iWatch gears already grinding for fall launch



Apple suppliers in China have finally started producing the iWatch, according to a report from China Times that claims Jony Ive’s wristwatch masterpiece will land in the U.S. this Fall, and it might be even smaller than we thought. 

Rather than going with a traditional printed circuit board, Apple will use a system-in-package (SiP) module – a bunch of integrated circuits and parts wrapped up in an enclosed package. SiPs allow a simpler design overall as fewer external components are needed.

The benefit of using an SiP system is it will save space so Jony Ive can slim its profile to the barebones. The drawback is that if one part goes faulty the entire system has to be replaced.

Production of SiPs usually yield fewer units, so Apple is already beginning a small sample of production on the iWatch, according to China Times’ sources, with 2.5 – 3 million units expected by Fall 2014, a small initial supply to launch with, but production should ramp up to 14 – 15 million units by the end of the year.

Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp, NanyaPCB and Advanced Semiconductor are said to be the companies producing Apple’s SiP modules with a launch slated for sometime in September. are going to be the ones behind the production of the said component.

Via: GforGames

  • Dwayne Harris

    I really wish you guys would stop posting random renders with articles like these. You’re not even attempting to make it clear that the picture you’re showing is just some random idea some person on the internet has.

  • acslater017

    Excited, but I usually wait for the second generation. iPhone 3G and iPad 2 were my entry points. Usually contains new tech and design fixes…

    • Frankie Ong

      I am planing to get iPad Air lately. do you think i should wait for the second generation as well ? since there will be an announcement coming soon in June. what do you think ?

      • Stanisław Olszak

        I’d wait just for Touch ID. Once you get used to it on the iPhone the lack of it is really annoying every time you unlock your iPad :)

  • exodus_honey

    I would super appreciate a little more info on when exactly ‘fall’ is? I’m not from the northern hemisphere and have no idea when these seasonal periods lie. Perhaps Q1/2/3/4 might be a better indication in future, Buster?

    • Mick Loftus

      ‘Fall’ in North America refers to winter when temperatures fall…. no hang on, it’s acutally summer when bikini tops fall… no hang on give me a sec, it’s spring when lambs first start ‘falling’ onto our plates… or maybe it’s Autumn when the leaves start to fall… oh I give up….

      • exodus_honey

        That’s all well and good, but I need to know if it’s going to be before or after the autumnal equinox. I’m going to be south of the tropic of cancer this mid-summer so I want to know if I’ll be using my iWatch ‘neath my maypole.

      • Jessica Gadd

        It usually means sometime between September and the end of November.