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New Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover With Automatic Hinge And Adjustable Angle


Barely two months after I bought the original, Logitech has updated the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad, with matching new models for the iPads Air and Mini. The Bluetooth keyboards still work as covers and stands for your iPad, but now they also hold the iPad at an adjustable angle, and have a hidden hinge that pops out when your need it.

The current keyboard cover is flawed, and now appears to have been something of a stopgap, a cut-down version of the original made to fit the Air while Logitech finished off this version. Mine doesn’t close properly, and Killian’s doesn’t line up with the iPad when it’s closed.
The hinge is the neatest part of the new cover. It stays hidden until you dangle the edge of your iPad in its face, whereupon it stands up proud and ready to grasp the iPad’s edge with its magnets, just like the Smart Cover. This must be done with magnets, and is the kind of clever detail you’d only usually expect to find in an actual Apple product.

The other part is a tilting hinge that lets you set the iPad at multiple typing angles. I’m tall, so I like the iPad to lay back a little when I’m typing, and now I’ll be able to do that.

Do I regret buying the previous version? Nah. I got it to use as an ultra-portable keyboard that doesn’t take up much space in my bag. And the keyboard itself is pretty great, in terms of feel.

If I had a choice though, I’d check the new one out. Available for pre-order, in black or white, for $100.

Source: Logitech