Alleged iPhone Images Show Slimmer Body, Protruding Camera



This morning’s gallery of iPhone 6 renderings had us drooling for an iPhone 6 but a set of leaked images claiming to originate from Apple supplier Foxconn might be our first glimpse of Cupertino’s next handset, or at least a phase of its development process.

The Weibo account they were posted on claims they’re straight from the Foxconn production floor, but seems how all the April Fools jokes are coming out today, we advise take pairing this with a hearty serving of skepticism.

Here’s another pic:


If these do turn out to be the real deal, it looks like the iPhone 6 will be significantly thinner than the iPhone 5s with an all metal rear-casing. It could also get the protruding camera lens as first found on the iPod Touch, granted someone’s not just yanking our chain today.

Via: GforGames

  • Adrayven

    It looks like someone took the photo’s from Japan then tweaked them to add thick plastic trim… Also, that design on the WINDOWS pc is on a WINDOWS XP computer.. NOT! so fake they didn’t even really try.

    Yeah, this is in a factory all right, but it’s in a factory producing fake/counterfeit phones! I’m sure they will sell on the Chinese market as the next best thing to an ‘iPhone 6’ for years to come!

  • Looks very stupid that and iPhone is made in Windows…… XP………

    • seth walker


  • seth walker

    If this is indeed the actual phone, this person needs to be fired! Im getting sick of Apple’s phones being leaked. I guess its hard to be surprised these days.
    I do not think its the iP6 though.

  • moso

    in a windows ??

  • Ashley Van Steenacker

    On windows you may ask. (not talking that the design is real or not) But in a production environment where that Make the design eg.. in Auto cad, Solidworks. or where thy actuality Mill these things you will not find a Mac. (or not much) So it could be true. You’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Bruce Schrock

    Almost all CNC programing and machining is done on windows. I’m running my router software on a VM platform on a mac so uses a mac but still has to have windows to run.

    About the “iPhone” in the photos…. I hope they don’t go that design route.

  • PMB01

    The 6 won’t look like this. Apple won’t let the camera protrude from the body like that. It’s also too thin for a decent battery.