Injustice: Gods Among Us To Unleash Multiplayer Mode & New Characters



DC Comics comic game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, will be getting a new mobile multiplayer mode and tons of new characters, according to reports coming out of WonderCon.

Developed by NetherRealm and published by Warner Brothers, the fighting game is one of a very select few that gets it right on touch-based devices — faithfully translating the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console game to Apple’s mobile operating system.

Until now, however, playing the game on iOS has been a solitary experience. That looks like it will be rectified in a future game update, as a video from DC All Access reveals a multiplayer mode in the works.

At the moment it’s not known whether this will include head-to-head multiplayer (although the video suggests it might), or whether this will simply be an online leaderboard-style competition.

What the video shows more clearly, though, is that a metric ton of new characters appear set to debut in Version 2.0 of the game, along with what appears to be new types of (possibly team-based) finishing moves.

The Injustice: Gods Among Us Facebook page and Twitter account are two of the best places to monitor to get new details as they emerge.

Otherwise keep checking in on Cult of Mac where we’ll continue to bring breaking news about this excellent iOS battler.

Source: YouTube