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Meison Morgan’s Handmade iPhone 5s Case Is A Beauty [Review]



About a month ago, I reviewed a beautiful iPad mini case from U.K.-based BUKcase that was designed to make the device look like a simple book-bound notebook. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been testing a handmade iPhone 5s case from Meison Morgan, courtesy of MyBanana, that has the same aim.

Meison Morgan by Meison Morgan
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s
Price: €30/$46

Manufactured in Greece using the same bookbinding process that traditional notebook makers use, this case offers not only good looks, but also all-round protection that promises to withstand the test of time.

It’s available in black and denim (blue), and it’s super affordable at €30 ($46).

The Good

Just like the BUKcase for iPad mini, Meison Morgan’s iPhone case is unique and eye-catchingly pretty. It instantly adds character to your otherwise ordinary iPhone, and it’s so convincing that at first glance, you wouldn’t even know it was a smartphone case.

P1040925The wooden frame that houses the iPhone has soft, smooth corners, and it fits like a glove; once your device is inside it, it’s not coming out again unless you want it to. Its thick edges are what make this case so sturdy and robust.

There’s plenty of protection all over, ensuring your iPhone is covered from every angle in the event of a fall — but you still have access to all ports and buttons. There’s also an elasticated strap that keeps the front cover closed, preventing it from swinging open when you don’t want it to.

The Meison Morgan is surprisingly light — just 65 grams on my kitchen scales — so you’ll hardly notice any difference in weight.


The Bad

You’ll certainly notice a difference in size, though. Like any case of this kind, the Meison Morgan is bulky — but once you get used to the difference, it’s not so bad. It still fits comfortably into a pants pocket, and you’ll have no issues slipping it into a bag or jacket.

P1040936There are some build issues I should point out, however. The camera cutout in the back of the case is bigger than the camera cutout in the wooden frame, and it looks a little scruffy (see picture below). In addition, the cover around the camera cutout isn’t that secure.

I slipped the case into my jeans one day and my pocket managed to get in between the cover and the wooded frame and pull the two apart. The rest of the backing is firmly stuck in place, but in this corner, it’s no longer secure.

It probably just needs a little extra glue around that delicate area — and it could well be an issue that only a small number of users get — but it’s something to bear in mind.


The Verdict

On the whole, the Meison Morgan is a fantastic iPhone case that looks great and offers plenty of protection. It’s also relatively inexpensive at €30. But the experience is marred somewhat by a couple of issues that could so easily be fixed.

If its makers can iron out those problems, then I’d have no reservations about recommending this case.

Product Name: Meison Morgan
The Good: Protective; looks terrific; surprisingly light.
The Bad: Camera cutouts don’t match up; back cover needs more glue.
The Verdict: When Meison Morgan irons out the kinks, this case will be an easy buy. Until then, hold onto your cash.
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