New Apple TV and iWatch will be MIA at WWDC next month



Those hoping to get a peek at Apple’s game-changing future products at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference reportedly need to “dial back [their] expectations or be disappointed.”

Despite Tim Cook’s promise from the WWDC stage last year that Cupertino would enter “new product categories,” no big reveals are forthcoming on the iWatch or Apple TV fronts at this year’s big conference, according to a report from Re/code.

Rumors have predicted the iWatch’s arrival in the fall at the earliest anyway, so the exclusion of that product shouldn’t come as a surprise. A lack of news related to the Apple TV is more surprising.

Apple has been preparing a big update to the Apple TV for a while now, and new hardware was expected to be shown as early as last fall. After that didn’t pan out, more recent reports have pegged the update to arrive in the first half of this year.

What little is known about the next-gen Apple TV is that it will be heavily focused on gaming and possibly implement motion-tracking technology.

There’s also the possibility that Apple will open up the ability for devs to make third-party apps like they can for the App Store. On a recent episode of The Talk Show, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber said Apple has some “amazing engineers” working on the project. He added that there is no way they would be “working on the Apple TV as we know it.”

If the next Apple TV really does have its own App Store and fancy motion sensors, Apple likely wouldn’t want it to share the stage with everything at WWDC anyway.

So what can we expect at WWDC? The most recent word on the street is that Apple will primarily focus on a heavily redesigned version of OS X. And iOS 8, of course.

Source: Re/code


  • thomas

    I really want the iwatch tho

  • Joffre Arteaga

    I don’t think there’s an i watch or itv , I think its just apple starting rumours to laugh at Samsung, i can just imagine Ives and Cook , laughing saying lets start a rumour that we are going to release a car with wings, Samsung rushes to be first and cook and ives on the floor laughing.

    • thomg875

      LOL That is good!
      But I will wait before buying a device band for pedometer and calorie estimation to see if Apple does bring out a device to do like. If not by the end of the year I will give up and just say Tim Cook was blowing hot air saying they had great new devices in the mix.

      • Joffre Arteaga

        yeah i hope i am wrong and they do have a smart watch and TV , but it has been so long now, i just think they enjoy the fact that as soon the competition hears apple might be doing something they shit themselves and rush to make it before apple, and Apple just giggles.They must have new products coming out but i think apple is having some fun with Samsung by starting its own rumours.

      • Woody Phillips

        Samsung definitely showed themselves up with the dysfunction heart rate sensor in the Galaxy S5, I can’t get mad at them anymore – you just have to laugh at it.

      • Joffre Arteaga

        I know I couldn’t believe it, when I saw that, if they had also added along side de heart rate monitor a urine sample, I would have bought one.