The iPhone 6 Has Been Rendered Based Upon Leaked Schematics, And It’s Beautiful [Gallery]


iPhone-6-CB (1)

Based upon leaked schematics discovered by Macotakara of the forthcoming 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants of the iPhone 6, Nowherelse teamed up with concept designer extraordinaire Martin Hajek to create what may be the most plausible look at what Jony Ive’s next iPhone design would look like yet.

All the proportions here are perfect: althougb it features a larger profile, a super thin design, and an edge-to-edge display, the design still features a beautiful internal symmetry that seems worthy of Apple. There are some changes: the edges are curved, more organic, and the volume buttons have been unified into a single rocker, but otherwise, it looks like an evolution of the current iPhone 5s. Which is exactly what the iPhone 6 would look like.

Check out more images below. What do you think? Could this be the iPhone 6?




  • Adrayven

    IF, and thats a big IF, this is the new iPhone w/larger screen.. I’m upgrading..

  • William D

    if it’s that thin the battery will last 2 hours, surely. Or have I missed some quantum innovation in battery technology/ power management?

    • mythofechelon

      It’s thinner but taller and wider. May balance out.

      • William D

        perhaps, but the screen is larger, and would presumably need more power too. I don’t know, i just find all of this somewhat delusional. but i’d be MORE than happy to be proved wrong and buy one in a heart-beat!

      • lowtolerance

        The screen is larger, so the form factor will inherently be larger, while the rest of components will likely not be much different than the current-sized iPhone. That translates directly to more room for a larger battery.

      • Hardy Thomas

        Thats Where Tesla comes into picture

      • vivalafixed

        the rest of the components may even be smaller.

    • Adrayven

      Not much thinner than the 5s.. it has a full sized stereo jack, cannot go any thinner than that!) .. The model just makes it look thinner because the screen is much bigger (This depicts the 5.5″ phone)…

    • VotersRights

      At some point Apple will get their liquid metal technology they licensed figured out and start using it in batteries like the tech promised when it was invented. It would supposedly make battery life in MacBooks for up to 30 days on standby. I doubt that’s even close to true, but somebody thought enough of it to license it.

    • ThomasHarborg

      They(apple) wouldnt compromise on the hours you can use the device.. They have always been a company that has tried to make the most out of battery consumption! You should not be surprised if its got a longer batterylife!!

    • RaptorOO7

      Even with a larger design and the components remaining the same size which would in theory allow for a larger battery you are overlooking the obvious issue, its thinner so the battery has to be thinner so they are only wasting an opportunity to put a real battery into the iphone. Perhaps they should talk to LG about their new battery tech and make better use of space.

  • CraftBeer

    This sketch appears to ditch the dual LED flash.

  • Philippe Bigeat

    First rendering that doesn’t look like the designer was drunk, looking for a job,hallucinating, or all of the above.
    It’d be happy with one of those but I’d like to see picture of both the 4.7 and 5.7 next to each other though.

  • jasonpolk

    Pretty… but I’m not sure how you fit a camera in that.

  • mrmaccat

    as a cad designer i like the rendering i just want to know what happened to the small protrusion on the lower drawing around the lens of the camera (or does it say in Korean this part is actually flush ) I am certain that apples engineers have at least matched the battery life issue lest they endure “batterygate ” or a case of assault and battery by press wonks.

    • Jim Marinis

      The 5.7in phone is thinner, so i suppose that requires the protrusion.

    • joshmread

      Japanese, not Korean. :P

  • sisdog

    Please no more glass backs.

    • 0987654321

      That is solely what my decision is based off.

      • BP Kollyde

        If it is sapphire , does that change your decision?

      • 0987654321

        Never have I seen a reason for any glass surface for the back of a phone. Sapphire is horrible to produce and worse than corning. Aluminum all the way. Just put effort into making sure is does not dent easily.

      • BP Kollyde

        “Sapphire is horrible to produce and worse than corning.” <–this just isn't true!

        ..also When you say "just put effort into making sure it does not dent easily" Apple did that already. They invested in sapphire which is scratch resistant and is a better option than the aluminum that Apple uses now.

    • BP Kollyde

      it will most likely be sapphire back

    • TheRealSpark

      I don’t see any callout on the drawing that states the material used on the back, or anywhere else. The artist’s rendering has made the back shiny and glass-like, but that’s an interpretation. Based on the drawing, the back could be made from Kryptonite with a glowing green finish. Who knows? Neither us or the artist.

  • Looks like a cheap, plastic Samsung phone. Ugggghhhh

    • Dex ⚡

      What?????????? This is a 3D render… and I’d be hard-pressed to find a Samsung phone that looks like THAT. Actually, I’d be willing to bet there are no phones in the world that look even remotely close to that design with that thinness. Please go away.

    • Ace

      troll bait

  • ericbrady

    The lines on the sides (near top and bottom of screen) certainly don’t look clean and add nothing to the design in my opinion.

  • Not bad! I’ve been very skeptical about a larger iPhone screen just because I’m very much a one-hand user, but a much thinner phone could make up for the added width.

  • Tom Walker

    I’d love an iPhone with a larger screen if they also added more functionality to iOS. As it stands, the lack of widgets and file management leave iOS relatively crippled when compared to other platforms.

    • 0987654321

      Good. It leaves the pleebs from not complaining about being too confusing while anyone with a brain can jailbreak.

      • Tom Walker

        Jailbreaking is too unreliable (the availability of jailbreaks is highly irregular), and most of my jailbroken devices have been restored to stock iOS due to stability issues, or wanting some of the features in the latest release of iOS. At least with Android, rooting is always available for the latest/greatest version of Android, and is widely supported by App developers, even so far as having countless “root required” apps on the play store.

        Jailbreak development support has been stagnant for a while as Apple has become too aggressive with patching exploits for the Dev Teams to keep up.

    • lucascott

      for you. But not for the average person who doesn’t care about widgets and file systems.
      Apple creates for them so either get over the obsession or start jailbreaking as that’s the likely only way you will get either

      • Tom Walker

        The average person is annoyed with the need for iTunes in order to move media to their device. The average user would also appreciate widgets.

        I say this as someone who works for a company that issues iPhones to every employee. The criticisms are universal. Virtually everybody bemoans the inability to freely add files to their device without the need for additional software (Dropbox, iTunes etc.)

        But, sadly, most average users have succumbed to the marketing and ecosystem of Apple, and are now stuck dealing with whatever limitations Apple wants to perpetuate.

        How appropriate that you believe that someone must jailbreak to get those features, when the logical thing to do is simply by a premium Android handset, like the HTC One or Sony Xperia Z.

        But, keep your Apple blinders on, and keep throwing money at them in hopes that they will someday innovate again.

  • John you mentioned 5.5 inches for the larger one but the scetch is stating it’s 5.7. Just honestly curious.

  • Al

    Don’t mind if battery doesn’t last all day. but limit recharge time to 30mins would be nice.

  • Boo glass backs, I’ll take my metal casing any day. Can’t see Apple ditching the metal back design element any time soon.

    Edges seem a bit too rounded/organic. I imagine it being more akin to the iPad air form factor to create more product continuity. But certainly not a bad stab at it, and the most realistic concept yet.

    Also, very small error, but the designer reversed the side of the headphone jack from the schematics to his renderings.


    we have already this actual part on Sonny Dickson’s site

    • James Lawson

      Feel free to share then, because I haven’t seen anything posted on his site.

  • pratikindia

    Looks like ugly Samdung.

    • Dex ⚡

      …not at all.

  • Megan

    I really hate the color/metal design on the gold one. If it had been all aluminum it would look great but the white glass on the back with everything else gold just looks horrible. I sincerely hope the iphone 6 looks like this but with a full aluminum back like the iPods.

  • DtownBlogger

    Hideous!!! I highly doubt apple would release something this unatractive!

    • Ace

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • QwertyJuan

    Actually quite pretty.

    However, how much crow is the average iPhone user going to have to eat after this is produced?

    • lucascott

      How much crow is the average blog commenter going to eat when it doesn’t.

      • QwertyJuan

        Let’s revisit this post in 5-7 months… deal?? :)

  • monstermasten

    Can people stop wishing for a bigger phone? Man I wish Steve were alive.

    • Maxim∑

      Steve would have increased the screen size too eventually.

      can people stop with the
      “Steve must be rolling in his grave X”
      “If Steve Jobs was alive X would never happen”
      “I miss Steve Jobs Apple is going down”

      • lucascott

        Actually you don’t know what Steve would have done anymore than the other side knows what he wouldn’t have.
        Maybe Steve would have listened to the loud minority that wants an Apple Galaxy Note. Maybe he would have told them to stuff it. Regardless the point is moot since he’s dead and no longer in charge.

        But you are right that folks need to move on with the whole Steve, Steve, Steve. As said, he’s dead. If you don’t like what Apple is or isn’t doing, perhaps you need to move on from them rather than mope about droning about about Steve this, Steve that

      • QwertyJuan

        People talk about Steve, just like people talk about Mohammed, Buddha and Jesus.

        Steve is the Apple’s Zealot’s saviour, and is regarded as such.

  • John

    This doesn’t have me impressed. For one, it’s way too thin. This just doesn’t remind me of an iPhone. It’s a fake concept someone drew up and the only thing that will likely be true from this is edge to edge display. It’s not the iPhone 6.

  • Razvan Coroama

    And yet I’m going to get an Z2

  • jmotyka

    Looks like they took a page out of HTc’s book!

    • Maxim∑

      I hope you realize Apple and HTC have a cross patent licensing deal, if you noticed the m8 shares similarities to iPhone

      • jmotyka

        You respond as if i was being negative. Which im not. Im also aware of the cross licensing between the two tech giants. I like that they are both going for rounded corners. EDIT: And Rounded Edges.

  • Ron

    The wrap round edges reminds me of the HTC One M8

  • seth walker

    I think it will be a bit less rounded and more tapered like the “Air” line apple has. I do really like this rendering. I hope the Gold is like the 5s and just doesn’t wrap around the frame. I still think that Apple is going to pull something on us and surprise. “Cant innovate my a$$…”

  • Rounded edges means the phone can’t stand up on its own. I am not happy about this. Current iPhone 5S design is great for taking timed photos without needing anyone to hold the phone.

    Also this puts the app “Cycloramic” out of business, haha

  • DBerti

    I doubt they would go back to the glass back design unless it is sapphire. I’m really hoping the back is all metal and it could be aluminum with liquid metal accents.

  • Anastasya

    I wonder if they change the batteries and dont use the one from iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s… if they should use the same, ppl should be prepared to have toasted hands n phone…

  • Albert Calzaretto

    Why would they make it thinner though. Make the battery bigger! More battery life! Come on Apple!

  • PMB01

    Not gonna happen.

  • Rob

    In the hopes that they actually try to improve battery life I hope it’s not this thin. Other than that, I want one!!

  • Timothy Geisler

    Hmm, Anyone think they may ditch all external connectors for inductive charging and wireless sync. Probably wouldn’t ditch the headphone jack. Do that and you now have more room for a battery and a whole new line of accessories to sell. That would be a Texy (my new word for Sexy Tech) phone.

    • lucascott

      No. Because the average person isn’t getting ‘gasms off such ideas. And like or not, Apple designs for the 95, not the 5. The average person is fine with plug in headphones, wired syncing etc. And this idea of inductive charging would probably freak them out. Especially when it would require way more gear than a simple wall bug and cable

  • lucascott

    meh. it’s decent but not really that overwhelming. And I really wonder if there’s enough space for all the needed bits, especially a decent battery.

  • bjamesreed

    Headphone jack is on the wrong side