentley could’ve chosen to use any phone and accessories they wanted but chose the iPhone. Don’t hate participate!

  • CYC

    For all their “#intelligentdetails” (3:11) why don’t these designers have their seat belts fastened?

    • IrelandJnr

      If you crashed into a Bently the Bently would giggle.


    “…they’re increasingly being used by the pros too” … when Marketing comes up with a budget big enough to ask pros to do it. Very good proof of concept, but I wouldn’t shoot or edit on these devices if I didn’t have to.

  • Forgal

    And this page wasn’t made for and with an iPad… Adobe Flash just crashed on me while I was watching the video.

  • mahadragon

    Don’t understand why Apple doesn’t take a hard look at this and come out with their own dedicated camera? The 2 tone flash they invented has potential to be better than any other flash out there because it can mix both cool and warm tones to accommodate the conditions. No other flash out there can do this, they are usually set to ‘cool’ and Apple has only been in the photography business since they made the iPhone.

    Apple could destroy Canon and Nikon if they wanted. Those 2 companies have been sitting on their collective behinds for decades. Apple has taken the budget point and shoot market without even trying. Imagine if Apple actually got serious about photography and/or moving making?

  • antoinepgrew

    They’re using a MoVI Rig by FreeFly. $5Gs to $16Gs. Add a PadCaster for $150.