Apple TV Concept Imagines A Touchscreen Remote [Gallery]



A new Apple TV is expected in the coming months, but little is known about the hardware. Apple has yet to redesign the basic remote it ships with the Apple TV, and instead the company has put out a Remote app for iOS.

This concept reimagines the Apple TV’s remote with a touchscreen and home button, effectively turning it into an iPod touch for the living room.


The main attraction is the revamped remote control, completely redesigned as a touch device that might be wirelessly rechargeable via Apple TV. iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c are still functioning as remote controls as well. Additionally, a separate App Store for Apple TV should be available. With 9,8 x 9,8 cm, it comes in the same size as the 2-year-old 3rd generation, but will be even thinner with 1,67 cm.


There’s even a lanyard, like what Apple has been doing with its iPod lineup.



The Apple TV remote has been in desperate need of a successor for years. And if Apple doesn’t just do away with it entirely in favor of the iOS app, something like this concept may be a smart way to go.


Source: CURVED

  • Nathan Haines

    TouchID could be invaluable with this. The potential for the new AppleTV to know whose watching based on whose handling the remote is a neat idea.

  • S4U

    I’m impressed, I’d definitely buy this.

  • BusterH

    don’t see this happening as your iPhone and iPad already are touch screen remotes for the Apple TV. Would rather see the Remote app redesigned than have a separate touchscreen remote that’s easy as hell to lose, not to mention adding a touchscreen to the remote would increase the $99 Apple TV price by quite a bit.

    • Kristian Wontroba

      Agreed. Though perhaps they could make 2 offerings with a $99 standard offering and one with an upgraded remote and ? coming together as a “pro” variant? I doubt it, but it would be kinda cool.

  • dpacemaker

    While its a good idea I don’t see it happening. I also don’t see them getting rid of the remote either. I know a few people that bought a ATV as their first Apple device, so asking people to have to buy an iOS device could be a turn off.

  • Jaime Ibarra

    A touch screen remote would force you to look down at your remote every time you need to press a button rather than being able to use the remote while looking at the tv screen.

    • Whocares

      Agreed. Touch screen remote is a gimmick. It’s costly to make and yields very little benefit: cool tech, dumb business idea. It’s probably costs more than an iPod Nano to make. Btw, how do I change battery for this touch screen remote? Oh, no… I have to charge it…gosh, I hate the idea of charging a remote… Seriously.

    • Jan Zegers

      I remember a patent from two years ago ( in which Apple describes a display that gives haptic feedback, so you can feel what you’re pressing. That would be awesome for an iPad keyboard (blind typing!), but for a TV remote, it would come in handy as well! The remote will display the functions you need at that moment only and you are still able to press buttons without staring at your remote.

    • Warrior KM

      True, true. Very nice observation.

  • Zackarov

    The People who made Celluloid App should add this functionality to it.

  • novatom

    Apple TV already has a touchscreen remote, available as a free app on iTunes for your iPhone.