Fun Space Sim FTL Warps To The iPad April 3 With Advanced Content


So. Good.
So. Good.

FTL: Faster Than Light came out in September of 2012, and we’ve done nothing but rave about it since then.

The only thing missing from the FTL experience, though, was the ability to play the dang thing on an iPad. “How sweet would that be?” we thought.

Today’s our lucky day, then, as the developers behind the hot space-sim rogue-like have righted the wrongs in their universe by letting us all know that FTL would be available for the iPad (along with an Advanced Edition for the Mac and PC) this coming April 3.

Micromanage your machines.
Micromanage your machines.

FTL will cost you an affordable $10 if you don’t already own it, but if you’ve been playing FTL on your Mac already, you’ll get the expansion for free. All current owners of the game will get the update from whichever digital vendor they originally purchased it from, say the developers in a blog post.

The iPad version of FTL will also run $10 and will contain the same content as the expansion and original game.

Fight to the death.
Fight to the death.

The FTL team also posted some details on the iPad port, as well.

The iPad version of FTL will require an iPad version 2 or higher (iPad 1 is not supported) and will cost the same as the PC version, $10. It will be the complete game, including the new Advanced Edition content, and will not have any in-app purchases. We are proud to say that the iPad version is a true equivalent to the PC in the experience it provides, which is why we are price matching to the PC version.

So fear not, intrepid would-be mobile FTL player, your time is not too far off.

Source: FTL

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