This Apple TV Concept Imagines What Jony Ive’s Gamepad Would Look Like [Gallery]





We’ve seen Martin Hajek’s incredible Apple TV concept with a touchscreen remote before, but in an update to the project, Hajek has imagined what the Apple TV would be like if the next gen set-top box didn’t ship with just a touchscreen controller, but a traditional gamepad as well.

I’ll say this for Hajek’s Apple TV gamepad: it looks like a controller Jony Ive would design. Thin, sleek, classic, beautiful, and utterly unsuited for actual gaming.

What do you think? Additional images after the jump.



Source: Martin Hajek

  • Windlasher

    Looks uncomfortable to hold. Should be wider. Its a game pad that you could be holding for hours, not a TV remote.

  • Charilaos Mulder

    Wtf. Jony doesn’t design utterly unsuited products. The ergonomics he and his team design are some of the very best. Why wouldn’t that be the case when they design a gaming controller?

  • omrishtam

    jony ive will never make this shit…never.
    it’s patheticly similar to Wii’s remote and it also doesn’t look comfortable, i can’t imagine apple going up with this shit and be proud about it, i also can’t imagine anyone saying that this is comfortable

  • iFreek

    Apple doesn’t like buttons. This device has more buttons than any other Apple device AND it looks UGLY!