How Apple Will Make A Thinner, Lighter 12-Inch MacBook Air [Rumor]



The MacBook Air already feels impossibly thin and light, but it’s set to get even thinner and lighter if a rumor out of Asia is to be believed.

According to a leaker on Chinese forum Weiphone, Apple is planning a radical redesign of the MacBook Air “soon.” Don’t expect an ARM-based MacBook, though: we’ve previously explained why Apple’s not likely to do that any time soon.

Rather, Apple will make the new MacBook Air thinner by eliminating the fan assembly, which is part of what makes the Air thicker on one end than the other. It’s perfectly doable: the Haswell processors that the MacBook Air uses are efficient enough that there are already ultrabooks on the market without fans. Presumably, though, such a move will further increase the gaming performance gap between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

In addition, the rumor suggests that Apple will save space within the new MacBook Air’s chassis by eliminating the physical clicking mechanism in the trackpad. If true, that’s sort of a bummer: the clickiness of Apple’s trackpads is very satisfying from a tactile perspective. I’d hate to see that replaced with a less tangible trackpad, like the Microsoft Surface.

In addition, the rumor suggests the new MacBook Air would come in a 12-inch variety. I wonder if this is the source of the iPad maxi rumors?

Source: Weiphone
Via: Macrumors

  • digitaldumdum

    Elimination of a fan, if true, would be great. Less noise, probably no greater heat and thinner. However, I can’t agree with this statement: “If true, that’s sort of a bummer: the clickiness of Apple’s trackpads is very satisfying from a tactile perspective.

    I’ve been using “Tap to Click” on MacBooks and Macbook Pros for years, and I never, ever use the physical click. With a silent, gentle tap, one can do everything a physical click can accomplish, but with less effort, noise and wear and tear on the mechanism. One less button to break is one less thing to have repaired.

    Just one man’s opinion.

  • I agree on the clickable trackpad bit. I’ve NEVER liked having to “click” the trackpad. It’s annoying. I use tap-to-click.

    As for the 12″, that’d be cool if it ended up using the “iPad Maxi”‘s display, which would likely be 2560×1600. I want to upgrade my 2012 11″ Air to one of the newer ones with better battery life and maybe go to a 13″… but if the 12” happens, that’s likely what I’d get.

  • slutyslutington

    i just want a 13” or 15” broadwell macbook Air, mainly for the battery life, I dont care about retina that much, I just want a laptop that I never have to worry about charging.