The New Das Keyboard Looks So Cool Your Desk Will Feel Ashamed Of Itself


Here’s the Das Keyboard 4, possibly the most bad-ass clacky keyboard in existence. No keycap markings, USB 3.0, Cherry MX switches and a huge knob. All that plus Das’s trademark feature: it’s as big as a boat. A “Das Boat” if you will.

You know how when you leave a pack of cookies open instead of sealing them in an airtight jar? They still taste the same, but they get all mushy: the satisfying snap has gone out of them. That’s how I feel now when I use even Apple’s excellent keyboards. They’re mushy compared to my clackety Filco keyboard.

The new Das sports the same Cherry MX key switches (choose from blue or the quieter brown), along with laser-etched keycaps (for the professional version – the ultimate has nothing written on there), a 2-port USB 3.0 hub, an anodized aluminum top panel and a set of media control keys grouped together over on the right.

And then there’s that cool volume knob. Who knows if it’s even practical, but it certainly looks amazing.

I tried a Das some years back, and found the keys to be excellent, but the unit to be way too big. The Filco looks like a miniature iPad keyboard in comparison, with smaller bezel and the keypad lopped off. Bu man the new Das is neat looking. Maybe I need to get one in for review…?

Source: Das Keyboard

  • groberts1980

    I had an original Das Keyboard back in the day and found it to be too loud for an office environment. I haven’t tried the quieter version, but it’s what I would go for unless you work from home. In a solo environment the sound is pleasing, but I can imagine co-workers getting quickly annoyed at the sound of me typing. I would like to try the “brown” keys at some point, but I wish they had a “showroom” somewhere where I could try one out before splurging on a keyboard this expensive. This article also caused me to look up these Filco keyboard, and I absolutely balked at the price. Some of them approaching (and crossing) the $200 mark for a keyboard!

  • Brand Custodian

    Review omits to mention that the keyboard layout is only available for PC (although you can connect it to a Mac). And who wants that.

    • Mike Apgar

      It *appears* from the description that although the layout is set for PC by default the volume knob and other functional elements will all work properly on a Mac. I’ll be really disappointed but have bought several Das KBs in the past couple of years — they seem serious about quality and doing things right.

      So, presuming all of the functional knobs and keys will work as one would expect on a Mac, you might want to consider taking a second to swap the ⌘ ﹠⌥ keys in Preferences (under Keyboard… Modifier Keys – be sure you select the right Keyboard from the top pull-down if you have more than one or if using an external keyboard on your laptop!) and I can assure you it’s trivially easy to adjust for any touch typist.

      =Tip for those intimidated by “blank” (Ultimate)=
      I wanted Brown keys so was forced to go with the Ultimate (no markings) which fixed the noise but had to admit in low light often enough trouble hitting the right key without first going “home” (as in index fingers on F﹠J) — so I bought their WASD colored keys and swapped them out with the #2, B, #8 and { which makes it easy to eyeball the right key one-off — happy camper now and a big fan of Das — though I do wish they would cater a little more towards Mac.

      p.s. – Brown is quiet enough for shared environs imo (and those who work w/in 5 yards); can’t say the same about the louder Cherry keys (agree w/ @groberts1980) but they sure are fun going full tilt!

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    No keycap markings? WTF! Although I realize it’s not meant for me and I’m a good touch typist, I consider it absolutely preposterous to think they’re going to sell a lot of these keyboards no matter how good they feel.

    • MongooseMan

      You can have it with marked keys.