The New Das Keyboard Looks So Cool Your Desk Will Feel Ashamed Of Itself


Here’s the Das Keyboard 4, possibly the most bad-ass clacky keyboard in existence. No keycap markings, USB 3.0, Cherry MX switches and a huge knob. All that plus Das’s trademark feature: it’s as big as a boat. A “Das Boat” if you will.

You know how when you leave a pack of cookies open instead of sealing them in an airtight jar? They still taste the same, but they get all mushy: the satisfying snap has gone out of them. That’s how I feel now when I use even Apple’s excellent keyboards. They’re mushy compared to my clackety Filco keyboard.

The new Das sports the same Cherry MX key switches (choose from blue or the quieter brown), along with laser-etched keycaps (for the professional version – the ultimate has nothing written on there), a 2-port USB 3.0 hub, an anodized aluminum top panel and a set of media control keys grouped together over on the right.

And then there’s that cool volume knob. Who knows if it’s even practical, but it certainly looks amazing.

I tried a Das some years back, and found the keys to be excellent, but the unit to be way too big. The Filco looks like a miniature iPad keyboard in comparison, with smaller bezel and the keypad lopped off. Bu man the new Das is neat looking. Maybe I need to get one in for review…?

Source: Das Keyboard