Point-Of-Sale App ShopKeep Update Streamlines Payment Flows



Business owners who use the iPad for retail will likely want to check out the latest update of point-of-sale app ShopKeep POS, which has just been updated to version 2.0.

A significant update, ShopKeep Version 2.0 radically overhauls the look and feel of the app, with an attractive new interface inspired by iOS 7.

The app also features streamlined functionality — allowing vendors to ring up customers faster than ever with a Single Sign On feature that means that both managerial functions and ringing transactions can be done with one code.

A list of the update’s full features can be seen below:

• Improved user experience and alignment with iOS 7 design conventions

• Single Sign On: Gone are the days of maintaining separate sign in codes for accessing manager functionality and ringing transactions. With Single Sign On, one code is all you need.

• Unified Payment Flows: All payment flows have been redesigned to improve the speed of each transaction, yet all look and behave in the same seamless manner, including accepting split tender.

• Signature on Paper, Tip Disabled: This is the latest addition to our range of receipt options

ShopKeep POS can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store, compatible with all iPads running iOS 7 and above. Note: if you signed up with ShopKeep before March 31, 2013, to use some of the new features you will need to manually enable them using the service’s Web-based BackOffice.

Source: iTunes

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