Apple/Google Truce? Apple Allows (Limited) Texts On Google Glass



Google Glass wearers who also use an iPhone will get a convenient update later this week.

As per a new post on the Google+ page for the device, the update will let iPhone users see text messages directly on Glass — without having to take the phone out of their pocket first. In Google’s words:

iOS fans, by popular demand you can now get texts from your friends on Glass. Get started by going to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and turning on “Show Notifications” for your paired Glass. When you receive a new text message, it will appear as a notification on Glass. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to reply from Glass due to some limitations with iOS. (Android fans, don’t feel left out – you’ve got SMS on Glass already.)

The “read only” aspect is somewhat annoying, since it stops you from carrying out a whole text conversation on the move, but owes to Apple’s stringent API limitations.

Still, the fact that this is happening at all might suggest that the cold war between Google and Apple may be thawing.

The new Glass update will additionally add a Calendar Glassware feature.

Note that Google Glass users who want to interact with iOS devices will need to first download the free MyGlass for iOS app from the App Store.

Source: Google+

  • ikendel

    This is a new protocol that came with iOS 7. My pebble smart watch [also a BT device] also receives text messages!

  • takeoffthetinfoilhat

    I’m confused too. How does this in any way indicate anything other than Google knows how to use Apple’s notification API?

    • Robert Vorthman

      I am also confused. Apple added the Notification Center Service to their API last summer with iOS 7. How is Google utilizing this API interpreted as a cold war thawing between Google and Apple?

  • Portnoys Compliment

    Next up.
    The next iteration of GOOGLE Glass. Just insert one magnet clamp into both of your nose holes and two optional free location neodymium magnets on the outside of your nose.
    This GOOGLE Booger viewer then lays on your face and right under your eye you can freely scratch your ears. It even comes with an in-nostral cam so you can see live-streaming videos of your hardening mucus.